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Some who were laid off because of COVID now committing crimes

Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews

Some of the crimes in the territory over the last year were committed by otherwise law-abiding citizens who’ve been financially impacted by the pandemic and are now desperate to support themselves.

Outgoing Police Commissioner Michael Matthews gave that indication while advocating for residents to get vaccinated.

He said the territory could see a reduction in crime if the local economy gets a kickstart out of the adverse effects of the pandemic, if more persons get inoculated.

“Actually, some of the routes of crime is around people who are struggling and who have lost their jobs. They’ve got no incomes and so forth. And we’re seeing people, perhaps who’ve never been in trouble with the law before, suddenly getting into trouble now,” the top cop said during an appearance of the Honestly Speaking radio talk show on Tuesday, April 6.

“We’ve got to kickstart the economy again. That’s going to help reduce crime in the territory. How do we kickstart the economy? We’ve got to get vaccinated,” Matthews added.

COVID restrictions

About a year ago, the BVI began implementing curfews and it further closed its borders to help prevent/manage the spread of COVID-19 locally. This lead to a virtual shutdown of one of the territory’s main revenue earners — tourism.

The BVI reopened its main airport to international traffic months later under strict restrictions that placed a further strain on tourism locally.

However, these measures are also credited for the BVI having one of the lowest COVID transmission rates in the region and the wider world.

The territory is now scheduled to reopen one of its seaports to international traffic on April 15 and the government has promised to further relax some of its internal restrictions as more of the population vaccinates.


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  1. Open up says:

    Lets just open up. USVI has a average of 2500 guests a day. A population of 106 000 and only 26 deaths. They now have 24% of their population vaccainated. Being afraid of Covid is doing the BVI more damage than Covid.

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    • Accuracy matters says:

      He didn’t say “some of the routes of crime is around people who are struggling”.

      He said “some of the roots of crime are around people who are struggling”.

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    • USVI love says:

      Yup we are open and doing great thanks!

      St Croix is at 95% capacity on hotels, bnb, and resorts. Charter boats are packed. Anchorages full.

      Our best year ever

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      • @USVI LOVE says:


  2. Time to open up! says:

    1 May 2021 allow vaccinated visitors to come into the BVI..

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  3. Rubber Duck says:

    Let’s get everyone vaccinated, protected and open up the economy.

    Before it’s too late.

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  4. Please says:

    I thought he had gone, lets state the oblivious.

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  5. 2cents says:


  6. GTFOH says:

    Mr officer. Criminals will be criminals. The person that will steal only when someone isn’t looking is just as bad as a thief that is taking all the risk. Way more people were affected by Irma and many didn’t break the law. Unemployment is not a reason to break the law, it’s just an excuse for criminals to show their true colors.

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    • Bio says:

      It a dam career…u late ! The word crime out of style. Hmmm .9 to 5 ain’t got s**t on the hustle. 24 hour take out …lol enter the feild.. the course training is free and all tax permit nothing discrimination of no one only all ..mess up and it on u tho …and the pay hmmm the only thing about it..its very addictive. wat stick u in…yes we called it AKA the wild ride.hold on tigth in your saddle…

  7. So try mathew says:

    Like your officers who were caught with millions in drugs at there parents home …WHAT? Yes at there parents home !!!@

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    • Truth says:

      Do you really think that the property belonged to the parent? She was very likely being used as a cover. They should have charged her too.

  8. Lol says:

    On the bright side
    Thank god the the locals doing the crime
    Thanks to Andrew fahie and his foolish clowns who can’t run there government
    Better yet keep the boarder close and make it very expensive to visit the ppl
    Then you will see crime
    Ppl got to eat
    Bills got to pay
    Rent need to pay

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  9. Lollie says:

    And my first 4 days I have to be stuck in a hotel room???

  10. Eagle eye says:

    Vip only wants to dish out vaccines and no stimulus that’s why.

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  11. Well says:

    Also some who were laid off especially those working in the tourism industry did not receive any covid relief finds either, for no reason at all because all contributions are up to date.

  12. Frenchman's Cay says:

    No, our present government waiting for tourist businesses to fail and use them fast boat monies to buy and take over. Ha ha, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

  13. Tim says:

    This is to explain to all those people who think the BVI have self-protected itself from COVID 19 and skipped/won it all …

    it will take years and years for people to understand the damage that was done.

    but till then … simple math …. how many were murdered or victim of crime compared to the year before?
    that is your first sign for the price the BVI will be paying for closing up and keeping people away. a country that is based on tourists cannot exclude itself.

    the Gov did its mess, the people should fix it by simply getting vaccinated. the longer the wait the longer the recovery.

  14. Upcoming Traveler says:

    When will the ferry’s have the schedules to buy online?

    With a ridiculous one ferry a day policy, how does one expect to plan a trip if they can’t book a ferry to the BVIs???

    I don’t understand who is running these territories….it’s making Trump look like a Saint!

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