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Skelton Cline paid before contract signed? COI probes

Government consultant Claude Skelton Cline.

Financial Secretary (FS) Jeremiah Frett says the government can pay a contractor before signing an agreement even though there isn’t anything on the territory’s law books that explicitly permits this action.

Frett gave that indication to the Commission of Inquiry (COI) this week. He was responding to indications that government consultant Claude Skelton Cline might have been paid during the two-month gap between the date his contract expired and the date it was renewed.

“Commissioner, in reviewing the Public Finance Management Act or the regulation, I don’t think there’s anything in writing that states that while the contract is being finalised or vetted by the Attorney General, you can proceed and issue a cheque,” Frett told the COI.

But he explained that the process to renew contracts for consultancies or leases is sometimes left “till the last minute” because “persons are not as vigilant as they should”.

He said this process might include a wait-time for a new agreement to be drafted and vetted.

“In the meantime, do you tell that person (the contractor) who might be working on a critical document to stand down and wait until? Or is there an understanding that there’s a likelihood that this person is going to continue providing the services?“ Frett stated.

High-level officials would’ve discussed advanced payment

The Financial Secretary said while he could not speak to any discrepancy that may have taken place with Skelton Cline’s contract, there may be mechanisms in place to facilitate payment in advance of a contract.

“But I’m sure that there would have been some communication, whether between the former FS or the Premier’s Office and the Treasury, in seeking to execute payment [before a contract is finalised],” Frett told the COI.

“There might have been a fair understanding that this (Skelton Cline’s contract) can be renewed, it’s just a delay. It’s got to go to Cabinet, it’s got to go to the AG Chambers then come back to Cabinet, and it’s taking longer,” the FS added.

He continued: “I know Treasury may have observed that the contract expired. If they did not, it would probably be an oversight, and they would have flagged it, and they would have said, ‘what is the position? We have an invoice for payment, however, the contract has expired‘,” the FS said.

AG vetting gov’t contracts since error gifts CSC thousands in extra $


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  1. SMH says:

    Instead of admitting there are areas that can be beefed up, they claim to be victims and still acting like rabid dogs toward the COI. If wrong and strong were a group of people.

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    • @SMH says:

      The comment, “If wrong and strong were a group of people,” brings poignantly to mind in actual life realities, from the first contact to present with the European, in evey way shape and form.

      So, let’s not go down that degrading, belittling and racialing another group of people who happens to be classified, by said Europeans, as Black and Brown and Virgin Islander…..

      We are a strong, vibrant and smart people.

      Further, our political, governing and or management issues are no differnt than those of any developed and developing countries as, all humans do right and wrong things.

      Please then, stop exhibiting the SUPERIOR/INFERIOR card. One must know and be better than that, if one’s natural way of being will allow.

      Lastand evidetly, this news site has become the platform for the racist and hatefilled Europeans and or white Americans to show their true way of being. Hate spewing mongers.

      It is believed therefore, that government should dig into this deeply and take the requisite action to prohibit hate speech against the Black/Brown VIslander, or shut the site down.

      We/here were a very peaceful place of existence until your kind came along. Hence, we should not tolerate such. Would you?

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      • @@SMH says:

        I am quite aware of the Europeans and how they work which is why I am shocked that we are so naive and dumb in the way we do things. No inferiority complex here, just an unbiased view of things. Until we face reality we will continue to spin in the mud. Funny how you assume that I’m a white expat simply because I’m not riding the wagon, but sorry to burst your bubble, multiple generation BVIslander here, not by time spent, but by GENERATIONS!

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        • @@@SMH says:

          Until otherwise proven, my assumption stands. Further,based on your comment, not convinved otherwise.

          Many many, white folk comment here pretending to be Black VIslander. They most times fail to consider their thought processess and delivery thereof.

          From a Black VIslander whose roots go to bondage era.

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          • Anonymous says:

            I don’t care if your roots go to bondage. What you do in the privacy of your bedroom is not my concern. I just want ppl to treat each other well, no matter what race they are.

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    • Jah says:

      I saw a structure being built in town. I thought it was a stage but was told it was a gallows. Yikes

  2. if it walks like a duck its a duck says:

    Jerry getting his hands dirty for these guys?

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    • Anonymous says:

      Another CSC bashing day. Who is he that is without sin and imperfections? Plase come forth!

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      • well yes says:

        you cannot blame a pa***site for leeching of his host, that’s his nature. However you can blame those sworn to serve the people for assisting with this atrocity, not once but time after time.

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      • Amon Ra says:

        Anonymous, you would tolerate this %#$ making big bucks from our taxes for doing basic clerical work? Did you not see his deplorable behavior when he was asked to testify about how our money was spent?

        Are you a sheep in his flock? It seems the occultists still have our minds in bondage, even after all these centuries.

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  3. Resident says:

    lock him up

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  4. BVI Future says:

    We all should get pay first, and then work later.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    These guys are an evil joke! Get the contracts sorted and signed before they finish. It’s so obvious. But no. Not our government. They too stupid to do that. Or too corrupt.
    Or both.

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  6. X says:

    As the COI continues we can now understand why some people were and still are strongly against it.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    “leases is sometimes left “till the last minute” because “persons are not as vigilant as they should.”
    Good Governance???

    Same approach for Bush cutting, ghut cleaning, road repairs, increment payments, school repairs, maintenance of anything, work permit processing, absolutely any meeting or Government announcement, carnival.

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  8. Negrito says:

    Listen when it comes to this cartoon character nothing is done by the books or honestly. Debate me.

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  9. Bumpy says:

    These willing participants in corruption are looking more stupid every time they open their mouths to defend the indefensible. Jerry are you really willing to go to jail or worse putting a lifetime stain on your reputation? What are you doing?

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    • Mr WONDERFUL says:


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  10. @watching says:

    There clearly needs to be set standards o follow when giving out contracts for anyone awarded a government contract. No curry favored contracts allowed.

  11. Not new says:

    Don’t blame Claude for this one. This is nothing new. IT is well known that when there is a basic agreement for renewal of contract, Officer’s in the Public service are paid pending the finalization of the contract. The functioning of the Government would be crippled if this was not done because contracts are never finalized in a timely manner.

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    • Anonymous says:

      A man of integrity would have insisted on a contract renewal before he carried on working and a government of integrity would have ensured it happened.
      The problem is we have allowed people with no integrity to get their hands on power and our money.

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  12. Belonger says:

    Dolly house!

  13. Strange says:

    Rediculous from the FS. He should be dismissed forthwith. This is totally unacceptable. Why should payment be made before a contract is signed. I could understand if partial payment is made after signing but before the contract is fully executed but not before.

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  14. The Assist PS was very careless says:

    While, she liked and trusted CSC, he didnt care about her he was all about himself..Some are even thinking if the so call mistake wasn’t deliberate to give him more, its obvious she had his backed and looking out for him…Why would she allow him to sign contract without seeing his good standings, “Very wrong and careless”. She needed to follow the rules and procedures, they cant do as they wish, rules and procedures are there for a reason.. Now when she got caught, she called him to explain it was a mistake. .What did he do, He said I dont care i need it…Her likeness for him blew up in her face,,,,She needed to be desciplined…

  15. BVI Attorney says:

    To suggest that the absence of a written contract between the time the previous contract expired and the new contract signed is completely misleading and dishonest by the COI.

    Parties to a contract agree verbally everyday. A contract do not have to be in writing to be binding. Once there was an understanding and or agreement between the parties as to the terms of the renewal, there is no requirement for there to be a written law anywhere.

    The Commission and his team know that very well and I fail to see how we can have lawyers representing some of the public officials who just sits there either sleeping or looking into space. That was a matter that required their objection because it somehow suggest that because Claude Skelton-Cline was paid between the expiration of the previous contract and signing of the subsequent contract that was somehow illegal or corrupt.

    Nothing can be further from the truth and every lawyer from their first day of contract law know this to be true.

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    • BOL says:

      I guess they will have a chance to use that in their defense if legal proceedings are brought. I doubt very much you will show your defense strategy during the investigation phase..but then I am no lawyer like you.

    • @BVI Attorney. U missing my point says:

      I am talking about the process..The process requires good standing documents to be submitted before contract can be signed. So why did she allowed him to sign the contracts without seeing his good standings..Suppose the good standings werent good, what would have happen knowing the contract already signed… From all the evidence I have heard she made all necessary moves even changing and breaking the rule to accomodate him, and in the end it blew up in her face…So this is not about a written or a spoken agreement, its about the requirements of the process…and her excused is lame, about appointment already set so she didnt want him to go and come back, heap of nonsense, he knows he was going to sign and he knows he wasnt in possession of his good standings why not make a call and inform her that he yet to receive his good standings, Why show up without them, unless he did call her and she try to accomodate him by giving him a pass as she been doing all along…Its almost seems like a plot.. I cant give her a pass.. To add and her defense for giving him more tax payers money was that she used the wrong form bla, bla, bla, bla”. Dont buy that..

    • LOVING BVI says:


  16. Observe says:

    Body language is giving away all the evidence

  17. @ @ MR WONDERFUL says:

    let me try / 🤪 CSC is mr wonderful , and if you were reading what the COI been REAVEALING on him , you would of been aware of the message / maybe you are a member of his cult 🤔

  18. Bottom Line says:

    When he was NDP he was a sc**p, he fall out with them and went VIP, and was still a sc**p so much so they didn’t want to put him on the ticket but valued his dislike for NDP so made him their mouthpiece. In the end, both parties rewarded him for his political dirt and gave a pastor big contracts to do work he had no experience in, to begin with. If the church can’t pay him enough he is safer serving pizza.

  19. LOVING BVI says:

    “To suggest that the absence of a written contract between the time the previous contract expired and the new contract signed is completely misleading and dishonest by the COI”

    Quote from BVI Attonery

    This is so true i have sat here and shake my head on how our counry is disarmed in the public by a group of indifferent Europeans who care little or know nothing about us here ….

    tell the people of BVI how much the COI is costing Britian ?

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