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Skelton: ‘Some of us need to go to jail!’

Opposition Leader Ronnie Skelton has condemned the government’s Registration Apprenticeship Training Employment and Development (RATED) programme and the rapidly declining state of infrastructure in the territory, arguing that some lawmakers should be imprisoned.

Speaking in the House of Assembly yesterday, Skelton lamented the programme’s inefficacy, particularly its inability to improve the local economy through job creation.

The programme was established to stimulate economic growth and provide short-term employment for out-of-work residents, but some lawmakers have lambasted it as a bureaucratic nightmare.

“You don’t need a RATED programme or any of the foolishness to clean up your country. That can’t be right,” Skelton told fellow lawmakers.

“Yes, there are certain things that must be tendered,” Skelton said. “But some stuff is just nonsense to build a country. And they know it. They know it. Some of this is just nonsense, you know. And I must agree that some of these people have never run a candy shop.”

He argued that the initiative fell dramatically short of addressing actual employment and economic needs of the residents who most need it.

Meanwhile, Skelton pointed to severe neglect in public infrastructure, with roads and community facilities in many districts remaining in disrepair. He focused on areas such as Sea Cows Bay, Spooners Estate and Brewers Bay, where he described the community centre as being overwhelmed by wild tamarind, indicating years of maintenance failure.

“A community centre, a public structure… I never see taller wild tamarind in my life, almost to the top of the building,” he said. “You know the building has a high roof, right? I think some of us need to go the jail.”

Skelton also criticised the perilous state of roads in some areas and lamented the negative impact on the tourism sector.

“This is a tourist destination. I don’t know how buses get up there, because my vehicle, the government vehicle that I drive along with… the roads are no good, my car can’t go the places I want to go. I can’t go in Spooners [Estate] with my car,” he explained.

He urged the government to develop a plan and present it to the public, insisting that something must be done urgently.


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  1. 90% ON VIP SIDE says:


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  2. Ausar says:

    I, Ausar, say: NOW, is the time for the NDP, to take the helm, in the leadership of this country!

    Honorable Penn, of the Eight, start to garner the types of personalities, necessary, for such a takeover!

    Do not tarry on this issue, Honorable Penn!

    Do not tarry!

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    • ReX FeRaL says:

      Stop blogging puss takk. Thst,National Dose of Poisin NDP as Fraser labled them did thrir share of effingbup the country.

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  3. Resident says:

    vip is destroying this country with their mismanagement

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    • lol says:

      and corruption

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    • Guess what? says:

      fix your mouth, they trying to correct all the mess that was done before them. a lot could have been accomplished if the money that was there to do particular job was done as planed. Now NDP mess it up they trying to correct all the filth!@!@!

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  4. Question says:

    Are salaries and perks and pensions for elected officials draining the Treasury. That’s one area to look for saving some money that could go to infrastructure and Govt. paying the BVIEC.

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  5. we got says:

    we got money for everything else it seems. festival still coming strong

  6. Condemnation says:

    Should the renting of premises at 36K a month to hold less than 10% of government administration be condemned too? Or does the condemnation depend on who getting the rent money, whether or not this scheme in itself is an obvious nonsense? Asking for a friend.

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  7. yea says:

    i agree skelton we need send you and the rest

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  8. true says:

    yes charging $36,000 a month for an empty warehouse people should go to jail

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    • But says:

      Hon. Skelton does not manage those warehouses and we beg to conduct a COI on it. He did not ask the government to use the the warehouses and he was not even in politics when government offices moved there

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  9. BuzzBvi says:

    Probably just takes being searched at the airport.

  10. DD says:

    Be careful what you call for.
    Remember AF.

  11. Get China In. says:

    Say what you want. China will get the BVI fix and looking good. That includes tbe Airport, another cruise Pier and west end ferry dock..

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    • @ get China in says:

      China will only use their own labor and will indebt the country to finally one day control the Government.

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  12. @ DD says:

    he cannot help it , and he said it himself the (COI) is causing RETARDATION , but it looks like KARMA is beginning to take effect , so he is just going through what AF went through before he got stung ~ so let the fellow keep on YAPPING that’s the process they go through when KARMA GEGINS TO SET IN

  13. SIR says:


    • To. Sir says:

      I was in a cell with pumpkin all what they said about punkin he never f**k around me punkin is a dining jail anything u need in jail he can get it

  14. The watchdog says:

    The governor and police commissioner and the coi have destroyed our country none of them talking about that !!!

  15. VG Mon says:

    That’s the truest statement that man has ever made! They do need to go to jail. Finally, someone said the quiet part out loud!

  16. X man says:

    Lots of police need to go to the grave

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  17. @ WATCH DOG says:

    It’s obvious you have been watching dogs so long yhat your even thunk like one , stay on your yello site with your racist lyrics / the dude in
    miami was singing a lot too ,

  18. ReX FeRaL says:

    And Hell

  19. Redstorm says:

    None of them can manage this country.the older politicians did their level of rebelling and then go to the grave. Their people will continue to perish slowly.

    Bush cutting my foot,the guys are doing a good job, but it will be better with some level of beautification.plant some flowers along the way, nice up the place.

    Some people should go the jail” I just hate whe politicians ,just let lost for words and sprout their mantra. Try to be decent men for the people..

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