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Speaker threatens action against Opposition Leader for perceived ‘insubordination’

Speaker Willock

Speaker of the House of Assembly Julian Willock threatened to take action against Opposition Leader Marlon Penn after Penn neglected to follow his directions during Monday’s sitting of the House.  

Willock did not specify what actions he would be minded to take against Penn.

However, Penn indicated that he was prepared to accept being thrown out of the House if it meant standing up for himself.

He further made statements to suggest that the Speaker was addressing him in a disrespectful manner.

“Mr Speaker, you are not talking to a child. You will have to kick me out today,” Penn asserted.

He was responding to the chastisement he received from Speaker Willock moments earlier.

In what could be described as a stern and scourging statement, the Speaker had told Penn: “Leader of the Opposition, I am to be heard in silence.”

The momentary contention between Penn and Willock erupted after Premier Andrew Fahie’s statement in the House that the Opposition turned down two opportunities to discuss the government’s controversial expat regularization initiative.

In response, Opposition Leader Penn indicated the Premier’s statement was misleading to the listening public.

Penn then sought to explain: “The Premier and I were communicating about the meetings, and two members of the Opposition were unable to make the first meeting, and it would not be fair for us to have a meeting that would not be inclusive of all the members.”

Penn further said a second meeting was set for 10 am on a subsequent date but the Premier could not attend at that time. He said a 2 pm time was then recommended but the Opposition was not available.

“So, it’s not that we are not trying to meet, but this is an issue that I believe the Premier and Minister of government business could have brought to us and have a discussion before,” Penn argued.

Fahie, however, maintained that he has been “more than accommodating to the Opposition to have a meeting”.

“Both of them were cancelled by the request of the Leader of the Opposition,” Fahie said.

But when Penn rose to give another response, the Speaker interjected.

“Leader of the Opposition, we are not going to start the debate on this bill now. Do you have one more response to the Premier?” Speaker Willock said.

And when Penn attempted to speak simultaneously with the Speaker, Willock demanded silence. The Speaker then called the House into a five-minute recess after the Opposition Leader’s retort that he (Penn) will not accept being treated like a child.

Following the break, Willock said: “Leader of the Opposition I am going to give you a warning. Any further infraction will result in action being taken by the Speaker against you.”

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  1. Liberty says:

    Wao waoooooo

    • Rubber Duck says:

      How the government of the BVI must be impressing people around the world. Potential tourists and investors alike comparing it to the worst of the banana republics.

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  2. :) says:

    One of the first things we learn as a child is do not speak while someone else is speaking. It is just manners. In the HOA the speaker is the boss, the invigilator, the referee, the director no matter who serves as the speaker. I am to be heard in silence is no disrespect. You can’t listen while speaking at the same time and trying to get your point across when your time is up. If you want your way with the speaker you should have won the elections and have your way with Ingrid like you have grown so accustomed to doing.

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    • Listen and watch again says:

      The speaker interrupted the opposition leader first and then demanded silence. The Speaker is clearly on a power trip here.

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      • What says:

        You bloody Im*****e. You this is in your house. The speaker is in charge. The speaker say hush hush you pie, simple. That is the rule no wonder how things fall apart cause everybody want be chief. The speaker should have call the service grant at arms to put him out. He is no different from the juvenile in the court some weeks ago. Looks like they need someone to keep order in the house.

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        • Hush says:

          It’s the people’s house – they are both privileged to be in our house. Respect should flow both ways. You’ve just created an invalid explanation why the Speaker can rudely interfere or disrespect members of the HOA.

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    • Voter says:

      Childish !! Just like the so call speaker!! You earn respect!! Hon. Penn is representing over 700 voters!! How many votes did the speaker get in the last election!! He was appointed!! End of story!!

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    • I agree says:

      As much as I cant stand W*****k and his w*g, he displayed no disrespect to the Opposition Leader.

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    • Manners says:

      Manners is all very well and good and yes what you say is correct we are taught to not speak if others are speaking.

      However it is one thing to observe your manners when others are speaking and it is quite another thing for a man to use his little bit of power to bully another into silence.

      Which is what happened today.

      Which is what you are defending by making this board analogy.

      From the article it appears that Fahie was given amply time to answer the question and to set the ground work for his implications that it was Penn who didn’t want to meet and sort to avoid such meeting however that is one side of the story and from what I perceive Penn sort to defend his position by refuting the claims made by Fahie because the way in which they were stated were misleading and he should have been given the opportunity to clarify same in the same way that Fahie was given the opportunity to lay down the allegations. It is clear from the recounting that Penn was not seeking to debate the Bill merely defend himself.

      But instead a man with a little bit of power sort to assist Fahie with painting an incomplete picture by forcing silence on the man trying to defend himself against half truths. It was a blatant misuse of power and all who are defending it do not see the slippery slope that we are heading down.

      If you told yourself the truth you would acknowledge that if someone were to speak to you in that way you too would have been offended because that would have been the appropriate reaction to one person trying to crush another person beneath them as if that person was annoying insignificant bug to be rid off.

      When are you people going to realize that everything Fahie accused the past government of doing, He and his party and party supporters whom he has placed in positions of power and doing the very same thing?!

      When are we going to do something about that using our collective voices?

      When will we exercise common sense in the face of the things that are being forced upon us and being told we must accept?

      We are barely 3 months into this Party’s rule and these are the things that are going on.

      And will it be too late when the when comes?

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      • Quiet Storm says:

        Wish I could love this post 100 times.

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        • Wish says:

          Wish I could love it a million times. When will the supporters see, if ever?

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          • Goodsense says:

            I totally agree with how you articulated your position on this issue. Moreover, an important aspect of this discussion is also missing because Hon. Penn indicated that what the Premier originally said about brining the bill forward was not what he stated yesterday and Hon Penn was well within his rights to ask for the transcripts and not the minutes. I think it was at that point the Premier saw what was coming out and wanted to have the last word on the matter and was given ample time to do just that unlike the opposition leader. Serious times we living in

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      • Tallgirl says:

        Amen 100 times. I keep saying it but the people can’t see or don’t want to see it. Yes the NDP did a lot of wrong, we complained and then changed the government. However when VIP do wrong we make excuses as if that gives them the right to do what they want. We are not progressing because we keep looking back and rehashing the past.

        Why and when are we going to learn from past mistakes and move forward instead of keep repeating them.

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      • Rabsatt/Lettsome/Smith/Lennard says:

        Im sticking with Fahie’s administration. He’s making an attempt to touch everything the previous administration failed to touch! No one is perfect. Go Fahie Go!

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  3. A Concerned Young 1st Time Voter says:

    This s—-r is the worst in the history of HOA. He is going to be the destruction of the Virgin Islands Party. It’s really ashame the party that many young first time voters supported would let an over ego person take them down.

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  4. Bvi says:

    The speaker of the house is w——– and should be removed from his position just like the last time he held a government job!

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  5. Son of the Earth says:

    take off the wig

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  6. From the East says:

    We have children and we love them but when they do wrong we must tell them what they did was wrong Hon Penn you are wrong

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  7. Haha says:

    Mark won the elections and resigned. People voted for Alvera, Marlon, Mitch and Fraser and where were they today? They tucked they tails between their legs and ran away when the kitchen got hot.
    What is their purpose if they wont stand and represent their constituents. They got paid for today but they did not do their jobs. If I deliberately walked away from my job I dont get paid. Some people actually thought this would be a good opposition but right now they look like they are satisfied with just collecting a check for doing nothing for 4 years.

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    • Yes says:

      Its clear that Mr.Penn is in a one-man party – No support what so ever. And that’s not just today.
      It is also clear that this speaker’s position has gone to his head because without it he’d simply be just another bloke. A nonentity….

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    • Reader says:

      Sad that these elected representatives actually did not show up for their appointment. In the case of Hon. Turnbull I imagine it could be related to him prematurely inciting persons to picket at the HOA. However, I was Happy to note that the Premier addressed the public on the amendments to the Immigration Act both on last Sat. and Sun. Also, I recalled hearing Hon. Fahie at some point detailing the very same explanation about the Opposition’s efforts to meet with the him (that Hon. Penn tried to insert (I believe while the Speaker was speaking).

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  8. @ Honorable Speaker says:

    Take the opposition leader to court….he hehehehe

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  9. Abc says:

    The speaker to soft

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  10. Lead by Example says:

    …Anyhow, Premier says that it’s not about who is right but about what is right and to stop bickering and get down to the people business…GIVE THAT SAME MESSAGE DIRECTLY TO THE SPEAKER WITH A COURT’S DECISION THAT WAS ALREADY DECIDED UPON WITH THE FOURTH DISTRICT REP’S SWEARING IN.

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  11. see says:

    I will bring popcorn to the next meeting

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  12. vip heckler says:

    He literally gotten rid of the action man and now it’s marlon’s turn it seems

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    • Reader says:

      @ VIP Heckler, why do you and other people continually try to blame the Hon. Speaker (and it is your democratic right), for the situation with Hon. Mark Vanterpool not yet been sworn in? We need not forget that this whole saga was a result of Mr. Vanterpool’s initial DECISION TO RESIGN.

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  13. LOL says:


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  14. baldheaded says:

    wilcock putting he in court too?

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  15. Sense says:

    Willock Willock,becareful ur attitude is getting in the way of ur performance.This not payback it’s the people business.I must commend Hon.Penn to stsnd up to U.Don’t bring ur vindictive attitude towards the HOAand expect to be respected.To be respected is to be respectful &the Hon premier I think ur choice as Speaker was a poor choice but it’s pay back.Remember people Willock wasn’t elected he was chosen that speaks for itself.

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  16. xxx says:

    Willock should have put his backside out

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  17. Observing says:

    Well said!

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  18. Citizen says:

    To be truthful the BVI will be in a political up row soon or later.
    1. The speaker is not a reasonable and fear person, he operates his office with revanche.
    2. The relationship with BVIlanders has gone
    sower and may erupt in victimization and crime.

    My advice is to replace the Speaker of the House soon and have public relation activities with all residence throughout the territory.
    Don’t take this advice as a joke its coming.

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  19. Bully Speaker says:

    Julian Willock is unruly and b—d in the administration of his duties. He is unw—–y of the seat he now occupies and his presence flies in the face of justice. A blind man following this sitting of the House could see Willock was condescending, rude and disrespectful and was clearly trying to silence the Leader of the Opposition.

    This type of behavior has to STOP and should not be allowed to continue. It has no place in the Virgin Islands House of Assembly. I applaud the Leader of the Opposition Hon Marlon A. Penn for taking a stance against the bu— Speaker.

    Willock needs to be removed as Speaker until he learns how to govern with dignity and respect for the Opposition and the entire HOA.

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  20. Puppy says:

    Sorry to say Penn boy. You not the boss of the House of Assembly. Know your place.

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    • East me come from says:

      Marlon was disrespectful and rude to the Speaker. It’s obvious that he is disgruntled because of the situation with Mark. He showed his true colors today. He is a rookie and very childish. Why put him in charge and not Fraser who has more experience.

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    • Let peace and love lead says:

      Peace my brothers, peace.

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    • Wait, pump the brakes slowly says:

      No one is the boss up in HOA. If anyone is boss up in HOA, it is the Voteing PUBLIC WHO MADE IT POSSIBLE FOR EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM TO SIT IN HOA.

  21. The Reaper says:

    You’ll talking p**s against Hon Penn stop it. Stop pussyfooting around me. I got the too make U feel warm

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  22. Blah says:

    There are rules in the House of Assembly that should be followed. The speaker is the ruler of the HOA. Marlon was trying to go back and forth with the Premier which was not helpful. The speaker did his job by controlling his House and told Marlon that they are not going to start the debate on the bill now. Marlon still insisted on getting the last word despite the Speaker’s declaration so the speaker told him that I am to be heard in silence. Everybody knew the rules about how someone should resign when it is favorable for them but what about the rules of the HOA. Based on the rules the speaker had the right and was doing his job. He could have instructed the Sargeant of Arms to remove Marlon if he wished. The HOA is to the speaker what the courthouse is to a judge. Like him or not the Speaker was within his scope of power and did disrespect Marlon.

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  23. @Haha says:

    You know when you speak of D6 I going jump in. Our rep held her peace and spoke on the amendments of the bill. The speaker return in haste and ask the premier to wrap after Wheatly made mention he would speak next. His colleague from the 5th motion for him not to speak. Before the other side could make motion, good old white wearing wig speaker call the Premier to wrap up. D6 did what she had to do. If you care soo much about what happens in the house, try your luck in the next elections. You are a coward anyways.. hiding behind blog to air your negative views.

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    • Sad says:

      She spoke and said nothing. She mumbled incoherently for about 5 minutes and then sat down. Hard to see what you so proud about…

  24. Hmmm says:

    Why is W-*****k on this site commenting over and over. We know it’s you W*****k. Go away

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    • Oh woow says:

      @Hmmm,you beat me to the comment. We all know JW is the one blogging under a diffrent screen name. He may be a native son but,he is not very well liked in the BVI.I am on Marlon’s side 1000 percent. JW,you carry to much unessary baggage. Boooo.

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  25. BVI says:

    One of the stupidest things the VIP did so far was to nominate Willock as Speaker. It’s embarrassment as Mr. Willock is clearly on a power trip.

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  26. Pat says:

    Penn was very disrespectful and Ingrid would have never put u with that

    But I must say the esteemed handled with grace and professionalism

    He will go down as the best speaker

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    • Nawww Pat says:

      He Can’t walk in the last speaker heels if he wanted to. He is the worse speaker by far. Man it is going to be a long 4 years dealing with JW and the case of the bad wig.

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  27. Observing says:

    Clarification: When I said “Well said!”, it was in response to the very first comment on this article.

  28. zzzzz says:

    Marlon was very disrespectful and rude to the Speaker. He is disgruntled because of Mark’s situation. He is inco******t for the position. Why didn’t they elect Frazer who has more experience?

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  29. st.thomas says:

    Marlon is a big une————- M-M-. Do like your b-tty b———— did and resign

    Dislike 13
  30. Mufasa says:

    This speaker is too controversial. He needs to be replaced forthwith! He didn’t pass his three months probation.

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  31. Bla bla says:

    Marlon, sort your self out.

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  32. SOS says:

    The wig gotta go. Please get rid of the wig. A comb over lace front or gheri curl please. LMAO. Or let the bald dome breathe.

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  33. Hmmm says:

    Here we go again!

  34. hmm says:

    Willock will always be controversy and could cost VIP votes. This is just too much controversy so early in the game. The 4th district can’t get no representation. The opposition is rude or needs to be heard in silence when they try to be the opposition. A controversial bill being pushed through what seems intentionally controversial — I still haven’t heard how the bill will protect the interest of Virgin Islanders – all I have heard is how much we need this change for the interest of persons living in the country for X amount of years. So what happens if they get status and they stop paying taxes or commit crimes? Will the value of land change? Will salaries change?

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  35. Law Abiding Citizen says:

    Willock needs to go back to his cave.

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  36. Rabsatt/Lettsome/Smith/Lennard says:

    Im sticking with Fahie’s administration. He’s making an attempt to touch everything the previous administration failed to touch! No one is perfect. Go Fahie Go!

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    • @Rabsatt/Lettsome/Smith/Leonard says:

      I meant to give your comment a like but press the wrong button. I totally agree with you. At least Premier Fahie is trying to tackle the real issues…

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  37. musa says:

    if trump run thing in usa any a**hole can run bvi

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  38. Drama Queen says:

    This W***ock

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  39. Wigologist says:

    That wig looks like a chinchilla ready to run for the hills the first chance it gets. Don’t worry chinchilla, you will get your chance to dip soon. Run chinchilla,run.

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  40. floral attire says:

    Why he had to use Ingrid Ole Robe? Tis’ best he had ask Keith Flax for he dusty one…

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  41. HaHaHa says:

    They from here. Let them fight. We Island people as they call us need to stay out. Real talk.

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