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Six to vie for Miss BVI crown on October 17

After a two-year delay and a recent setback, October 17 has been decided as the new date for this year’s Miss BVI pageant show where six women will vie for the title.

The selection of beauties eyeing the crown are Reba Smith, Chenae Walters, Jareena Penn, Sylvanna Charles, Keyona Cameron and, Kathlyn Archibald-Drew — contestants one to six, respectively.

The pageant will see contestants compete in seven segments: Introduction & Cultural Dress, Swimwear, Talent, Eveningwear, Question and Answer, and Personal Interview. The winner will receive a $25,000 academic grant, crown, travel opportunities, wardrobe, among other prizes.

According to a media release from organisers of the event, the pageant was previously scheduled for August 1 but had to be postponed due to an increase in COVID-19 cases in the territory.

Now that cases have seen a significant decline, Chairperson of the Miss British Virgin Islands Pageant Committee, Natalie Hodge said this year’s pageant will have an in-person and virtual audience.

“This year’s pageant will offer an online component streaming live on a pay-per-view platform whereby pageant supporters will have to subscribe to view the content. Despite some changes we made due to the pandemic, we are keeping most of the traditional and cultural elements of the Miss BVI experience. For example, we have continued the tradition of hosting the pageant on a Sunday, and format and segments of the show will be the same. The crowning of the new Queen in October will give her the opportunity to preside over the Virgin Islands’ Cultural and Tourism month activities scheduled for November,” Hodge stated.

“Behind the scenes, the contestants are working hard to prepare for show night and we encourage the public to continue to support them. So far, they have undergone communication training, runway coaching, etiquette training, team building activities, basic make-up tutorial and participated in promotional videos offering support and encouragement to the community in various areas,” she added.

Meanwhile, Virgin Islands Festival and Fairs Committee (VIFFC), Chairman, Khalid Frett said he was happy to see both the Miss BVI and Prince & Princess pageants being held despite the challenges presented by COVID-19.

He said: “On behalf of the VIFFC board, I would like to thank the pageant committees for their hard work, dedication and perseverance during these difficult times. They have shown true Virgin Islands resiliency. Both committees have engaged their contestants to offer support to the families who’ve lost loved ones. They have promoted the health protocols and encouraged residents to either get vaccinated or build their immune systems as we continue to fight against COVID-19.”

He added: “While our reigning Queen and Prince & Princess have been a joy to work with, we must pass on the crowns to new ambassadors. Being ambassadors for the BVI will mean being in a state of readiness, facing and overcoming obstacles and remaining strong through it all.” He also extended best wishes to all contestants.”


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  1. Congrats in advance says:

    Go Reba!!! Go girls!

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  2. what? says:

    what a waste of time. And pay per view as well? madness…

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  3. Wow says:

    Is this even a priority??!! Why cant it wait until next year as we continue to navigate these unpredictable times?? We are really desperate in this place. A Queen Show to please who exactly??

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    • ? says:

      What are you even on about? The virus isn’t going anywhere. They call this the “new normal” for a reason. The world will be suffering from this virus for years to come. Do you think the rest of the world has put all of their entertainment activities to a halt? Pageants and concerts have been taken place all over the world since late 2020. Simply put, we are not facing anything in 2021 that we won’t be facing in 2022; the show much go on.

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      • virus says:

        People let us be careful about the spoken word. the more we say the virus isn’t ….. the more it will obey. Let us change our talk.

  4. Ausar says:

    ..Oh how radiant are our daughters..

    Congrats to all of the beauties that are running!

    It’s this type of activity that brings back a sense of normalcy, and restorative powers in our lives.

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  5. BVIlander says:

    Good luck to all of you it’s hard having any normalcy during this period. And a special thank you to the young ladies with the natural hair for showcasing natural African beauty.

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  6. ? whoa. says:

    These are the beauties BVI has to offer ? Slim pickings I guess

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  7. NB says:

    Yes yes, I can see how important this is despite all the issues we are facing. Y’all special

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  8. Wow says:

    It is amazing how we can have a pageant yet the high school does not have enough chairs or desks for the students. The classroom have no A/C and parents are being asked to bring in fans when a majority of the people are not working. Where is our priorities

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  9. Strong contender says:

    I was impressed with Kathlyn from the reveal. I wish all the ladies best of luck…but I’m with HER!

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