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Skelton promises overnight cruise pier system under PVIM gov’t

Leader of the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement, Ronnie Skelton

A tourism system where cruise ships will have the option of docking overnight is being proposed for the British Virgin Islands.

This strategy is being proposed by the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM), and party leader Ronnie Skelton is promising to have it implemented if his organisation is elected as the next government.

He said the strategy would be an effective way to supplement the deficit that has been affecting the local tourism industry since the September 2017 hurricanes.

“Overnight accommodations are currently being rebuilt and we are happy to see our overnight business growing. In the interim, we can fully diversify our cruise tourism product with a quick decision. I know it can cause some anxiety in the country [but] we are proposing to make the pier [available] … to attract ships just to stay overnight so our restaurants and our nightlife can benefit from overnight ships,” Skelton said whiling noting that his proposal would not apply to the Tortola Pier Park.

“We will make sure that we maintain our advantage in yachting and sailing. These initiatives will increase our ship calls and will inject more tourism dollars into the economy from the nightlife that can be created,” he added.

Tourism training facility

Skelton said the Prospect Reef facility on Tortola would also be made to play a more significant role in the local tourism industry under a PVIM government.

“We will restore Prospect Reef as a hospitality training centre,” he said. “That’s what it was purposed for. We are in the hospitality business and we must train our people if we expect them to get jobs in the business that we have created.”

The PVIM leader further said greater priority would be placed on restoring and employing local heritage sites across the territory.

He listed sites such as  Cooper Island, the Copper Mine site, The Dungeon, the Sugar Works Museum, the Queen Elizabeth II Park, Mount Healthy, Sage Mountain, among other historical locations.

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  1. Mr sensible says:

    Nothing wrong with the idea but please tell me why if I am a passenger on a cruise ship with top chefs in many restaurants and top international entertainment that I have paid for in advance would I stay in a hotel in BVI over night oh and that means giving up the cabin I have paid for with all my stuff in ?

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    • @Sensible says:

      Some of the bigger ships come to port with 4,000 people. Surely there are quite a few that would fancy a dinner off the ship. I have been on many cruises and despite the top chefs and restaurants offered, being on a ship for an entire week sometimes it’s good to venture out and get a taste of the local cuisine/culture. The nightlife onshore would be totally different to what’s available on ship. I’m sure cruise passengers would fancy hopping a bus over to Quitos, Paradise, Myettes or wherever to hear local entertainment, try local cuisine and experience the BVI as opposed to just rush to the beach and rush back to the ship.

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      • HRMPH says:

        Where are they going to eat in Road Town – we are not exactly the culinary center of the Caribbean. Dove is ok, Brandy Wine on the Roof is closed most of the time, Georgio’s is fantastic but only sits 20 people, Pusser’s is barely ok but not great for dinner.
        And most of the boats are not all inclusive and don’t include drinks – the boats want to get passengers back spending money in the on-ship bars by 5 pm.

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        • @HRMPH says:

          You sound like an idiot! There are lots of places Territory-wide for persons to have dinner or entertainment. Further, if there’s a ship in port overnight, i.e. leaving port 5am/6am the next day then VG/JVD are options for the tourists. The problem in the BVI is that we always talk about the problems but can never come up with meaningful solutions, everything is no, no, no! We want jobs, we want a vibrant economy, we want an environment where small business can thrive but say “NO!!” to everything that would be necessary to drive these very things.

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      • Rubber Duck says:

        You jest. At least $100 to travel in a beat up old mini van calling itself a taxi. Better to get Quito etc on the ships. Maybe some local food and chefs too.

    • Visitor says:

      Mr.Sensible, Thank You. The whole proposal does not make any sense.

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    • Mr. Magoo says:

      Mr Sensible has a point.

      The environmental impact of these ships remaining overnight would be in the words of Donald Trump HUUUUUUGE.

      Do we really want to be continually exposed to gastrointestinal illness? Does this mean that every restaurant will have to implement intensive sanitary procedures?

      We need new ideas. This isn’t one of them.

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    • Albion says:

      I don’t have a problem with the suggestion, but my understanding is that cruise ships docking overnight at Caribbean destinations are a relative rarity. Even if we offer this facility, is there any serious liklihood that cruise ships would choose to dock overnight in Road Town with all the extra security issues that entails? Particularly if night life in Road Town is so limited.

  2. Anon says:

    More Pollution! The exhaust fumes from those huge cruise ships are disgusting and now we’ll be forced to inhale these all night while we sleep instead of the sweet Caribbean sea breeze.
    The BVI should be DISCOURAGING mass, low-value, high impact tourism like the cruise industry in favor of premium, high-value, low impact tourism such as yacht charters and boutique hotels. The two don’t mix.
    The cruise ship industry is a big contributor to emissions and pollution that is causing global warming. The BVI encouraging this sort of nonsense is essentially signing your own death warrant as a nation. Good luck when the next massive hurricane hits. We’ve already been warned and yet we have learnt nothing and continue on the same path.
    Money, greed and short-sightedness trump everything in this place.

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    • nick says:

      cruise ships, with airplanes are the biggest polluters in the world. Just goggle: cruise ships/pollution and you will see what happen to people leaving in road town.

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  3. Hodgie says:

    Can fool some of the people some of the time. But cant fool all the people all the time.

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  4. promises made says:

    what have you done for us over the last 8 years

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  5. L says:

    What reason would a cruise ship have to stay in the BVI overnight? He is making it sound like it is as simple as that. Wheel and come again.

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  6. Say What? says:

    Is it true that a former Chief Minister’s family is still receiving payola each time a cruise ship docks here?

    Is it your plan to take more payola for your idea or does that money belong to us?

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  7. Hey Ronnie says:

    I see you are trying to bite off Walwyn ideas but in a slick way. You are not that smart Dude.

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    • Yeah, for real says:

      As soon as Myron spoke about the Airport Expansion, Here comes Ronnie about Pier Park. Ronnie, Cruisers is not going to get off a ship if it is in any port overnight when there are Casinos,Discos, jazz clubs,fitness clubs etc…on board.

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  8. PVIM says:

    Isn’t Mr. Skelton one of the wealthiest belongers but has not paid a single cent towards charity whilst blaming foreigners for not donating enough? Talk about double standards! Is a vote for this man a vote for Skelton’s own pockets?…

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    • long memory says:

      One of his first actions was to grant S—– companies pioneer status – so no donations and not a penny of tax or duties either. I wonder if that 10 year window closed?

    • WELLLL says:

      He might be but the record still stands when he was the minister of finance the country was in a surplus…the 10,000 tax break we get is because of him, the last time civil servants got a raise was under him, NHI IS A GOOD THING with a little changes to be made…his name is not under any investigations in regards to OUR money…need i go on?

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  9. Anonymous says:

    The main reason that cruise ships are in international waters overnight is that they run casinos on board, these are not allowed to operate when at port. If we wanted to offer this our gambling laws would have to change to allow it. No cruise company is going to lose the revenue from the casino. Wheel and come again!!

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    • Ok says:

      Well that is what he means. He said the gaming law would be revised to specifically allow for cruise lines to open their casinos while at port which in turn would lead to cruise lines possibly choosing to overnight here especially if the next stop is PR or STT, or heading back to MIA.

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      • Jack Off says:

        Great! Opening up casinos means more hookers here. It ALWAYS goes that way…. I used to love my country but now it seems to be full of greedy, mean-spirited and selfish people. It makes me sad.

  10. Casino says:

    They will have to make Casinos legal first. No boat is going to stay overnight if they can’t open their casino.

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  11. ? says:

    Training Cenre? I recall an agreement being made for the redeveolopement of Prospect Reef. So this is going to be scrapped? Asking for a Friend.

  12. Lodger says:

    There are very few places where cruise ships stay overnight. Not even in their home port. St Petersburg and Bermuda come to mind. They cant complete a week or two week intinerary if they overnight anywhere. They will also worry about safety of passengers roaming about our streets at night.

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    • Wrong says:

      There are ports where the ships stay up to 10 pm or later which gives the passengers opportunities to spend more time at the destination. Why else would a ship leaving BVI with a next stop in St Thomas or Puerto Rico leave at 6 pm? It’s only because of the casino issue. If you notice many of them leave port early and are just off our waters hovering almost at a complete stop, there’s a reason for that.

  13. Sad says:

    Thats the BVI for you. Just look at these comments and yoy will realize why the place continues to slip further and further into a state of nothingness.

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  14. Cruiser says:

    The only thing I do when I get off the ship is sample local foods,drink,shop for souvenirs and hit the beach.

    • Truth to Power says:

      Seriously, who buys souvenirs any more? Unless you have dementia, can’t you remember where you’ve been without buying some God-awful junk probably made by a 4 year old in China that will get thrown in a draw for someone to chuck out in 20 years when you move house?

  15. Dead on arrival says:

    are Skelton and his plans..please give us some new politician as the old ones are c—— and not to be tr—-d..

  16. Bvislander NYC says:

    I need a Ticket to the BVI for a couple of days to get away from the Hawk/Artic blast. 9 freaking degrees.

  17. Quick Question says:

    Can someone please answer this question. My Grandparents were born in the BVI, Sea Cows Bay and Pleasant Valley. I was born in ST.Thomas,is it possible to apply for Belongers Status.

  18. Ronnie says:

    If you want to be taken seriously, please help the people that is having problèms with MASA. Ronnie, you look into this, honestly,I will give you and your team my vote.

  19. yep says:

    promises are a comfort to a fool (shrugs)

  20. djs says:

    Been cruising for 20+ years and have 84 cruise’s under my belt. People who cruise like to get off the ship for dinner. When your couped up for 7 days its a relief to walk down to a local place and eat.
    This man is thinking for our people. How about this? if the ship stays in R’town over night– a whole new taxie service can develope. Dinner out at JOST, Marina Cay, Norman making 2 runs for 2 seatings at each place. Com’on yall get with it.
    Our best cruise destination: the pacific coast– why cause every day we eat off the ship– something to be different.

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    • @ djs says:

      What are you talking about? Cooped up? Cruise ship passengers get off the ship at every port. The ship docks in a new destination every day after travelling overnight. That is literally the whole point of a cruise. How is it you claim to have done 84 cruises (what is that, four cruises per year) and still not know this?

  21. Reason says:

    If gaming laws applies in the Territory. The lotteries in the BVI will increase. Especially people will now have lottery tickets promoting at their stores. Gambling at Horse Race.
    Mr. Skelton probably going some wher with this gambling law. Maybe he wants to have tis system in palce so it can pay the eduactors like the USA.

    • Clarity says:

      I have tried, but your post is so badly written that I simply can’t understand what you are trying to get across. Sorry. I really did try.

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