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Skelton defends taking PVIM chairmanship from Turnbull

Second District Representative Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull (left) and PVIM Chairman, Ronnie Skelton.

Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) Chairman, Ronnie Skelton has described the removal of Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull as Chairman of his political party as a necessary move for his return to the political fold.

Skelton lost re-election at the 2019 general elections under the PVIM banner after serving previously under the National Democratic Party (NDP) and subsequently exited the political stage.

Turnbull, who was also a previous NDP lawmaker, then became the Chairman of the party after being the only member of the PVIM to win elected office.

Speaking at a press conference during the launch of the PVIM’s campaign last Friday, February 24, Skelton said he commended young leaders around him and said his history shows that he tends to hand over things to young people.

Skelton also denied that his return as Chairman of the PVIM was an example of him not wanting to allow young leadership within his party.

“Anyone who knows me knows that I always put young people… I need them to help build the country. I am happy to be at home, but the people are calling for some experience and they feel that I have that level of experience in order to assist this country out of the problems that it is presently in. That’s why I’m here, nothing else,” Skelton said.

Pressed further about why he was not pushing a youth agenda and only appeared to be seeking power through his party, Skelton said that was only the opinion of the reporter asking him the questions.

Meanwhile, Turnbull said the PVIM group and its supporters decided that the best person to lead the movement and the party at this time was Skelton.

Turnbull said he then became the Deputy Chairman after that decision was made. He added that the party will be moving forward on the issues to bring solutions to the territory.


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  1. Ha! says:

    Mitch as deputy premier! What a load to eat for breakfast. Hell to da no. This dude full of himself. think the country in a schitt now? Ha!

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  2. BuzzBvi says:

    Old hands trying to ensure the BVI keeps pointing in the old direction. This is not what VI needs. The old guard looking to protect their power and control so they can keep lining their own pockets.

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  3. Salty Fish says:

    “Assist this country out of the problems that it is presently in.”

    You Sir are one of the many architects that put us in the ‘problems’ we’re currently in!

    For some reason it remains quiet all the time, but NHI is the single biggest gravy train for certain big players that remains alarmingly hushed while being an abject failure.

    How many of you powerful BVIslanders have ever put anything back into this country? After Irma, or even after Covid, or just as a matter of generosity to advance our youth, or other public services? You and your powerful friends have done NOTHING for the community that you’ve milked dry and that has made you what you are today!

    Set of charlatans!

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  4. apple pie says:

    this sounds like confusion the same confusion Ronnie say he was running from.

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  5. Tax burden killing me! says:

    Payroll tax @ 14%, NHI at 7.5%, SSB @ 7.5% = taxes @ 29%. Import duties, wharfage, business license fees, work permit fee, property tax . And on it goes. Which politician will reduce the tax burden. Who will commit to reducing the public service by 50% to a more manageable level. We are all going broke.

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  6. Embarrassing press conference says:

    I don’t how many of you listened to the press conference but I was genuinely embarrassed for Ronnie. He looked old. He could not answer the questions properly. He was stuttering. His response on the question of same sex unions showed someone who lacked courage and conviction. Ronnie made a good contribution to the BVI but I think it is time he packs it up.

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  7. Local says:

    Ronnie doesn’t speak clearly and we need a state man that can represent us so far despite what people have to say about Natalio he is up to the task.

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  8. Wolves in sheep clothing says:

    In my view the BVI is at a crossroad relative to its future. The upcoming election whenever it occurs will be critical to the future outlook of the country.

    The dominant political parties has been the NDP and the VIP of recent years. Both parties were splintered at a critical juncture due to infighting among themselves for nothing more than power.

    It was all about them and less about the country. They chose to burn their parties down than be team players for the good of the country.

    Some party members have gone their own ways and now conveniently reinvented themselves in newly created parties from the ashes of former pollical parties all with the aim of securing power yet again for themselves. It’s the same playbook…all about them and the power they seek. They are NOT to be trusted.

    Some have even crossed party lines as we describe them like grasshoppers all in an effort to maintain or achieve power. Their lust for power is stronger than their will to serve the best interest of the country.

    Why are they fighting for power so much? IMO, its’s because power for some means more money in their bank accounts. Some of these people are driven by greed imo, and it will be their undoing.

    They need to be reminded that greed is what led to the former premier, Exhibit A, facing decades in prison in Miami since they are appearing to be forgetful.

    I personally do not trust any one of these people to run this country again, and I think it will be huge mistake for the voting public to put these people in office again.

    We know what they are capable of already and what we have seen has not been good. If the BVI wants to move beyond the current situation it is in, we have got to get rid of these people inclusive of those who wish to contest election with past criminal histories or unethical conduct.

    Many of these people are simply not good for the country, and we can do better. We must for a brighter future for our selves, our children and this country.

    I don’t care how they dress themselves up to appeal to voters. A pig in lipstick is still a pig.

    I will not be voting for any of these people who are trying to reincarnate into something else. We know their history, and at this critical juncture in the BVI political life, I repeat I think it will be huge mistake if these people are ever given the opportunity to run this country again.

    Voting these same inept power hungry people back into office again is akin to doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. That’s insanity. Nothing is going to change with these people. Nothing but the same bs. When the country needed them most, all they could think about was themselves. Shameful.

    The COI findings was an eye opener for me and showed me that many of those elected to lead this country are simply inept. The BVI needs a complete break from these power hungry politician who have shown thru their past actions that they are in it for themselves and their bank accounts.

    Now, I have never stated on this forum my thoughts on the U.K. possible taking over this country. Reason being that I felt that would be a drastic step that should not be taken lightly.

    The implications would be huge and a setback to self governance one day, however, if these re-cycled characters are the only choices the BVI electorate will be faced with come next election, I would rather the U.K. take over these islands for a few years until we can sort our selves out.

    I would rather wait it out until better candidates emerges rather than voting for any of these self serving people. Short of that the BVI need to clean house from top to bottom. Send them packing.

    Yes, I said what I said.

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  9. UK help! says:

    The Uk needs to step in now, not wait for this joke of an election as whoever wins will just blame the UK for not letting them f**k up the country anymore. Corruption is rife and needs to be eridicated so we can then become a country and no longer a territory of the UK, but first we need guidance not a heavy hand

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  10. LB says:

    The media is very dangerous! It is absolutely Clear that Mitch’s who went and called for Skelton to come back to head the party. EVERYONE knows this! But yet the media will make it seem like Ronnie come grapple the chairmanship away from Mitch. Foolishness! We the public have to see these dangerous games the biased media are playing and the agenda they are pushing!

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  11. @LB says:

    We know you have to defend pops but relax. The media did nothing except report what RONNIE SAID! Ronnie clearly stated that the people will NOT follow Mitch as leader of PVIM so they asked him to come forward to lead. Ronnie said this, not the media. Go have a f**king seat young man.

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  12. @LB says:

    Whoever you are you need to go back and listen to the press conference. Ronnie himself stated that persons would not follow Mitch that’s why he wanted to be leader. Nothing is wrong about what is being reported here as it is facts. School children also spoke about the recent heated meeting with them where the Turnbulls stormed out of the room. All is not well in the blue wave and we are not stupid. These guys can change their name, color, even their hair if they want. They will still be viewed as salty power hungry people who not only left the NDP after losing their internal elections, but refusing to rejoin the part even when it’s the obvious best thing to do if they care to win and care about the country. Look at the mediocre slate of candidates and it tells you it’s all about power, nothing else. Mitch will win his District and Ronnie would be extremely lucky to take the 4th spot in the atlarge race, that’s it. VIP wins the government again due to selfish desires.

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  13. To old says:

    Pure confusion. Vip back in power

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  14. Unvaxx 4eva says:

    The winners is who should lead.

  15. Shambles says:

    After the COI exposed the VIP government we are going down hill
    People ridiculing each other
    Blame Game on the rise
    Supporters cutting each other’s throat
    Snakes everywhere in the camps
    Trust is becoming a scarce commodity

    Blame the UK I Really!!

  16. Aida says:

    A leader should – at least try to be alert, articulate and capable of making sound decisions. As screwed up as mr.fahie was, he possessed such qualities as well as Mr. Wheatley. No one unfortunately on this team possess such qualities.
    Any of you being elected, we say h**l to the no!

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  17. Youth says:

    Hon. Turnbull should be ashamed to stick around there. But all of this is because they didn’t want one man to be Premier in 2019 so the saga continues. Would’ve been nice if they were smart enough to understand that a 3 party race favors the VIP just like it did the last time around.

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  18. @LB says:

    You too lie! Stop it. We all know that Mitch and Ronnie were at war over the leadership. We see how our lies have brought us to our knees and we wouldn’t stop. Are BVI people allergic to the truth?

  19. hmm says:

    Skelton like he only interested if he’s gonna be the Premier… He leave NDP cause they choose a different chairman.

  20. Well sah says:

    The badminded party!

  21. Voter says:

    Looking at all these new candidates, I think I prefer if Andrew come back!! Lol I don’t really mean that but wow!!! The way I see it if there is no majority party win there is still going to be a power struggle for leader and ministerial positions if there is a Unity govt. We’re screwed any way you turn. Just before the Unity govt was formed there were some names touted to form a govt. Where are these people. All of a sudden they disappear. Stupes!! Lord we need a miracle!

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  22. guy hill says:

    Virgin Islanders for God’s sake and country sake.
    Each one, reach one, teach one and encourage one. Be Brave.

  23. hellboy says:

    Wrong party Shereen , The leader for that party is xenophobic !

  24. Seems Like Sowande Again.. says:

    I am a Ronnie Guy, always been, but from that last press conference, Ronnie sounds slow, unsure and dull, I Now can understand why folks are asking , Why did Mitch surrender the chairmanship. Mitch to aint ready to lead us. I gave Marlon the edge over Mitch as a leader.

  25. My view says:

    If Skelton and Mitch cannot put their differences aside with the NDP for the sake of the country then it tells me that this is all about them and grabbing power and not about country.

  26. hell bound says:

    why cant ndp join ronnie? why marlon dont want to hold internal elections?

  27. Fully agree says:

    Whoever you are, you sound like a very sensible man/woman. Are you going to throw your hat in the ring? Are you going to be the change you want to see? We desperately need fresh new faces as you quite correctly pointed out.

  28. Smelly Salt Fish says:

    Well, if Ronnie helps to put us in this mess,
    what would you say for the Forma and current Premier?
    We are getting rid of all of them.

  29. concern BVIslander says:

    I Agree why don’t NDP join with Ronnie PVIM group for them to become stronger as far as I see it there’s no NDP. Ronnie for 7th District need to go sit down he don’t even talk to people. Ronnie you is my friend don’t let Marlon take you for a fool. You see what the news is saying a native of St.kitts you don’t count quit while you are ahead of the game. You will be a laughing stalk BVI people you not from here.

  30. Waaaah? says:

    Can’t believe Ronnie is running again…

  31. @ concern BVIslander says:

    Its Renard not Ronnie. But yes… Marlon is taking him for a fool.

  32. Quietly Watching says:

    You know, it is time somebody other than VIP supporters blogged, because it seems to me like it is their job to blog on Ronnie and bring him across as old and inept. Well, I know Ronnie, and so do the voters. We also knew Andrew Fahie and all the fresh faces he had along with him, that you the young ones, and some old ones, voted in last go around. Yes. They are sitting in our House and I drive down the street everyday looking for my beloved BVI and I cannot find it.

    There are young men being gunned down in the street. Yes, young men, not old ones. The young men and women in the House are silent on the point. Not a word. Four recently in the Honourable Premier’s area and nothing. That leaves me shaking in my boots. Don’t Black Lives Matter anymore?

    They took $40 million from our Social Security Fund and gave away to their frends and family. Were the farmers and fishers given the whole $40 million? I think not. Can we see some of these farmers in the new $2 million market place that a 15 year old could have built for less. And was there any change left over to pave a few miles of road?

    The Central Administration Complex was damaged in 2017. It is now 2023 and it is not yet fixed. September will be six years to replace some glass and some roofing on the east side and lots of mold treatment. You would think youth means speed; right? Well I think Ronnie would have already fixed the Complex because after all it is costing us I’m sure upwards of $6 million a year in rent for the Government Offices.

    Let’s not forget the fights that the Government and Former Speaker picked with Hon. Vanterpool which cost us in lawyer fees and with the Governor which cost us a COI which also cost us millions in lawyer fees.

    It seems to me that the young need to learn when to move, how to move and how to pick your fights. We are not in a better place for all of that grand standing with the Governor and in my old ass opinion, if you are spending the people’s money, you got to be careful and pick your damn fights.

    Why? Because in the mean time, the roads, schools, Health Services and everything that the people need to survive has fallen to the floor. What do the young fresh face people do? They decide to give their friends huge contracts instead of fixing them and just continues spending money.

    I don’t know about you, but the Ronnie I know is a doer, a builder, a financial wizard and someone who will give you value for money. And you know what, he knows when and with whom to pick his fights.

    The VIP followed everywhere their former leader led them. Seems to me that they are followers, not leaders.

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  33. LB says:

    LOL! Thanks for proving my point! Dangerous

  34. Gimme a break says:

    I don’t know who has been calling for him. He does not believe in passing the baton to the younger generation. He lost the NDP elections to a younger Walwyn and he went to form his own party. After he lost in the general elections a younger Turnbull took over and now he come back to displace him as well. This 70 year old man acts like he is entitled. He has no faith and trust in the younger generation. I don’t know who has been calling. It must be his little clique of people. He has nothing left to give. His press conference was horrific.

  35. I agree says:

    But the dominant political party has been the VIP! 52 years compared to the NDP 13 years/3 terms!

  36. Richgdgy says:

    Sounds like biden a progressive AH!

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