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Skelton widens distance from NDP, likens time in embattled party with Jesus’ crucifixion

PVIM Chairman Ronnie Skelton (left) and the leader under which he served in an NDP government, Premier Dr D Orlando Smith.

As Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) chairman Ronnie Skelton tries to distance himself from the reported transgressions of the NDP government — which he sat on for the last eight years — he has likened his situation to the biblical story of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

He suggested that, like Jesus’ followers who were present for the crucifixion but were powerless to save Christ from certain death, so too was he unable dissuade the leadership of the NDP from poor governance and/or bad decisions.

Though the NDP has had a number of accomplishments, the party is also bedevilled by a number of scandals such as the BVI Airways fiasco in which 7.2 million of taxpayer dollars was wasted on a defunct airline.

While speaking on the PVIM’s Solution Time radio talk show Tuesday evening, Skelton said: “People are saying I was there [with the NDP]. A lot of people were there when they crucified Jesus, right? But, there were a lot of people who were trying to stop it also.”

“I have done a lot of good work for this country … I think that I have the requisite skills to help this country to get out of the state that it is in financially and to build this country back so all of us can be proud, once again,” he added.


Skelton leads a team of nine other PVIM political candidates and is offering a number of proposals in his campaign for the party to become the next government.

The party is proposing a 13-month salary package for civil servants, a $15,000 tax break policy, an overnight cruise pier system and gaming zone, medical tourism, among other things.

The PVIM — a breakaway party from the NDP — is comprised of candidates such as clergyman Curnal P Fahie, engineer Shaina Smith, Horse Owners Association president Lesmore Smith, and Skelton who are all At-Large contenders.

The party is further fielding former Director of the BVI International Affairs Secretariat, Sylvia Romney-Moses to contest the First Electoral District; sitting legislator Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull to seek re-election in the Second District; taxi operator Karl Scatliffe who will vie for the Fourth District; recently-resigned Commissioner of Customs Wade Smith for the Fifth; and former Deputy Projects Manager in the Ministry of Finance, Jose de Castro, who will contest the Ninth District seat.

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  1. THE LIES says:

    It’s interesting some of these very politicians want to crucify others for speaking of Christ but trying piggy back on Him for their own gain. Pastor at large I hope you know they’re only using you…the very committee crooked don’t mind they claim to be godly. They’ll lie til kingdom come to get ahead but we the people ain’t stupid.

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    • Helloo says:

      Backup off of Ronnie, when he was the minister of Finance he saved and left a ton load of money there. When they won the wife tell she husband that as the premier he should be the minister of finance. If them had leave Ronnie there the Berlin wall and other projects would not have been under investigation and we would not have been the dinner topic all over the world. Ronnie do not spend a bad dime of other people’s money.

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      • @Helloo says:

        Ronnie was voted out after his tenure as Finance Minister. Don’t rewrite history.

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        • Eyeswideopen says:

          And from then the finances under VIP and then the current crew went down hill for the BVI. Track records matter.

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          • Love for My Country says:

            People love to blog without researching facts. Under Ronnie’s tenure as Minister of Finance 2003-2007, the country had SURPLUS BUDGETS! Go to the Ministry of Finance and check this information. Since 2008 our budgets have been going down hill and we have been having deficit budgets. Check the Ministry of Finance for these facts! Ronnie was voted out because people said that he was too tight with the money. Had he been in that position, we would not be in the financial mess we are in. This country is not in a good position financially. Ronnie is not your problem and he is one of the best for this Country!

    • Biggie says:

      If a former member of the NDP confirms what we already suspected then no one should vote NDP.

      The airline was a fix. Someone or their family members got the payola. Don’t blame it on whitey.

      The pier was a fix. A lot of people got the payola. (That’s why the NDP didn’t release an actual audit like they promised to.)

      The school wall was a fix. The NDP clearly didn’t follow the rules.

      The NDP has spent our money like it was theirs. Let’s retake control of our country.

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    • Lodger says:

      Listening to that pastor preach on the radio, and boasting of all the things he has done, I say God help the BVI if he gets elected.

  2. Poor Ronnie says:

    Hasn’t Ronnie embarrassed himself enough? I am soo disappointed to see what he has become. You were powerless to do anything you claim and you didn’t like what was happening but you still ran for the leadership of that same party? You were busy forming your own party while sitting in the government. Don’t you find that to be hypocrisy? Then you sat there comfortable in your minister’s seat and let Archie get fired and Mitch crosses over both claiming that you are their leader while you sit quiet and enjoy your Cabinet position. Then it took Dr. Smith to fire you for you to have the courage to get up and go on the other side.
    Ronnie, if I were you I would have bowed out gracefully. You have no credibility in my opinion. None! I sit and listen to you talk about projects and present yourself as our savior. You presided over the highest overrun ever in the history of the country for a project. A hospital that was supposed to cost 65M is now in the region of 120M. You want to be minister of finance but if you remember well the people fired you from that post. It’s just a shame to see the person you have become. You can tell that you’re a spoil child.

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  3. STRUPES says:

    BOY WHAT?!?!?!?

  4. Skelton be ware.. says:

    Has lost his way with the Lord, Christ our Saviour. He is blasphemous with his name and wants to introduce gambling and prostitution to the island. Vote him out to avoid another Irma disaster taking place..

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  5. dfdfdf says:

    Cardcaptors of the Clow,
    Expect the unexpected now!

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  6. OH WOW says:

    So you are now saying you could do nothing to stop them. If you had won the party elections would you have stopped them?
    Why did you not speak up about it in the house?
    If they were so bad vie for the chairmanship?
    I so ashamed you come here talking p**s for votes…

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  7. Concern says:

    It is soo sad to hear how politicians using God name as scape goat. Where were you after the storm to comfort and look for us.

    It is sad day in the bvi when our godly leaders are killing themselves for earthly things that soon be passed. I wish all those WhatsApp about politics was the word of god sending to us on a daily basis preparing ourselves for a better life after this earth. I challenge you ministers of God to go in the highways and byways and spread the word of god to the sinsick world. We are dying lost without him.

    All we need you to do is pray without ceasing.

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  8. Alright Then says:

    Great article. Hon. Skelton Febuary 26th morning God’s willing we will be honoured to call you Mr. Premier. Sir,you are a gentleman and a wonderful human being who can lead us very ably out of the financial maze that we are in. You will rebuild these beautiful Virgin Islands that our God has blessed so well. Continue to walk humbly and stay above the fray. This is your time and we will benefit very well, in fact, exponentially as a country from your leadership.

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    • @Alright Then says:

      Ok Ronnie, plain and simple, this BLOG is comming from inside your camp.

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    • What Time Is It? says:

      @Alright, Is that so? We will benefit without the intrusions by the Chinese?. I was in SK?N sometime ago. On the face of it, the country is doing well; real well. Where there was a local store before, there are 3 Chinese stores…and Mandarin is being taught in schools. I wonder why not German and Spanish etc.

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  9. Gandalf says:

    And if you had received the Chairmanship of the NDP Party then what would you have said? C’mon man, please give the voting public a little more credit than to have us think you sat in Cabinet crying about the direction of your ruling party and trying to guide those that you now deem unfit to Govern!

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    • Agree says:

      @Gandalf, If he had recieved the Charmanship, it would have been all good for Ronnie. He didnot get it and he is bitter.

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  10. But... says:

    …This election is about wasting taxpayer money and touting him as the builder. If I’m not mistaken, he was the Minister that started the Hospital and signed a contract with a company when many were telling him otherwise. The price has doubled and still ongoing. We cannot pick the good parts out of our past performances and leave the bad parts. It’s the largest overrun project in the history of the BVI, let’s not forget.

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    • To Many Cooks Spoils what? says:

      @But…You are so right. Honest and caring men would have accept the reality of the situation; (some call it “owning it”). Be honest, tell us about the plane, the possibility of getting the $7.2 million back, how are we going to pay the $120 mil hospital loan, pay off the $40 mil over-run on the Pier Park wit only a few months of cruises. The night of the VIPs first presentation was rather refreshing. All 13 candidates were present at the Catholic Community Center in VG. It was a sit down event. After their main presentation they took questions from the audience; each member taking his/her turn to add their 2-cents to the discussion. Very refreshing. Not only talking up their accomplishments but also acknowledging their weaknesses and te country’s situation and how they will work to fix them.

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      • ? says:

        What $40mil overrun? The report stated that the real estimated cost of the Pier Park and Pier expansion was $79 mil. They spent $82 mil. The ships promised to come and are coming.

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        • Reasoning says:

          @? The very company that was charged with conducting the Report, couldn’t go any further; stating that with missing information, the report is inconclusive. Therefore, like the “Small Wall Report still in the hands of the Commissioner likely awaiting more Fire-power from Scotland Yard, The Pier Park is held up in the HOA awaiting further followup after the election. God, the almighty hasn’t forgotten us yet.

  11. Longshanks says:

    Jesus Christ.

    Not sure that many were trying to prevent his crucifixion. Most stood by and watched and only afterwards did anything.

    Judas Iscariot

  12. lawyer says:

    what is wrong with you people. The man is making a comparison. Everyone is trying to talk badly of the NDP, and about investigations. All of the pass Governments had investigations and some people were jailed. The leader of one of the opposition party was lucky he was not jailed.

    NDP has done some great projects that will last as beneficial to the BVI. Every government has over spent on budgeted projects. Politicians don’t manage projects but they do make political decisions to give the wrong people contracts. It is the people like Claude – Cruise Pier and Smith-Hospital who suppose to make the projects a success.

    The Berlin Wall could have cost less if fewer contractors were used, but we all know it was intended to gander votes. The airplane didn’t fly because Orlando trusted his foreign White friends over a local black airline operator. No money ended up in any politician pockets.

    So please stop attacking the members of the NDP. Politicians are not God!

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    • Justice says:

      We lost our $7.2m because the NDP didn’t conduct any due dilly.
      We lost the $1.5m on the school wall because the NDP didn’t follow the established rules.
      We overspent $40M on the pier because the NDP thought they could get away with it and they have so far. Why was the audit not released as Orlando promised? Why didn’t the NDP tell us about the cost overruns for the pier before the last election? They should all be locked up for that!

      • Aloo says:

        Did they collectively conspired to rob, steal, slush out funds from the project? Is there any proof that the backbencher or the entire representative received any part of the 40odd million? There’s not one investigation that has shown that to be so is there? So you’re proposing to lock up all of them, the secretaries and possibly other lower staff without duly investigating? Oh that’s quite harsh isn’t it? You do know who was in charge of what? Let’s deal with it in that manner because it would mean that even the messenger going balo.

      • He will be rewarded says:

        Ronnie rarse was part of NDP, his backside was fired just yesterday. If any locking up is arl elebon uh dem. How de h**l NDP is so corrupted and he and mitch were vying for the top position. A you think that awe are jackasses know.

  13. Tell Ronnie.... says:

    To go take care of the rock crushing up you know where that is F…ing up people quality of living.

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  14. PVIM says:

    So myron is jesus and ronnie is judas? STRUPES

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  15. Watching says:

    Ronnie done gone CRAY CRAY this time.

  16. ok NOW says:

    Come on people! We all know that the NDP is all about the vanterpools

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  17. TRUTH says:

    First of all: Ronnie is not poor and he didn’t take a penny of tax payers money to put him where he is today. Check his family background.

    Second of all: Ronnie can thrive without being a Politician.

    Thirdly, Ronnie has a lot more he could mention. He never touch on the three million campaign money taken from someone for a promised trade license.

    Fourthly: What I blame Ronnie for, Him and the other back benchers should have joined the opposition when Fahie posed the bill of no confidence back then. When you don’t agree with what is happening to the territory, Let the people know by voting against it even if it will mean a fallen Government. People will respect and applaud you for voting for what is right. People are blaming Ronnie for mashing up the NDP which is wrong. What starts wrong, will end wrong. People of the Virgin Islands will be going to the Polls two times this year. Watch it. Ronnie is an honest man but a lot won’t see it until it is too late.

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    • @Truth says:

      Honest you say. TRUTH, please don’t make me get to talking. Honest Man, Okayyy,LOL.

      • Eyesontheprize says:

        Give up or shut up. The most capable leader has a track record to show that he has not been investigated for wrong doing as a minister of Government.

  18. If i was the wife says:

    I would put a muzzle on Ronnie. Just stop making yourself look bad. You left NDP, fine,just do you man.

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  19. Breezy1 says:

    Judasss! Not Jesus! Judasss!

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  20. WOW says:

    SO many disgruntled NDP Fans! SMH

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  21. @wow says:

    Right! All these NDP people hating on Ronnie and Mitch just because they left the camp!

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  22. Anonymous says:

    I want to hear from all the candidates and parties on bread, butter, salaries and high cost of and rising living issues. This is still an undecided vote.

  23. Boo says:

    Looks like VIP has this in the bag

  24. Hellloooow says:

    Even if pastor means well, he”s making a big mistake, according to 1 corinthians 15:33 it says be not decieve, evil communications currupts good manners. Apostle Fahie should know that, but we all forget at times so i”m just reminding him.

  25. wondering says:

    What is meant by a 13 months package

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