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Denied! Speaker not granting Fahie leave to be absent from HOA

Speaker of the House of Assembly, Corine George-Massicote.

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Speaker of the House of Assembly (HOA) Corine George-Massicote has announced that she will not grant leave/permission to First District Representative and former Premier, Andrew Fahie, to be absent from this and any future sittings of the House until his circumstances change. 

In an address to the House of Assembly today, Tuesday, July 19, the Speaker said there has been public interest on whether leave should be or has been granted to Fahie regarding his ongoing criminal proceedings in the United States. 

 “I felt that it would have been most inappropriate for me to make a public comment on this matter and thought it fitting to address this to the House and clarify the matter as it concerns the House,” the Speaker said. 

Bail conditions an obstacle

George-Massicote said Fahie had identified the terms of his bail conditions in the US as the obstacle in his way to attending House sittings. The Speaker further said Fahie has not disclosed the timeframe for his return, but she noted a request was made on his behalf to have his trial moved to January 2023.

George-Massicote explained that if the former Premier was in the territory and facing the same circumstances, the need to be granted leave would be irrelevant as he would be able to attend the House sittings without any restrictions. 

“However, this is not the case and the significance of traversing the trial is the reality of the Honourable member’s inability to fulfil his duties as a member of this House over the next five to six months. This, in my view, is not in the public’s interest,” the Speaker said. 

She added that Fahie has provided notice of his absence from this current sitting (the Fifth sitting) and the next sitting of the HOA. She said he provided the same reason – the terms of his bail – for his inability to attend those sittings. 

“I am minded not to grant leave to the honourable member for this sitting or any subsequent sittings for such time as the circumstances of his non-attendance remain the same. For ease of application in the future, it is my polite recommendation that consideration is given to amending Standing Order 84 to clarify the requirements and/or conditions for members being granted leave by the Speaker but until then I remain guided by the Standing Orders,” George-Massicote said. 

What does this mean?

Under the rules that govern the HOA, Fahie stands in danger of having to vacate his seat if he is absent in any one session of the House for more than three consecutive sittings without the written leave or consent of the Speaker.

Now that the Speaker has denied Fahie permission to be absent, the former Premier will be removed as First District Representative after his third successive absence.


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  1. Watcher says:

    Good, and when will the authorities here bring charges against him for conducting some of the alleged criminal activities here in this jurisdiction?

    We note there is a deafening silence in this respect. What are the police/DPP doing? He was the Premier and an elected official abusing his office refer to Page 1 of the First Affidavit.

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    • BVI Public says:

      Dear A Fahie

      We do not want you in our HOA. Please do the decent thing and resign.

      BVI Public

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      • West Bank says:

        Him goin o get vote back in again

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        • Carrot Bay says:

          By them donkeys in the west. We need dem same donkeys to mount the hills to plant food in the 1st district!

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          • In the West?! says:

            Na, it is by the jacka$$e$ in Carrot Bay who consistently put him back in office because you all don’t learn!

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          • But... says:

            Hey! I’m out West and I do not have a donkey. It was hit buys car in CGB. Murderers! We out west are the Best! Of course, we also elect drug runners but hey, do you you.

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      • Speak for yourself says:

        You do not represent the BVI Public. Who put you in charge?

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  2. Well done says:

    Bravo Madame Speaker.

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  3. Yes! says:

    I like this speaker. Don’t let them scare you!

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    • @Yes! says:

      Did she have a choice? The UK is monitoring everything.

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      • Gramps says:

        Nothing to do with UK! Contrary to popular belief there are HONORABLE people from the BVI, albeit they may be in the minority. She clearly stated why she made this decision. How could she do otherwise when there was no support for it? He is away facing trial, court date set for 6 months from now, how is that fair to the people of the BVI and the 1st District? That’s the basis for the correct decision and nothing to do with the UK. The whole absence declaration is there for special situations not for someone locked up in the US facing Federal charges with no end to the legal situation in sight.

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    • @yes says:

      She is not scared…BVI is a criminal enterprise. You can become lawyer and doctor …

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  4. Ok says:

    Now move him our tax money to still be.paying this criminal

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  5. Youth says:

    Good Fahie or not the man should be granted leave.

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  6. Resident says:

    It’s very classy having an Hon Member needing to seek permission to be excused a sitting because they’re under house arrest waiting for a trial for drug trafficking and money laundering, along with the ex Director of Ports.

    And you’re surprised the UK is insisting on changes??

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  7. Good job! says:

    I didn’t think they would do it, but this is only fair.

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  8. West Side says:

    I don’t care what anyone says…Fahie forever. We love you big guy.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    The former Premier is in no position to carry out his duties incarcerated/under house arrest in the US. The fact that this request was made to begin says to me that he is in denial of the dire circumstances he is in and faces.

    IMO, he is facing potentially decades in prison, and its highly unlikely he is going to walk away from US custody anytime soon to return to this country and resume his seat in the HOA.

    Mr. Fahie, if you are reading. You need to come to reality and resign. Focus on your legal issues to avoid decades in prison. You cannot serve your constituents nor the BVI in the position you are in. Furthermore, you have lost tremendous support in the country.

    If there is one honorable thing left that you can do for the country’s sake it will be to RESIGN now.

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  10. Hmmm says:

    This situation with fahie boy has taught me as a young woman a valuable lesson about my BVI and life that it doesn’t matter how much good you do or how many people’s lives you advanced or touched positively like fahie boy did, just hit a low in your life and it is all forgotten immediately. And they then turn on you without mercy.

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    • Wrong lesson learnt. says:

      The correct lesson you should be taking away from the former Premier situation is that you should not be engaged in alleged serious crimes when you are the leader of the highest elected office in the country.

      You cannot lead the country when there are serious allegations that you are corrupt and your hands are dirty.

      The BVI does not owe loyalty to anyone inclusive of politicians whose actions or alleged actions falls short of being loyal to the country. What he is alleged to have done is a betrayal of his oath of office and the country.

      As a young lady you should walk away from this thinking that you should always live within the law and conduct yourself with high standards. Violate it…then you face consequences as the firmer Premier is facing.

      Its not the good that people remember when you fall, its the bad. So try your best to stay in the good. We all make mistakes but in matters like these mistakes has significant consequences.

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    • @Hmmm says:

      hit a low = sell your country, its ppl and its future…
      its giving cult

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    • @Hmmm says:

      Fahie Boy should have known that way in advance.

      But Gr$$d got the better of him.

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  11. District 3 says:

    We are praying for our premier Andrew Fahie.

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  12. No surprise says:

    The Speaker has now bend to the few haters who act as if they love the BVI.

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  13. @ HMMM says:


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  14. …. says:

    I love her! She is about the business and stupidness. I just know she is going to be great. No nonsense!

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  15. 1st district original says:

    Girl power! She swinging the right hand punch. Next she coming with a left hand upper cut. Put the people’s house in order. Let him stay his azz over deh and start the Melle for when he come this side. I don’t care how old he is, tis cause ah he and many more of his greedy kind got us going backwards. And too hell wid the rest ah them in the district who will be missing dem candy ? all year round like he was ? Santa clause. We tired and fed up ah suffering territory wide. PERIODT!

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  17. did like fahie says:

    she forget who her father is

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    • Be fair - people make their own choices in life says:

      It is not righteous to judge someone based on the parents alleged doings. A child or adult has their own life, respect can be given to parents but it does not mean that one supports what a parent is allegedly doing.
      Right and wrong everyone has to bear their own rewards or punishment.
      At some point in time we must stand up for wrong or right no matter who it is or the BVI will not advance in a true manner but always under a cloud of corruption, this my fried is what have us where we are.
      For a long time our politicians operated as if there was no one to answer to, if they behave and executed their jobs responsibly we would not be in this mess. If when persons committed crimes no matter how small and they were held responsible future behaviours would be different. But every time a crime was committed- accountability seemed to be absent most of the time and now we are fighting for our rights and the future of many generations. Let us be responsible in our actions and not just have a fake appearance and vocabulary. The young lady has her life to live and she does not have to account for anyone’s life except that of the minor child or children until they become adults. Stop the pointing of finger at persons for remember as you point to someone, there is a finger pointing back at you. Let us stop tearing down and help build up. Maybe if we had genuine love to each other the aura in our country would be different. Unless you have proof I suggest you refrain from accusations. A persons character is all they have, do not spoil someone’s character. Be responsible – do not be sued for defamation of character. As you would want for yourself, do to others – this is the golden rule of life.

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    • @did like Fahie says:

      The locals know who her father is. The UK does not. People like him and others wouldn’t dare step foot in the UNited States of America. Ask Maynard’s bail judge.

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  18. Father Lorentz G. says:

    The things you do to people in the past will come back to haunt your children but prayers can change all.

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  19. Question says:

    How many absences does he have already since arrest in April ? .

    Were any consented?

  20. We living in H**l. says:

    The way they treating Foy is H**l living behaviour, nothing Godly about it. Foy and Maynard may got caught doing wrong but they are not the only criminals high up in our system. Foy need to start talking and give up the rest realize they have no love in their hearts, they are fake and he better start secure and helping himself by cooperating..

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  21. 8th District Gyal says:

    Its about the check and related-perks which an argument of innocence can be held!

  22. Hold up says:

    Y’all acting as if its premier Fahie fault

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  23. Please Andy... says:

    He needs to more than resign. What about never showing your face here ever again?

  24. Please ... says:

    ok broad face. we know who you are. Only you will say something like this….

  25. Help says:

    no need to argue with fools

  26. True Narc says:

    Andrew Fahie is a Narcissist in truest form. The fact that he feels he is in a position to still serve in his former capacity is a clear indication of a lack of introspection. After all that has happened he still feels like he can manipulate his way back to power. Even if he is not convicted, the damage is done and his reputation is far too stained for us to trust his leadership. Just look at the way the house is being run now. It is night and day. He was obviously the problem. It is time to find another vocation sir. The gig is up. Your services are no longer required.

  27. Arthur James says:

    Principles not men, stay on the right side of history.

  28. SHUT THE H**L UP!! says:

    Keep his children out of this!!

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