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Several job openings for residents

Digicel CEO Kevin Gordon

The recent hurricanes may have caused widespread destruction and job losses in the territory, but endless job opportunities have opened up for residents in companies such as telecommunication company Digicel, which has announced that it is hiring locally.

While stating that his staff is already growing, Chief Executive Officer at Digicel BVI, Kevin Gordon, told BVI News Online that the company does not only want specialists. It also wants foot soldiers to deliver top-up to persons in remote areas.

“It’s not just about putting persons on cell sites. We’re talking about the commercial team — persons who are going on the ground to assist those persons who cannot get to Road Town to do a top up.”

“I have guys in East End; I have six persons working. They are all local guys working just to help with the top up and phone sales on the road just to ensure people can make those calls, get the communication going to their families, That’s happening every single day,” Gordon explained.

He stated that Digicel is also hiring persons in the building industry.

“I need more people… If you have generator guy, send them to me. Electrician, send them. I need a plumber. You might ask: plumber? Yes I need a plumber too because I have guys staying in my building and sometimes the pump may not be working. I need these guys to stay on the site and to help fix these things because, when my guys work, they need to come back to a place where they are comfortable. I house guys in my office on the sixth floor. We have a bathroom facility; we have showers; we have everything there just to ensure that these guys are comfortable,” Gordon continued.

“I need sales people. I need persons who can climb a tower — we call them rigors. I need O&M guys — people who understand the cell sites who will be able to troubleshoot.”

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