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Skelton Cline defends ‘Heritage’ in radio debacle

Local broadcaster Floyd ‘Heritage’ Burnett

Radio host Claude Skelton Cline has come to the defence of fellow broadcaster, Floyd ‘Heritage’ Burnett following what is being widely described as Burnett’s disrespectful outburst on live radio a few weeks ago.

Burnett came in for some flack after disparaging remarks uttered to and about Health Minister Carvin Malone. At the time, the broadcaster referred to Malone as the ‘Minister of Death’ and threatened to leave a “nasty message” in the legislator’s inbox if he had not answered an on-air phone call when he tried to reach him.

Skelton Cline said he has since learnt of a proposal being bandied about to have Burnett’s radio license or privileges revoked. Skelton Cline suggested that such an idea should not be entertained.

“The approach should not be to look into or go after anybody or any station – no, that’s not the approach,” Cline said.

Democracy at work

Skelton Cline, a veteran clergyman, prefaced his comments by insisting that persons should be respectful to each other.

“Even sometimes when we are disrespected, we should still show respect, because somebody has to be the adult in the room,” he reasoned.

He further made it clear that regardless of the source, it is wrong for persons to disrespect each other and use words as arsenal and missiles against each other.

“People have concerns, and in a democracy, people have a right to voice their concerns, even when we don’t agree with them, no matter how aggressive or how harsh they appear to be attached,” he argued.

The outspoken radio host said this approach is the embodiment of democracy.

Critical electoral demographic at stake

Skelton Cline further suggested Burnett’s morning radio show — ‘The Morning Braff’ that also live-streams on Facebook — reaches a critical voting bloc of millennials and spoke a unique language that they clearly understood.

“They make up a bulk of any population – especially your voting population,” Cline said in reference to Burnett’s audience.

He then espoused the virtue of having dialogue, conversations, and sit-downs as a means of resolving similar conflicts. “Whether you agree with them or not, nothing beats sober, thoughtful dialogue,” Cline urged.

He further encouraged leaders in the political, social and religious realms to “tap into these young adults”.

“They are the future,” he added. “Yes, and their truth doesn’t always look like our truth because they deal in relativity. So, for them, a lot of things are relative, but you have to know their language, understand where they’re coming from [and] try to address the needs and concerns that they’re having.”

According to Cline, this demographic must be engaged, but with boundaries established to achieve a greater good in the BVI.


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  1. said it says:

    as I said before the TRC will shut him down

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  2. 1st district says:

    Another word is “house slave” it started right in “OUR HOUSE” by the same one who now spewing about respect! Shut th Fxx up!!

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    • mm says:

      @1st district Let us not forget that it was HIS AUNT who penned a letter to the UK Government to come to take over the BVI. This is a woman who was a deputy chief minister a former attorney general and a queen’s council. I for one would think SHE would be at the forefront fighting for our country, not throwing it away. A REAL HOUSE…GER FOR SURE

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  3. Hustle says:

    These transplanted Johnny birth lately male and female with their broadcasting licenses are the demise of all decency in the VI via the airways
    Their DNA tendencies and permanent imprints are akin to the lesser.

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  4. OK says:

    He started the high level of disrespect here. And yes, it shocked us BIG TIME because that was not in our culture.

    Trying to catch de racehorse after it bolt outta de stable?

    Who the cap fit, leh he wear it.

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  5. reading is fundamental says:

    cline please stay quiet we still dont even know ur position

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  6. ??? says:

    Open mouth and words jump out…think accordingly before you SPEAK.

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  7. BVI Future says:

    CSC, you cannot decide when to show or to give respect to the young generation. The contracts that you received to find jobs for this same young generation would have been the first and right place to show respect, but you got the contracts and did not fulfill that promise. That is disrespect and dishonesty as well. So, you are in no position to talk about respect!

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  8. Heritage says:

    Heritage, please stop following jobless C***y! I have a really good thing going. Don’t like the kool aid of C****y make you lose something you’ve work hard to develop. You’ve work hard to established what’s known as the hottest radio the VI ever witnessed. However you might not see it but people like C****y going to make you lose what you’ve developed. You said something that’s just honestly disrespectful and honestly you should apologize. You said it have someone people who will disown you if you ever apologize but those same people can’t be possible have you and the station as high interest. It have a lot more people who see it opposite and by not apologizing is just not right especially as a Rastaman. Also work on being fair. We know that you are a full NDP and that’s cool; just when on the radio you have to be Centre. No VIP, no PPA no NDP etc. however you do please don’t lose focus as half the people who’s cheering for you to be disrespectful Won’t assist you when you need a dollar to survive. We don’t want to lose TOLA Radio VI however avoid having people like Sam or C****y on your radio for the whole month of June and July. It have different people you should try to get on your show. Don’t join jobless C****y and her personal agenda. C****y need to sue herself for being ignorant.

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  9. @ CSC says:


  10. Deh Watcha says:

    I’ve said it before, the Minister should have ended that interview.

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  11. Mirror mirror says:

    A Lil disrespect yeahbut the politician been disrespecting our intelligence most time they open their mouth. The youths are speaking their truths and is the type of fearlessness our country needs to get cleaned up.

  12. Mirror mirror says:

    A Lil disrespect yeahbut the politician been disrespecting our intelligence most time they open their mouth. The youths are speaking their truths and is the type of fearlessness our country needs to get cleaned up. They don’t want us to go live then we really could talk the ting dem.

  13. redman says:

    please stop hating the cau casoid side of your DNA and move on.

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