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Solar-powered crosswalk signs to be installed in Road Town

Not any of the exact crosswalk signs mentioned in the story.

Works Minister Kye Rymer has said the government will be installing solar-powered crosswalk signs in Road Town.

He said the initiative is being done through the Public Works Department.

“We are installing five sets of solar-powered crosswalk signage that flashes to get the attention of the on-coming traffic, thus bringing awareness to the drivers that a pedestrian is intending to cross the street,” the Minister said while speaking in the House of Assembly recently.

“There is also a feature that verbally cautions pedestrians before stepping onto the busy street. These systems will be installed in some of the more high-traffic areas in the city namely the Sir Olva Georges Plaza, Waterfront Drive close to Clover’s, and DeCastro Street in the vicinity of Bobby’s Supermarket and the Republic Bank,” Rymer stated.

He further said the ‘BVI Going Green Initiative’ that was previously announced is still in effect.

“This particular initiative, which ends in August 2023, came from an amendment to the Customs Management and Duties Act. It makes provision for residents of the Virgin Islands to achieve significant savings by adopting or transitioning to going green, and renewable energy sources such as solar, wind energy, and electric, which includes vehicles,” Rymer said.

“All items imported under these categories will be zero import duty for this period. I am therefore urging citizens and residents to take advantage of this opportunity by making full use of this two-year duty-free window,” he added.


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  1. Who was provided with the contract? says:

    Can we see the company name and owner of this project please?

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  2. What!!!! says:

    Good to see there will be a verbal warning to pedestrians.
    Just because there is a crossing does not mean you can step out into the road without looking.

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  3. Error says:

    August 21, 2022?

  4. Guest says:

    Unless you are going to fine people for jaywalking this makes no sense. How about we address taxi drivers parking in the road on the slash lines at the round about to let out passengers and then think about this????

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  5. sigh says:

    Just fix the actual roads.

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  6. Wow says:

    Honestly I hate to always be criticizing the government but seriously? Now is not the time for these projects. Can’t our leaders see the global situation we are in and also heading towards. If you feel you have enough money for something like this then put that money towards a savings instead (maybe a tax-cut).

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  7. Jah says:

    Instead of having those type of road signs with lights make no sense,from Kingston to fat hogs bay need road lights..invest in that..people are driving with left hand drive on the right line with headlights beam focusing on oncoming traffic..

  8. Help us Lord says:

    Driving at night is a nightmare. The roads from east to west are poorly lit. We can’t see where we are driving. The high beams are ridiculous. There is no courtesy. There are hardly any rules being followed. Lastly, most, not all, right hand drivers can test your nerves quite regular. Government please give us better lights on these roads!!!!!

  9. Photo ID says:

    What lovely roads you have in the BVI

  10. Really!? says:

    1. Fix roads
    2. Paint and maintain markings on roads
    3. Light roads
    4. Signage (note: last item on list)

    The signs don’t need to flash. Would be an improvement for them to exist. If going that route, What about street name signs?

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  11. Jah know says:

    I thought the lights that they were putting there was actually going to light up the side of the road and crosswalk so you can actually see who’s standing there but no, it’s just flashing lights that’s gonna be flashing in drivers eyes. C’mon man, put some spot lights over the actual crosswalk shining down.

  12. Good thing that says:

    Yesterday morning we stopped by the crosswalk down by the waterfront to allow 2 people to cross. A vehicle was parked on the sidewalk by the police headquarters. Suddenly the vehicle moved off the sidewalk and started driving through the 2 people that was crossing the road. Low and behold it was a police woman well dressed in her uniform.
    That was not nice. Some people just don’t have a conscience regardless of who or what they are.

  13. Waste says:

    Looks nice and all, but the expenditure does not consider the high level of blatant disregard for the vehicle code in the Territory.

  14. The Roads says:

    Please fix the roads in the territory first!!! Too many potholes that we have to be dodging on a daily basis!!!

  15. just saying says:

    It would be nice if they had a presence sensor and flood lights as well so the crossing could be lighted up when a pedestrian approaches at night bringing additional safety!

  16. Pedestrians says:

    in RT need a bit more than this little blinking light show at night. Please include lights on the crosswalk(either overhead or in the pavement) and a large reflective sign that states: STOP for pedestrians in crosswalk!

  17. Crypto says:

    This is incredible. A credible businessman made an official presentation to the FS for this Ministry, prepared and gave the mark up and specs for the system to later be told its too costly at this time. Tola ppl need to stop this Crap! Does Public Works know how to install is? where are they getting the material from? Maintenance? this company introduced all of that and was installing it and maintaining it. Bunch ah teef…..None of these governments are better than the other….sickening…all ah dem need to go sit down!

  18. Watching on.. says:

    Yall do complain for everything. This is NEEDEDDDD. Especially by the cross walk at bobbys. I have seen persons barely getting away from a bumper there because its hard to see if someone is crossing if a next vehicle is on the next side.

    Yea we need to work on other things as well but man atleast we getting something thats required still.

  19. Me says:

    Yall could put up alien powered cross walk signs the way these a**es drive they’ll run you down flat on the crossing

  20. smh says:

    When will these jokers EVER STOP spend $$ on petty things. Fix our schools, water and garbage issues… The the cosmetics later. Sickness is what it is.

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