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Sixty-seven recoveries and 3 active COVID cases

Health & Social Development Minister Carvin Malone

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The Health Ministry has announced that sixty-seven persons have recovered from COVID-19, reducing the number of active cases in the territory to three.

The Health Ministry reported the most recent COVID-19 statistics on September 29. The Ministry said the total number of persons tested for COVID-19 stands at 4,841.

Despite the drop in active cases, members of the public are urged to report any suspicious activity by dialing 311 and to adhere to all safety measures such as hand hygiene, cough etiquette, wearing face masks in public, physical distancing and minimising social gatherings.

The Health Ministry is also reminding persons who are experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 not visit any healthcare facility.

Instead, persons are encouraged to contact the Medical Hotline at 284-852-7650 for an assessment and an appointment for COVID-19 testing.

Common symptoms include fever, cough, headache, fatigue, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, muscle aches, or difficulty breathing.


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  1. LOL says:

    Recoveries? Most people who tested ‘positive’ didn’t even have a slight cough or sign or having a virus. Recovered? Give me a f***ing break man!

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  2. Questions says:

    How do you ‘recover’ from something that you never felt or ‘quarantine’ when you’re not sick? The human race have become so dumbed down by the media it’s scary.

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    • Uh? says:

      I’m guessing people in the world who have tested positive for chlamydia, glaucoma or even heart disease for instance can’t recover either…

      Seriously think before you speak such stupidity. The only ‘dumbing down’ of the human race is the information coming from you good sir.

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      • @Uh? says:

        The poster is correct, read the post again. With all other illnesses that you have posted they come with symptoms that have to be treated with SPECIFIC medication. Not the same with COVID so the poster is absolutely correct. We have been bamboozled and too ashamed to admit it. How do you ‘recover’ from something for which you have zero symptoms and received zero treatment? Come again…

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      • @Uh? says:

        I approve your message.

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    • @ Questions says:

      The definition is: to bring back to normal position or condition.

      Some STDs are not symptomatic in men (they are not aware since they show no signs) so they are not in a normal state of health and recover from the STD with treatment.

      This is no different to high blood pressure, osteoporosis, etc that are silent diseases.

  3. WHY IN LOCKDOWN says:

    With only 4 quarantined cases? There have been no hospital admissions. Why is the island closed for business when there is no serious threat?

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  4. Oh the Stupidity says:


    So I’m guessing anyone who has tested positive for chlamydia, glaucoma or even heart disease will have a hard time recovering too? Considering these ailments don’t usually show symptoms either.

    The only ‘dumbing’ of the human race is by the information from your finger tips good sir.


    • LOL!!!!!! says:

      The people with those ailments exhibit symptoms and are treated with medication that’s how they ‘RECOVER’. How many of the so called covid recoveries had symptoms or had to take medication?

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      • Black People do not read says:

        First of all I am a black person, so lets get that out of the way.

        Black people do not spend any time reading enough information to truly make an informed decision or have an informed opinion (you can be offended by this if it suits you, it doesn’t make it any less true).

        Do you know the word Asymptomatic?
        Asymptomatic means there are no symptoms. You are considered asymptomatic if you:

        Have recovered from an illness or condition and no longer have symptoms
        Have an illness or condition (such as early stage high blood pressure or glaucoma) but do not have symptoms of it

        (look at that pesky word recover)

        So, being Asymptomatic with covid means that the virus is in your system and when tested, the blood comes back with a positive indication that you are a carrier (another word you should look up) of the virus but you do not experience the typical symptoms associated with having the virus in your system, however because you are a carrier, you can still pass the virus to others and their system may react differently to it than yours.

        Therefore, when the health officials say you have recovered from the virus, it means that the virus is no longer detectable in your system and you are no longer able to pass it to others without your knowing, because you never exhibited the symptoms which would have alerted you to be careful.

        let’s move on now.

      • Seriously? says:

        Honestly don’t even have the time to argue with you.

        Educate yourself on the topic of ailments and their symptom frequencies, then re-read what you’ve written and you’ll probably realize you’ll start an argument with yourself.

  5. We in trouble... says:

    Cant understand why any common sense Civil servants would still say keep the country shut when the same treasury that pays their salary is out of money.. The country need to open so the treasury can refill..Ur pay will be sure..The country’s future will be brighter…

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  6. Yawn says:

    A simple dictionary would show the idiots the error of their ways but they are so stupid they dont know how to use an online dictionary. You dont need symptoms to be able to recover from something. The definition of recover is to
    a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength. If you had a virus and you no longer have it then you recovered. I understand the way that the simpletons are thinking but it is still flawed logic.

  7. Stop it.. Everything has signs says:

    Every sickness have symptoms. U all stop talking crap… STD has symptoms, Diabetics have symptoms, High blood pressure has symptoms..I go on and on.. The person with any of those illnesses get signs, knows something is wrong..Sometimes they ignore the signs the feelings and sometimes they even lie about their feelings.. Even to love, hate, enemy, friends, good, bad, faithfulness unfaithfulness, loyalty disloyalty all have signs. Most time we ignore the signs..

  8. Quantum says:

    When will the protest against covid s**t hoax

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