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Sewerage ‘pressure’: Speak out or be voted out, Pickering told

“I’ve tried to defend my government … [but] I can’t handle the pressure anymore” — Seventh District representative, Dr Kedrick Pickering.

Residents of the Seventh Electoral District have threatened to vote against Dr Kedrick Pickering in the next general election if he doesn’t become more vocal about the sewerage issue plaguing East End communities.

Dr Pickering – the representative of that district – reported the threat when he accosted Premier Dr D Orlando Smith in the House of Assembly last week.

“I hesitate to do this but … I’ve been told by my people who have sent me as the representative that if I don’t open my mouth, they will open their mouth against me,” said Dr Pickering, who is also Deputy Premier.

He publicly singled out Premier Smith and Works Minister Mark Vanterpool to get the sewerage problems rectified.

I can’t handle the pressure anymore

Dr Pickering went on to explain to legislators that his constituents have been exerting pressure on him about the matter.

“I get the brunt of the criticism and … I can’t handle the pressure anymore,” he said.

“I’ve tried to defend my government. I’ve tried to defend us all against the criticism about [how] we use the money for the pier project and we still haven’t seen anything coming back. I tried to explain it in the public forum but I have to [now] stand up publicly and say that … the people in my community said they cannot deal with the sewerage situation anymore,” added Dr Pickering.

Sewerage has been a longstanding issue in the eastern communities of Tortola and has been met with a number of unfulfilled promises of improvement.

Works Minister Vanterpool promised back in April to have the sewerage problems in those communities rectified by the end of 2018.

According to Vanterpool, a portion of the $65 million that government borrowed from the Caribbean Development Bank will fund the project.

“We are now putting a consultant team on it for the final designs to have the sewerage working from East End, Greenland, and Long Look coming down to Paraquita Bay where we have the tertiary treatment plant,” Vanterpool said at the time.

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  1. Rockers says:

    Wish you has some Chinese made pressure valves. You decision to speak up is about over a decade too late. You put your relationship with your colleagues over the needs of the people who have elected you and and the country as a whole.

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    • What’s up Doc? says:

      Have any of your colleagues filled their pockets with our money? What happened to all the money? Did all that $7 million go to the airline? Who gots the $50 mil for the pier project?
      Doc, will you release your tax returns and disclose how many BVI companies you own?
      Hmm. Are you Nature’s little secret?

  2. nick says:

    east end,baughter bay,town everywhere the sewage system is bad.

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  3. true says:

    … just making his bed before he switch

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  4. Native says:

    On a serious note, I believe the sewerage system in Road Town is worse that East End. The Round-About is stink and they need to move this treatment system to a remote relocation.
    Raw sewerage is been discharged into the sea must stop.

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  5. Sad to say but says:

    Kedric did more while he was in the opposition

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  6. Political Observer (PO) says:

    So only when his constituents threaten to kick him to curb, he decided to grandstand in the HOA? Where was he and what was he doing all these donkey years? Amassing frequency flyer miles and hanging out with rich w……e friends? The EE/LL community is like a forgotten area; it is like village in some Third World country. Proper sewage collection, conveyance, treatment and disposal is a core function in a developed country; it is a quality of life and standard of living. Does the BVI consider itself a developed country?

    The stench from and exposure to raw sewage is a serious health issue. Dr. (medical) Hon Premier Daniel Orlando Smith , At L and MoF, must shoulder this failure, along with Dr (Medical) Hon KPic, D-7 and Deputy Premier; Hon R. Skelton, At L and MHSS; Hon A. Christian, At L; Hon M. Walwyn, At L and MEC; and Hon M. Vanterpool, D-4 and MCW.

    Moreover, sewage is not the only problem in D-7. Hon KPic is D. Premier but does he have any juice to get things done? Let’s get this sewage done. Ah! But the NDP is in a lame duck mode so can it get it done, having sqaundered so much precious time and placing residents health and safety second to building a legacy. Sad.

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  7. Marley says:

    Them belly full, but we hungry.
    Our sewerage b broken but our leaders b quitting with their pockets full.
    Our dump b broken but our leaders b quitting with their pockets full.
    Our prison b broken but our leaders b quitting with their pockets full.
    Our roads b broken but our leaders b quitting with their pockets full.
    Our water b broken but our leaders b quitting with their pockets full.
    Our power b broken but our leaders b quitting with their pockets full.
    Our schools b broken but our leaders b quitting with their pockets full.
    Our internet b broken but our leaders b quitting with their pockets full.
    Our children b getting fat because there b no fresh food but our leaders b quitting with their pockets full.

    Them belly full, but we hungry.

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  8. Devon says:

    The beach money wasted could have fixed a lot of things !

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  9. Worst politician ever says:

    This guy may look good- but he is the worst ever politician – not one thing can be put to his name after years in government but wasted cash on the airport, green houses and a fake beach- millions gone up in flames

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  10. School charen says:

    We heard them purchased several houses

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  11. Brad Boynes says:

    This is unacceptable. There’s no excuse for this. Shame on all of them who got elecTed.

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  12. wake up says:

    amen time to votes these cronies out!!!!!! the time is now and now they must go!!

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  13. Two words for NDP says:


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  14. Sam the man says:

    Looks like the S…t has hit the fan and Mr Pickering hasn’t got the belly for standing up for his inept “No Diection Party” government ! How many more going to bale out? Let’s remove every single NDP loser and start afresh

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  15. Kenneth Dreger says:

    This crap almost makes me want to MOVE there and run for office to get the BVI back UP and running again…

  16. long looker says:

    So only now that election is coming you remember the sewerage problem? Only b/c they told you that we would vote you out, you now open your mouth?

    Wheatley all the way for district.

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  17. me says:

    He came to VG walk out of a meeting withhis attitude don’t care to listen to us but god is good Kedric.

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  18. Silent says:

    Districts 7 & 8 lack leadership. There is nothing to show in either districts for the time that their reps have been elected members of government. I am as disappointed in Marlon as I am in Pickering.

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  19. Copper cent says:

    This government is an EPIC FAIL!

  20. Don’t care says:

    Picko don’t care. Doen’t need to handle any pressure so long as he does not look in the mirror.

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  21. Dog eat homewonk says:

    Oh come on…Pickering been behind all this mess. And now he have to make a choice?? All you seem to be good at is blowing your own horn. Stop blaming everyone but you self. We need to get someone who care about the people into these jobs, and get these entitled blowhards out.

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