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Significantly impacted – dealer loses 131 new vehicles

Hurricane Irma damaged these and many other vehicles that were left in a Road Town parking lot. Photo Credit: Horace Mills/BVI News Online

A report released yesterday said motor vehicle dealers and operators throughout the territory suffered a major blow during Hurricane Irma, with one dealer reporting that 131 of its new vehicles have been damaged.

“All  five  of  the  motor  vehicle  dealers  were  significantly  impacted  by Irma, resulting in  a large  percentage  of  their  fleet  being  damaged or destroyed,  with  one  of  the  major dealers  reporting significant damages  to 131 of  their new vehicles,” said the Third Situation Analysis done by the Department of Disaster Management and the National Emergency Operations Centre.

The report further stated that a number of Government vehicles, as well as many operated by residents, were affected.

“A  major portion of the private sector vehicles have also been impacted. Those that are
being driven have been allowed to operate even though they do not meet the road worthiness standards.”

“Similar damages  occurred to Government   vehicles, thus creating  a  challenge for
emergency responders and other critical agencies,” the report further said.


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