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Sister islands might struggle if domestic ferries reroute to TPP

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn has said persons living on sister islands will suffer greatly with the government’s plan to have domestic ferries operating from the Cyril B Romney Tortola Pier Park as of April 15.

Recently, the BVI Ports Authority (BVIPA) said domestic ferry operations will be routed through Pier Park while international ferry operations will remain at the Road Town Jetty.

But in a press release on Monday, Penn said rerouting locals through the Pier Park is a bad idea.

He explained that oftentimes, shipping bulky items to the sister islands via ferry proves to be a “logistical nightmare”. He said this might be compounded with the difficulty in finding parking and a designated loading location at the Pier Park.

Penn further expressed his fears that the lack of an operational jetty at West End can hurt the Jost Van Dyke economy where many of the businesses depend so heavily on tourism.

“We cannot afford another false start,” Penn said while addressing the previous two postponements of the territory’s seaports.

“There are many persons across the territory who have been unemployed or underemployed for over a year now due to the pandemic and these persons cannot afford to continue undergoing such undue hardship. Therefore we must open our seaports and get our economy moving,” Penn statement said.

The Opposition Leader called on the Premier to ensure the necessary resources, equipment and systems are put in place to facilitate the reopening of the seaports and the opening of the territory on a larger scale to visitors.

According to the press release, Penn and other members of the Opposition “continue to offer suggestions, both privately and publicly, to the current administration in an effort to help navigate the territory through the COVID-19 crisis on behalf of the people of the Virgin Islands”.

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  1. Hodgie says:

    Fine fault for everything. Never a solution

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    • So True says:

      I agree with you. Always complaining but never have a solution. And he wants to be Premier?!!.. I am getting sick of this guy. Just a puppet on a string. SMFH.

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      • Really! says:

        I’ve heard the Opposition Leader and his colleague suggest several solutions to the Premier and his response was that they want to run the Govt from the opposition.

        Further more it is the oppositions job to point out the challenges and hold the government accountable. Which part of that we don’t understand?

        Smurf you continue to do your job Andrew’s and his cronies are feeling the heat keep it on them.

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    • @ Hodgie says:

      Many MANY solutions have been put forward publicly and privately. This government listens to no one and we will all feel it.

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  2. REALLY!!!!! says:

    So Whats Ur suggestion????????
    What he is saying is correct. What they are doing is waking up making a quick decision and making life harder for US the people.
    The decision that was made for International run is more than a nightmare. Not knowing if you’ll be able to come back the same day, fighting with the BVI Portal hoping to get an answer, the cost oin fees, and more. Sit and Think before talking. Just because the Premiere or Ministers is your friends and Family!!!

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  3. Smh says:

    Sometimes we just have to let things play out and make adjustments as necessary. Can we please stop finding something bad to say about everything. Gosh, this is why we can’t progress. Always negative.

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    • @smh says:

      Let something play out that is obviously ill conceived!? The government was elected to lead and their not leading. It is not Hon. Penn’s job to do the Governments job, his job is to hold there feet to the fire.

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      • For sake says:

        Your comment is so stupid. How is moving the domestic ferries from mixing with the international ferries thus limiting the chances for the spread of COVID-19 not leading? The problem is that stupid empty barrels ALWAYS makes the most noise. Please educate yourself from making unjustified comments. People always have to find fault when there is a change or something new is implemented. STOP IT MAN. It is very sickening.

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  4. Hhhh says:

    Can I post now sigh

  5. anegadian says:

    It is definitely going to be a nightmare for us that live on Anegada, but government could care less about residents of sister islands as long as those taxis are full from the pier park.

  6. island man says:

    put a few carts there and problem solved..

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  7. .... says:

    why wait till the money is spent and the project is finished to say is a bad idea…ships scheduled to come back in June will locals be allowed into the park while ships are in.. Seeing that we purchase lunch from a number of businesses daily. Have these things been looked at yet?

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  8. Pier parl says:

    I believe it would have been more appealing to international travellers to come through the pier park …. but I understand limit to exposure of Covid is runderstandably more important.

  9. district 8 says:

    is the educated mininter suggesting a ferry can not sail from the pier park to other ports in the territory. sometimes you to make changes simply to accommodate the changing times. my goodness the simple minds of some leaders

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