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Shereen Flax-Charles goes blue! Lawmaker joins PVIM

Government legislator, Shereen Flax-Charles.

Territorial At-Large Representative, Shereen Flax-Charles has joined forces with the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM).

She will not be seeking to retain her seat as a Territorial At-Large candidate but rather joins the party as its political candidate for the Ninth Electoral District where she will face off against her former party-mate Vincent Wheatley.

The move comes weeks after she announced her split from the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) after noting that her views no longer aligned with that party.

When asked why she chose the PVIM over the VIP or the National Democratic Party, Flax-Charles highlighted the courteousness and graciousness she has received from Second District Representative, Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull who is a founding member of the PVIM.

“He has been the only person that hasn’t double-crossed me, that hasn’t disrespected me,” said Flax-Charles today, adding that she feels comfortable and safe among the PVIM’s party members. “It is very important as a woman that I am comfortable in the space that I’m in.”

The PVIM, led by Ronnie Skelton, launched its campaign today, February 24 for the upcoming general elections, announcing that it wants to return hope, accountability, and integrity to the people of the BVI.

Skelton, who was joined by Flax-Charles and Labour Minister Turnbull at a press conference today, said the PVIM currently has seven candidates to contest the upcoming polls.

Skelton said an expected merger between his party and the National Democratic Party is unlikely to happen and said the party is expected to reveal other candidates in the coming days.

Elections are constitutionally due by mid-May of this year.

BVI News will bring more details on this developing story.

PVIM members and political candidates from left: Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull, Ronnie Skelton, Shereen Flax-Charles.


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  1. Hog pen says:


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  2. Public Officer says:

    The sooner this disrespectful and rude lady gets out of politics the better for the BVI. She does not know how to speak to people and always looking confusion.

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  3. They are off and running says:

    I am backing the mare horse in the 9th district

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  4. Rubber Duck says:

    Interesting and worrying that the PVIM would want her on its team, but possibly they have nobody else willing to stand in the 9th and don’t rate her chances very highly of beating Vincent

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  5. ??? says:

    Should have ran Independent. No Party affiliation! Just ruin your chance

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  6. kangaroo dance says:

    This is what you call “Kangaroos jumping.”

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  7. hmm says:

    hmmm why would anyone want her in their team, Mr. O’Neil was a better candidate.

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  8. Kilimanjaro says:

    She got up there and l**d straight out the gate on the topic of the apartment HOA have for ‘her’that taxpayers paying for. Everybody knows she’s one to neverrr stay late in HOA. Those who know,know….

    She l**d about not filling out paperwork for VIP when she could’ve just communicated she no longer wanted to be apart of the group

    ALL THESE L**S and then still turns around and talks about honesty, communication and transparency!? Things that make you go hmmmmmm

    For God in heavens sake don’t put this woman back in politics

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  9. Queen of chaos says:

    Everywhere she goes is roogoodoo PVIM better know. And it’s not because she’s outspoken or speaking the truth it’s because she has an attitude problem and she’s pigheaded. Who has she not had a cuss out with? She meeeessssyyyy

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  10. Mercyyy says:

    Anytime is a win she’s part of the team when it’s a hiccup “oh boys club boys club, nothing to do with me.” A empty batrrel with a lot of noise ol mu**clart

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  11. Unfortunate says:

    She just created division in the 9th for no reason, so empty headed

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  12. Bumble bee says:

    But why would anyone want to vote for Vincent again he has put his foot in his mouth so many times and still continues to do so.

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  13. Licher and Sticher Good says:

    This party is lack luster and void of policies and specifics just a bunch of platitudes and generalizations. We in trouble buddy! Party politics killing this place

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  14. Uk own says:

    For The Nay Sayers Put their leaders Resume on the Table! Let the Voters Examine. R W and Team all the way..

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  15. fake noel lloyd says:

    “vincent cannot hold a seat”

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  16. Licher and Sticher Good says:

    @ Uk own – I for one am looking at all the candidates resumes, whether VIP, NDP PVIM, Independent, and I am worried AF. All the people that lead us into a COI are here and other ppl that voted in support of bad decisions. Not a single independent thinker between all the candidates, no matter the party. I am looking at a bunch of power happy ppl that want to keep power for themselves and the puppet masters. Lots of heat but no light

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  17. Oh?? says:

    A few weeks ago she claimed that she submitted the correct paperwork, but today she can confirm in the press conference that she began her talks with PVIM and decided to move months ago?? So much for transparency and integrity.

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  18. @bumble bee says:

    Lol maybe they prefer a dr=nk over a hog…oink oink!

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    is saying )> ( mitz) am not getting into that / ( roni) girl you still looking good / ( fla ) so thats why you been looking back there , and yeah , i still got it

  20. Socrates says:

    So at launch each party is to give all their plans and the like? Time still there people. Settle down and don’t get your drawers in a twist. Let’s hear what ALL parties and candidates have to bring to the table. We waited this long, we can wait couple more months. We had 4 years plus of torture what’s the rush?

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  21. Licher and Sticher Good says:

    @socrates – how you start is usually a sign of how you finish. If you start slow dreary and out of touch like this lot then that’s a sign how you will be a couple months from now. We have just experienced a COI and loads of uncertainty and evidence of funneling by many of these old heads like RW, after this press conference I pretty much know that this is the best they got. No stamina B2 can’t help them

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  22. PVIM UGH says:

    The only semi decent person with some integrity in PVIM is Stacy Mather and maybe Mitch but Ronnie was party of the dodgy NDP admin, Paul on the ball makes money from a ponzi / pyramid scheme of selling crap and recruiting people to sell crap and Mrs Flax Charles’s has potential but still is about her self and betterment as much as she about VG and Smith Archer is power hungry maybe for the greater good but watching her at BVICCHA it looks more like it’s for audiences and wish to appear the fountain of knowledge.
    Please let there be some more people coming and they make a another unity gov.

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  23. Licher and Sticher Good says:

    @ Socrates – funneling – fumbling

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  24. Not Ready says:

    Ronnie could have at least gotten Mather’s name right. Didn’t know his name ??‍♀️

    Three possibly four of these candidates so far don’t stand a chance.

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  25. Rattie says:

    The vip will win this election

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  26. 9th District Voter says:

    Supporter of none. Cobra and Anaconda. Take your pick.

  27. USVI says:

    VIP all the way

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  28. BuzzBvi says:

    Let’s hope no past or current Ministers get votes back in. Where is the new way of thinking candidates that have honesty and integrity and want to run VInfor the people and not just friends and family. No votes going to be cast in the election at all with the current candidates.

  29. USVI says:

    V I P now and forever

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  30. Yes says:

    She I was wishing she did.

  31. Thinker says:

    Why would anyone back a party at the coming elections? All of those recently in politics are corrupt or inefficient or both. We need 13 independent people, honest and interested in the good of the country not themselves. Ronnie, Natalio and the others are tainted and don’t deserve to be elected.

  32. Rubber Duck says:

    Ignore the dumb imposter above.

    Is this the party for the hopeless? if so she is definitely at home.

    Ronnie cant string a sentence together and F-C is as dumb as they come.

    Dog help us.

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  33. Two Seats says:

    Only two seats. Cannot form a government.

  34. Power says:

    Manipulation for power will create strange ensembles and bedfellows. Everyone can do a better job according to their ego, but end up pandering to their puppet masters. At this point, no party is better than the other.

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  35. Sad to say..Lorna is the best I see says:

    Of all the new Candidates I am seeing, old Lorna is the most qualified and competent. Imagine that.. Ronnie now aint the Ronnie of the past, Ronnie is my Guy but listening to him, he sounds slow and unsure. Lorna will get one of my votes. As a matter a – it pains me to say it but Lorna of all ive seen is the fittest for premier, I was one who was saying Lorna need to go sit down now Ive seen and heard the others, (I am Sorry Lorna) “Truth not been told”, they are 5 present and former legislators that cannot hold ministerial position because their names are written in red in Britain corruption and bad governance book.. S..F..C..M..V…

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  36. @ RATTIE says:

    It depends on thĺe kind of WIN , U talking about / U can blow a WIN through your rear END or PASS it geNtLy and of course , U can backFIRE

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  37. Dee says:

    What makes u all think if party can’t work different parties combining will?

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  38. Best man says:

    Hope the people of the 9th vote her out !
    She will never stay in a party any party
    She’s a bully and very rude
    This the ending of her political career
    This why she can’t go at a large
    She know she gonna lose

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  39. Norris Turnbull says:

    @ Public Officer. Is she Disrespectful because she speak the truth? Could taste your hate. Stop it now.

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  40. hellboy says:

    Wrong party Shereen , The leader for that party is xenophobic !

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