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‘Serious concerns’ | Opposition hosting public meetings on UK, RDA relations with BVI

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn

Members of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition are hosting a number of public meetings across Tortola and Virgin Gorda to discuss many of the concerning issues they say the British Virgin Islands is facing. 

Chief among these issues to be discussed is the relationship between the BVI and the UK as well as the Recovery & Development Agency.

“We are having the meetings to have an open dialogue on our issues of the loan guarantee, the RDA and we have a serious concern right now in terms of the discourse that is happening between the UK and the Virgin Islands and our relationships. We are concerned that this has some implications for relationships with the United Kingdom,” Penn stated.

He further said: “It is the first time in our history that you’ve seen this kind of discourse in the public space where the Governor’s boss is literally writing to the Premier and asking for this document to the Premier to be made public. It says that it is a breakdown in relationships and that doesn’t work well for us as we are on the heels of several very destructive measures that can hamper our financial services and economies.”

Ensure transparency

Penn who is the Eighth District Representative also said that the move to host the meetings is not about the opposition going after the government, but to simply ensure that there is transparency.

He said: “We are very concerned and we believe the public needs to get all the information. There is a lot of half information and cherry-picking that is happening with the dialogues and we need to be able to put everything on the table so persons can be able to make informed decisions on these matters as they come up.”

First meeting a success

The Opposition leader also revealed that last evening’s meeting which was the first of five to be held was a success.

“It was a very good meeting. We had good participation on Facebook Live as well as persons who were there. They were engaged, they gave their opinions and expressed their satisfaction in terms of us giving them information and they weren’t aware of a lot of the things we spoke about,” Penn stated.

Dates of meetings

The other meetings will be held on September 11 at Althea Scatliffe Primary School in Road Town, September 12 at the Enis Adams Primary School in Meyer’s Estate, September 17 at the Cane Garden Bay Community Centre, and September 18 at the Catholic Community Centre in The Valley, Virgin Gorda.

All meetings will commence at 7 pm.

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  1. free advice says:

    The opposition need to form a new strong party…I think they could bring home 7 or 8 seats

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  2. Hmm says:

    I guess public meetings is the new scapegoat now. If you all knew that you couldn’t lead why did you all run.

    And the thing about it is that you all both Government and opposition which is privy to certain info are not telling the people in proper detail what is the problem with the RDA more than you all want to get your hands on the money to spend.

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  3. Retired says:

    Seems like the HOA opposition of 4 or 5 politicians from 3 different parties want to start their own ‘shadow’ government. Good luck to them!

  4. Hmmm says:

    Only now the Opposition come talk on this matter after it has been out there for so long? This is of poor taste and only about ppwer.

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    • Really! says:

      They speak it’s a problem, they don’t speak it is still a problem. I don’t know why people bother try represent you set of ungrateful people.

    • Correct says:

      They wait for when the delegation done fly out then to come to talk to get views. This should have been done long ago. Waste of time.

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  5. YOUTH says:

    I do not want to hear a word from these c****pt opposition who was in government and destroyed us and did not have any public meetings to inform us while they were doing so. Now want to come hold public meetings to try to fool us so they can try to get back power.

  6. Daffy says:

    Set of lame and hungry ducks. Quack Quack Quack Quack Quaaaack. T

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    • Cronyism says:

      You and all the other cronies want a free ride to feed at the Governments nipples until there are soar. In 7 months the corruption is rampant t in this territory from the security contracts, HOA office, to what’s happening with the boards… The opposition has a job to do and should do it.

      I hope they start exposing all these corrupt acts that are seemingly happening right under our nose. This need to be brought to screeching halt before our country becomes cess pool of corruption.

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  7. Barrr humbug says:

    That minister mpenn was much better when his mouth was closed. He not ready.

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    • Oh... says:

      Why because he’s keeping your black trump on his toes. I’m actually impressed that he has been able to mobilize his opposition colleagues to come out and act. He has gotten my attention and many others.

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  8. Winston says:

    Here is a winning formula. A. Eliminate corruption and introduce the whistleblower law. This admin promised to do it but it appears to have just been a bluff to get elected. B. Introduce full transparency. This admin promised to do it but it appears to have just been a bluff to get elected. C. Create a long term plan that everyone understands. This admin promised to do it but it appears to have just been a bluff to get elected

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