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Social commentator appointed to head govt’s scholarship committee

Sam Henry

Well-known social commentator, Julio ‘Sam’ Henry, is now the chairperson of the BVI Scholarship Committee.

Cabinet decided to have him appointed to the post during a January 29 meeting.

A post-Cabinet report said Henry as well as other committee members’ appointment will last for three years.

The other members of the committee are attorney-at-law Patricia Archibald-Bowers, as well as Sharia de Castro, Richard de Castro, Livia Freeman, Dr June Samuel, Khoy Smith, Shaina Smith, Rekeema Turnbull, ex-officio member representing the Department of Labour & Workforce Development, Kishan Cupid-Brathwaite; ex officio member representing the Department of Human Resources, Kaisa Penn; and ex officio member, representing the sister islands, Sasha Flax.

There will be an ex officio member representing the Ministry of Education and Culture.

This committee is tasked to review scholarship applications and have subsequent interviews with applicants whenever they convene .The committee will then notify the applicants of their decision.

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  1. Laura says:

    I’m not certain of this gentleman’s qualification to be leading on this capacity but by my pure assertions of listening to him speaking on the radio, he is not a person of caliber to be heading such an entity. When are WE the BVI going to stop placing people in positions based on favors and who we know? How are we to grow as a nation if we keep curry favoring every level of business? We need to think outside the box and give people with the know how a chance whether they vote party or NOT.

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    • @Laura says:

      Both him, C****e and the S****er were placed in positions to keep them quiet. The Premier is going to regret 90% of the appointments/decisions he has made since being elected.

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  2. Huh says:

    This government continues to reward their cronies whether or not they are fit and proper for the task at hand. Are we serious in this place? Nothing personal against Mr Henry, but really now??! He is appointed Chairman out of all the others on the Board?? Shame on Cabinet. This government is a joke and now they’re treating our Education of our people as a joke.

    I guess the Port Board fiasco isn’t enough for them. Where and What is the plan for this country?

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    • Hmmm says:

      I am not even casting blame on Cabinet, as it says something about the other members who accepted the appointment knowing fully well who their Chair would have been.

      This is indeed a sad situation.

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  3. vip hecler says:

    A taxi man? well sah!

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  4. now now says:

    The VIP taking this thing too far, THEY HAVE GOT TO GO !!!

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  5. thoughtful sailor says:

    What on earth qualifies Sam for this position, other than a loud and ill informed mouth? When I have had discussions with him, he is all talk and no listen, and he holds viewpoints on subjects of which he knows nothing but doesn’t want to learn anything. I think he means well, but, as Abraham Lincoln once said, “It is better to stay quiet and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and prove it!”

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  6. Opportunists says:

    Cast your mind back to all those who were the most vocal for the VIP during election. You can see now why they were. Looking out just for themselves. Sam Henry is the chairman of the scholarship committee- my hour has finally arrived.

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  7. BVI PA STAFF says:

    first them send … to head the BVI PA now this? and them appoint a board to tell the staff of the BVI PA pure lies on Govt time… sick of this nonesense

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  8. I FROM HERE says:

    This is the reason he started his talk show! To blast NDP to get on VIP good side. Now VIP rewarded him by making him a Chairman of a Board he have ZERO qualifications for! $1800 of free money! I hope the voters are taking notes and don’t forget come election!

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  9. oh dear says:

    Of all the people in the BVI! Whose idea was it an on what basis did they decide to chose this man to head a SCHOLARSHIP BOARD!

    I don’t know what is happening in the BVI. Father send help.

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  10. smh says:

    isn’t the chairman appointed under the revision of the Deputy Governor or Governor? I’m asking because I am not sure how this process is done!

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  11. Scholarship Board says:

    The scholarship board is filled with unprepared idiot cronies who give scholarships to students who come from wealthy backgrounds. And the ‘have nots’ will receive not. That is the way of the BVI in every sector. It’s not what you know or your potential, it is who you know and ‘who yah fah’. The first question is who are your people. If they have to ask this, scholarship denied.

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    • Bla bla bla says:

      Valid point. It has been the same way for over 40 years. And if your family working in there….. lol they gonna set you up.Do you on researche, you will be surprised lol.

  12. LOL says:


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  13. Bla bla bla says:

    Well he has been singing for his supper for some time. Taxi man go and get yours, you have been speaking up for a have the required competencies. Don’t mind the noise. You got mouths to feed my brother. Up up… and awayyyyyy.

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  14. This world ain level says:

    U give someone with the qualifications and knowledge they say you giving outsiders, you give a local they say is curry favour, how to please them!!!

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  15. Nonsense says:

    The BVI has too many immature thinking people in key positions. No other cabinet in BVI History would do something like this.

    You all talking about qualification can he travel to represent the country maybe thats why the Premier give him the position to aid him. The BVI is gone.

  16. FYI says:

    Just to be clear not all boards receive the same stipend, Sam will not be receiving anything near to 1800.

  17. SMH says:

    A Lannister always repays his debts lol

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