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Someone’s lying! Penn says gov’t contradictory on cruise MOU

“It is either the Deputy Premier who was then Acting Premier who is not being truthful or the Premier is not being truthful … because the Deputy Premier who was acting Premier at the time said to us that there was an MOU in place between the government and the cruise industry.” — Opposition Leader Marlon Penn

Leader of the Opposition Marlon Penn has said someone is not telling the truth as to whether the government and the cruise industry recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as cruise ships prepare to return to the BVI.

The question was recently put to Premier and Minister of Tourism, Andrew Fahie at a press conference and he denied signing any MOU. He described those reports as a rumour and the most ludicrous thing he has ever heard.

The Tourism Minister said he recently went to Miami to attend his daughter’s graduation and took it upon himself to let the cruise industry know the BVI is still open to cruise tourism.

Fahie said he just had casual talks with them.

However, Penn does not believe the Premier’s explanation.

Speaking on NDP Radio this week, Penn said when the Premier was away, Deputy Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley reported that an MOU was signed between Fahie and the cruise industry.

Penn said someone is not being truthful.

“It is either the Deputy Premier who was then Acting Premier who is not being truthful or the Premier is not being truthful, so someone is not being truthful. Because the Deputy Premier who was acting Premier at the time said to us that there was an MOU in place between the government and the cruise industry,” Penn stated.

He continued: “That came from the Deputy Premier, who was Acting Premier, while the Premier was away on travel duty – well on private travel – and we saw pictures emerge of him [taking meetings] of the cruise industry and he is yet to report to the people on what those discussions were about, what decisions were made or what signings were done during his time away with Michelle Paige.”

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  1. LOL says:

    I am sick of the premier always calling on God and Jesus when every other word he utters is a l*e. We need elections

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  2. If I had to venture a guess, it will be... says:

    Drum roll please…..the person who went to Miami.

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  3. Stay Woke says:

    He is l**ng yes. Months ago Hon. Flax did indicate that she understood that money was passed and he had signed an agreement with the cruise liners to come in. Hence the closing of the Baths on that particular day. Andrew is not to be trusted. He came to the community 2 days before he had to respond to the cruise liners for the BVI’s decision. Ayo think this man easy. Andrew is selling this country out with our eyes wide open. Then he will come to us with some story trying to through us off. Stay woke my people.

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  4. heckler says:

    We all done know who the biggest l**r is so i dont have to call foy’s name

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  5. That's all i have to say says:

    Shawonde is telling the truth

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  6. Great God of the Universe says:

    With a straight face on Friday, the ‘Great God of the Universe” who’s also our Premier, said the media question was ‘ludicrous.’
    Well, we know that’s a lie….Premier didn’t expect that question…

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  7. Eye witness says:

    You all can make up crap in this place. What MOU are you guys talking about?

    Listen, if you guys really want to get to the bottom of the story we’ll call M Paige.

    You all just running your mouth full of dribble since you all have nothing else to talk about.

    It’s disgusting how small minded people are in this place.

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  8. Sesames Street says:

    The expression on Marlon face goes to show how lackadaisical he is. Talking pure bla bla bla when he could have called Ms Paige a long time to find out if a MOU was given to the Premier but he ranting on pictures etc. Anybody can take a picture any place smuffanologus! Keep snoring lol lol.

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  9. It takes two says:

    Has anyone asked the cruise ship companies if there is an MOU in place? This might settle this argument…

  10. Hmmm says:

    On this issue it doesnt really matter. This government and the premier in particular tell so many half truths, lies and smoke screens that noone can really believe anything. Shameful position for us to be in, the people have lost confidence in this administration

  11. who cares says:

    all of you are the same, not a piece different.

  12. People says:

    How do we know that Marlon isn’t the one that is lying. Afterall he has mastered it.

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