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Shop owner wants boats off his property; seeks compensation

Thomas in discussion with Premier Dr. D Orlando Smith who met with him yesterday.

Businessman Ecedro Thomas who has been operating a small beverage business in the Paraquita Bay area for over 32 years is planning to file a lawsuit against the owner of two catamaran vessels that have been sitting on his property for over two months.

The boats reportedly ran aground during the passage of Hurricane Irma on September 6.

Noting that they have been affecting his ability to rebuild his business, Thomas said he wants money for the time his enterprise has been out of operation.

“I am paying the bank $1,000 a month; money I [borrowed] from them long before hurricane, I’m paying it back. I got bills to pay. If that didn’t come on my property I would have done build back,” said Thomas who met with Premier Dr D Orlando Smith and Communications Minister, Mark Vanterpool yesterday.

“I want them to compensate me for sitting on my property,” the businessman said, noting that he is already seeking legal advice.

He also chided government officials for not stepping earlier to address his plight.

“I do a little ice box sale [in the meantime] to see if I could eat and I have to be under a boat, and I am angry to see that none of our leaders didn’t come out to show face till now.”

“That wasn’t right. Not Kedrick Pickering [District Representative], the Premier, the ministers, nobody ain’t come and that makes me feel that they ain’t studying us,” he bemoaned.

BVI News Online tried to get a comment from the company which reportedly owns the vessels but was unsuccessful.

The boats on the businessman property in Paraquita Bay.

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