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Several persons being questioned after ‘large’ cocaine seizure in EE

The East End Police Station on Tortola.

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) has seized a significant quantity of cocaine during an operation on the eastern end of Tortola.

The police did not specify the exact quantity but it said the operation was carried out on Tuesday morning.

In a press release issued today, the RVIPF said investigations are ongoing and several people have been interviewed in relation to the drug seizure.

The law enforcers did not release the names of the persons or indicate whether any charges have been laid.

“No other information can be released at the time,” the RVIPF stated.

The RVIPF’s press update comes less than 24 hours after our news centre reported that the brother of a prominent local businessman — who is also a high-ranking member of a government statutory body — was being held at the East End Police Station for a drug-related matter.


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  1. Yet again says:

    Another reportedly large cocaine bust. These reports/finds appears to be a frequent occurrence. It doesn’t matter it seems the occasional arrest or deaths related to such illicit trade, there seems to be another set of persons continuing on or taking up the mantle.

    I gather the financial gain is too strong for some to resist and they overlook the risk of getting caught or killed.

    The streets keep on saying the BVI is washed in drug money. Its the underground economy I am told. But is that really true or an exaggeration? These news reports adds credence to what the streets are saying.

    Anyway, I know this much. If you live by the drug trade, your future options are ether death or a long prison sentence. Not very good options I may add.

    Now, whats the value of these reports stating the person being held and questioned is the brother of some prominent business man with government ties?

    The brother may have absolutely nothing to do with this mess. IMO, unless there is evidence implicating him in that drug find, his relationship to the person being held is immaterial.

    Anyway, why does it appear that so much cocaine appears to be flowing thru the BVI and getting into the country in the first place?

    What can be done about it?

    Does this territory need external help to address this ingoing issue?

    The RVIPD appears to have some form of intelligence to make these finds and occasional arrests, but apparently may not have enough advance intelligence to stop the non-ending shipments. Maybe they need help.

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    • @ Yet again says:

      What’s new? Nothing under the sun as they say.

      This has only become news recently because some brown skin men have made a choice to gain a little from that multi-billion-$ industry.

      Meanwhile, this has been normal business for decades. Who do you think supply Europe, Black and or Brown people? Not quite. The non browns have and is still controlling that industry. The Caribbean is just a transshipment zone, and the few locals are Johnny’s come lately.

      Speak truths. Inform with them.

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      • Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear says:

        The owner of the drugs will not be happy – bullets tend to fly after drugs are seized.

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      • Yet again says:

        You speak so casually as if we are talking about a legal business enterprise here.

        You want me to speak truth and inform? Well here it is:

        They truth is the drug trade is considered illegal in every country on the planet, even in Columbia where it is known much of the cocaine flowing thru the Caribbean originates from. It does not matter in my view if a “few” local gets in on the act. It does not justify it.

        You are right in stating this has been going on “normal business for decades”, but illegal is still illegal.

        The last time I checked using/consuming or involvement in the transshipment and distribution of cocaine is still a crime.

        There is a price to pay for engaging in this illegal trade either by those in the trade themselves turning on each other, or the laws of the respective lands enforcing their laws.

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        • Anonymous says:

          Men make laws to govern men’s behavior. Often though many laws that are crafted are either luny, ineffective, lacking common sense, foresight and vision and are often crafted out of prejudice, ignorance and hate, and are often dictatorial imaging the limited views, desires and intentions of the crafter.

          Look at the luny confusion they continue to place around a plant that grows naturally out of the earth that has so many healing properties.

          Legal vs illegal are not God ordained terms. They are subective words, subject to interpretation if not taken at face value. They are man made to suit man.

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          • Yet again says:

            Your attempt to justify illegal activity is noted, specifically the transshipment and use of cocaine.

            Most reasonable people would agree that cocaine is of no benefit to persons or society. So to argue that laws are the problem is outrageous, or to insinuate that the problem is one of possible race or local vs others is also a bad argument.

            I would suggest that only people who are involved in this trade, benefitting from it, or using/selling cocaine themselves will agree with this line of thinking.

            Let’s be clear, there are no known good benefits to using cocaine. It destroys people, their lives, their health’s, their families, and have a negative impact on society. Nothing good comes with cocaine.

            Based on your response it’s clear you have issues with laws and that explains your thought process here, and that perhaps says more about who you as a person.

            Now, when it comes to marijuana, you and I may find some agreement. I do believe there are proven benefits to using some forms of marijuana.

            However marijuana cannot be placed in the same category as cocaine in terms of the impact on individual users and society. So your attempt to lump them together to justify your reasoning is a no go.

            Bottom line: Cocaine use is bad for individuals and society. Get involved in the drug game? Be prepared to pay a price. You may escape paying that price for a minute, but eventually that price will be paid with continued involvement.

            The graveyards and jails are filled with many who were involved in the drug trade or whose lives were destroyed by cocaine.

            I would urge any one involved in the trade or using cocaine to get out, and seek help if needed to stop using before it’s too late.

            I know of someone who had a massive stroke from using cocaine admixed with marijuana in March of this year. A very successful person in other aspects of their lives.

            Today they are dead, and everything they had worked for and accomplished came to a sudden end. May they RIP. They were good people otherwise.

            That’s the legacy of the drug trade. Death and destruction.

  2. King Tola says:

    what a ting to tell the king. !!

  3. How the brother get in it.. says:

    Dont understand why the brother is relevant and should even be mentioned as a brother, I dont like this,,, Why dirty the brother name in something he has no involvement in….This is irresponsible reporting..

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  4. DRUG MONEY 💰 says:

    and blood money 💰 is the same thing ,and even though human beings are being taken out / taken down some (INNOCENTLY) some people still jumping in DEEP WATERS and cannot SWIM 🏊‍♀️

  5. So whi says:

    Someone knows. What was their tag

  6. witnesses says:

    We tightlipped too

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  7. 1EYE says:

    Interesting coincidence as Gus comes back and there’s another big drug bust. One day they might learn but not right now.

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  8. The Nation speaks says:

    That’s what the UK can do for us…clean up the BVI from the drug trade…get about 30 UK prison officers out here for 3 to 5 years…they’ll be glad for the ‘holiday’. Send some UK crown prosecutors to prosecute ALL these big drug busts from the police officers come down. Get the kingpins next

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