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Sickly PR man reportedly denied phone call, medication and shower since in local custody

Alexis Perez

Alexis Perez, the Puerto Rican businessman who was recently held at the Beef Island airport with $39,800 cash stashed in his personal belongings, has claimed that he has not taken a bath, brushed his teeth, changed clothes or spoken to his family in six days.

Perez appeared before the Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday afternoon and informed Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards via an interpreter that he was also suffering from diabetes and hypertension and has been unable to source medication for his sickness.

In response, the Senior Magistrate said even though the accused man is in custody of local law enforcement, his basic human rights must be upheld. 

Crown’s response

Magistrate Richards then questioned the Crown about the Spanish-speaking man’s claims.

An attorney in the office of the Department of Public Prosecutions replied that while she could neither confirm nor deny the claims, information from a senior police officer is that the accused man’s luggage containing his clothes and other belongings are at the Road Town Police Station (RTPS).

The prosecutor further said he was told by the senior officer that police were made aware of his medical condition.

As it relates to making a phone call — which is his right — the Crown Counsel said Perez had refused to give his cellphone password to the police, who were willing to facilitate him. She, however, claimed that Perez had tried to reset the phone to factory settings when he was handed his phone.

The cellular phone was subsequently taken from him because it was believed that there were certain things on the device that could be relevant to his case. The Crown, however, admitted to the court that the RTPS had a landline device.

In relation to the other claims, the Crown counsel said the custodians at the RTPS are the ones who should be allowed to answer the questions, but they were not present in court.

Possible lawsuit

Magistrate Richards said if Perez’s claims are proven to be a fact, this could result in a lawsuit against the territory.

Before Perez was returned to Her Majesty’s Prison in Balsam Ghut, the magistrate said it is her hope that he is granted all that he requires including a ‘long warm shower’ and lots of toothpaste.

She then chastised the RVIPF for their alleged maltreatment of the accused Puerto Rican.

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  1. Smdh says:

    There is a shower in the cell… he was free to take a shower whenever he wants.

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  2. USA says:


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    • Ex Cop says:

      If the accused man knows no phone number from his head and want to use his phone to retrieve a number … what must the police do? Secondly I am aware that all the cells have a bathroom so if he refused to bath his nasty self to make it seems as if the police is not upholding his constitutional rights tell him and his lawyer to come again. Thirdly for the Magistrate to sit on the bench and chastised the police base on allegations and not facts because a prisoner is seeking leniency then the justice system is in real problem. Why couldn’t the Magistrate summoned for the persons in charge and get the correction information instead of making an mockery of the bench? Why why why???

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  3. Quiet Rebel says:

    This is an unforced error or shooting oneself in the foot by the RVIPF./HMP. It is basic procedures by law enforcement. As the magistrate indicated,”In response, the Senior Magistrate said even though the accused man is in custody of local law enforcement, his basic human rights must be upheld.” The focus should be totally on the accused, not on RVIPF. Did the RVIPF violate its own rules, if any? Is not the RVIPF responsible for the for the safety, care and feeding of people in its custody?

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    • I smell, USA says:

      A lawsuit coming the RVIPF way. A prisoner is entitled to 1
      Phone call.

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      • :) says:

        You are not entitled to use your cellphone after being arrested. Once arrested you have to turn over every single thing inside your pockets. He is entitled to a lawyer. He doesn’t have to speak to police but whatever he said and do may be used against him in a court of law. Only a backward country would allow someone who was arrested on undeniable grounds to access their phone without police surveillance of every move. That’s a potential tampering with evidence violation.

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  4. RightMove says:

    The police offered the man the use of the landline. He did not use it. He insists that he needs a number from his cell phone to make the call.

    Then give the police your password to unlock your phone, find the number and let you call from the government’s landline.

    No, he wants to enter the password himself, then when he gets the password the first thing he does is try to wipe the phone clean by resetting it to factory defaults.

    The cops are right on this. If he wanted the phone to find a number he would not have been trying to wipe the phone.

    The police need our support here. Something might be going on with all these cases of money being smuggled out of the country.

    He was also given the opportunity to shower and brush his teeth with the facilities in his cell. He chooses not to in order to support his ‘Nansi story.

    Not buying it.

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  5. Dumb but essential says:

    This man cellphone, its personal information his own security police have no right in his phone until the judge approves that

    You can tamper with his phone and say it was him so allow the judge to do their job

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  6. hmm says:

    the B.V.I full of what the dog refuses!!!!! yall just urghhhhhh he need sue yalll

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