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Smith-Thompson proposes to recommission Sea Cows Bay plant to water D3

Dr Smith-Thompson

Recommissioning the Sea Cows Bay water plant is among the plans Virgin Islands Party (VIP) candidate for the Third Electoral District Dr Arlene Smith-Thompson said she would put in effect if elected into office.

She said recommissioning the plant would be a temporary solution to bring much-needed relief to residents of the district while a long-term fix materialises. Residents of that constituency have been experiencing inconsistent water supply for years.

Speaking at her campaign launch in Sea Cow’s Bay on Saturday, Dr Smith-Thompson said, under a VIP administration, she will establish a scholarship fund to assist students at all levels in the district. She proposes to have business owners and private residents fund the scholarship.

While still on the subject of youth and education, she promised to create an atmosphere of inclusion for differently-abled students. She said her goal is to eliminate the need for these students to go abroad to study. Dr Smith-Thompson also said a VIP government would create a programme to employ youngsters in the district.

The political newcomer listed further plans of establishing a roadside farmer’s market and a health and wellness council to monitor chronic health issues and promote healthy lifestyles.

Neighbourhood watch

Some of her other plans would be to develop neighbourhood watches, particularly to look out for the seniors and homebound residents.

She said they would also seek to engage local authorities to determine meaningful solutions to combat the air pollution being caused by the incinerator at Pockwood Pond. Addressing housing needs, usually-poor road conditions, as well as setting up a district beautification council tasked with community clean-ups are among her other plans Dr Smith-Thompson outlined.

“The history of our district clearly shows that our people have been loyal and committed to the ideals of the VIP; a party that is concerned about the economic and social wellbeing of our people. I am giving you an opportunity, once again, to carry on this long-standing tradition by voting for me under the VIP banner,” she said.

Time to move on from, residents told

VIP chairman Andrew Fahie also urged the district to make a change in their representation.

“Right now you are experiencing bitter [representation] … but you deserve better. The change that you want is here in Dr Arlene Smith-Thompson,” he said.

Fahie, who has sat in the First District seat for as long as Fraser has been the Third District representative — since the year 1999 — added: “I have nothing against your current representative (Fraser) who was with the VIP. We love him, and I will never say anything bad about him, but there comes a time when you have to move on.”

Fraser, who broke from the VIP, is now hoping to be successful at the upcoming polls and form the next government of the Virgin Islands with his new party, Progressives United.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Though much of the underwater world and habitat of the manatee, “sea cow,” has been destroyed through construction and tourism development, one wonders if there might be sufficient of an Eco-system left to reintroduce the “sea cow back into sea cows bay.

    Would be a fantastic addition to the tourism package/industry one would think.

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  2. fan of fraser says:

    Gyal don’t waste your time

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  3. Its a shame says:

    I am seeing such ungrateful and opportunistic qualities coming through this election it’s unbekivable. Everyone has a personal agenda it seems like. I heard Willock k thrash Fraser on a Saturday night. Everybody know what Fraser has done for Willock. All of those defectors are looking only for themselves and not for you the people.

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    • What Time Is It? says:

      @Its A Shame, there’s more than one way to look at things. Frazer had more than enough time to organize hie party. If he did and had a full slate, r at least 7 with a good chance of winnimng the government, VIP couldn’t find a someone to run against him. Dr. Arleen and Carvin spoke nicely about Hon. Frazer and Mr. Oliver Cills and their representation of the district under the VIP. Willock took note of the fact that Frazer as leader of the party last election only got 2 including himself. Knowing that we need to change the government, he advise that the district support a team where their district rep has a better chance of winning and commanding a seat or other significant position.

      What would you say if Dr. Arleen wins her seat and the Vip forms the government and she ends up as Minister of Education for example, and the district under a more modern and forward think government develops a new vision of advancing all the districts instead of punishing those districts under the loosing team?

      We are in difficult times, we are down people are stressed, Lets all take a deep breath and Chill

  4. Please says:

    She brought nothing of substance to the table with her launch speech. Andrew is bragging about who has doctorate qualifications etc. on his team and her delivery was just horrible. It seems that this race in the 3rd district will be between the young man for NDP and the veteran Fraser.

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  5. VG Voter says:

    I couldn’t believe W—-k’s Rant against Fraser…BUT he needs a proper job lol…hence all the froth out his mouth and the GARBAGE he posts online. Lucky 13 is an in-experience bunch and we can’t afford to put this territory in their hands. We mixing up this thing. I WILL NOT BE VOTING all the way for NO TEAM. Who don’t like that could go kick rocks with their shoes off.

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  6. Diasapora says:

    Let’s keep it real. It is amazing about the well spring of promises flowing out of this election campaign to form the next government. People are promising the sun, moon, earth with a siding of the other planets. Google is everyone’s friend and campaign consultant; everybody is grabbing a few buzz words and flinging them around. . Here is a news flash; all these loads of promises are not for gratis, for they cost money that the BVI had a window of opportunity to, squandered it and now the country has little of it. Some say the country is bruk.

    Let’s get back to the recommissioning of Sea Cow Plant. Firstly, was the plant ever commissioned? What is commissioning? Simply, it is evaluating a facility to ensure that systems and equipment are operating in concert to optimally meet the needs of customers. Regardless if the plant were commissioned or retrocommissioned, why recommissioning of the plant is a temporary fix and not a permanent fix?

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