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Special waivers for locals, residents returning without tests results

Scenes at the TB Lettsome International Airport on Day 2 of the reopening of local borders to visitors. (Photos by Kamal Haynes/BVI News)

Residents and Belongers experiencing difficulties in attaining pre-arrival COVID-19 PCR test results can now apply to have a special waiver that will allow entry into the territory without a test.

This is according to Health Minister Carvin Malone who made the announcement during Thursday night’s COVID-19 media update.

He said: “Recognising that a number of persons continue to be challenged with obtaining COVID-19 rt-PCR results for entry within the stipulated time due to the high demand in various countries, Cabinet decided to allow for the processing of waivers of the pre-arrival test in exceptional and verifiable circumstances to Belongers and residents only.”

“Such request will be considered and approved by the Minister for Health & Social Development in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer,” he added.

Will have to quarantine up to 14 days

Minister Malone also said these individuals who are granted the special waiver will be mandated to quarantine much longer than the recently adjusted four-day period.

 “Under these exceptional circumstances, such persons will be required to remain in quarantine for an extended period of seven to 14 days with an additional rt-PCR test administered at the end of the on-island quarantine. A negative test result must be attained before release,” Malone stated.

“The purpose of the visit is for BVI health officials and PHE to jointly assess the territory’s tracing system, laboratory testing capability and emergency preparedness with regard to COVID-19,” he further said.

Public Health England officials in the BVI

Meanwhile, Malone also revealed that experts from Public Health England (PHE) are in the territory for one week to provide technical assistance in a number of areas.

These include, “vector control, food and water safety, communicable disease surveillance, and laboratory accreditation”. He said these will be in addition to any specific assistance required with pandemic management.

The team consists of PHE Consultant for communicable disease control, Dr Autillia Newton, and Public Health Consultant, Helen Green.

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  1. VI gyal says:

    if that is a scene from day 2…where the gloves and hand sanitizer. I assume they have on mask. Anyone at the forefront in the airport is to be well covered.

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    • Really says:

      First, allowing residents and Belongers in without a test is just testimony to the elitist mindset of the Belonger. Testing is available everywhere. People aren’t making the effort and they don’t want to pay for it. It’s that simple. Second, we all know that these people will never remain in quarantine for 10-14 days. They will be out and about day one. Fines? Fines are never given or enforced to relatives which is why they will not remain in quarantine. Last, allowing people to quarantine on a moving boat and expecting them to stay on the boat is totally unrealistic. If they wish to charter they should quarantine in a hotel or remain docked in one location. People renting Villas are remaining in place and there is no issue.

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    • Doh says:

      Belongers are just better than you. No rules apply to them.

      Oh, and when the number of Covid cases spike, the government will blame the tourists.

      Border closure coming.

      Carry on.

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  2. Why? says:

    COVID testing at the airport. Results in 48 hours!
    Even the CDC says 14 day period is too extensive for the new flu!
    Stop the games and money drain.
    Stop reacting and start preventing!

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  3. Concerned says:

    Who is footing the bill for the 14 days in quarantine?

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    • Skinteeth says:

      Let no one in until january 2021 final. Stop assisting your friends with shortcuts and then leave we suffering. Stick to preventive measures. You are always saying”we are not out of the woods,lert live it
      You said the covid isnt playing with us ,why now you want to play with it. Nonsense. Get real.

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  4. Tola says:

    This is absolute madness.. so I must get special wavier to skip the hassle of testing in st. Thomas for eg. before I come. then when I come I must go in quarantine for 14 days? nahhhh… I rather go thru the hassle and quarantine 4 days…. why don’t you guys make up your mind????

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  5. Tito Vi says:

    The BVI and the and down island making the virus a money making skeam charging this rediculas price for a one mind paying. now u will soon be able to get your own kit for around $30.00 then u can do your own test at home so many people are loosing here lives every day and all u leaders are thinking about is making money off this deadly disease you all are shameless.

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  6. Let the process work says:

    Stop tampering with the process, it’s working, let it be. U can’t always use your power to act whenever you’re one or two fiends and girl fiend abroad complain,,, Stop it,,,

  7. Doh says:

    We are done. COVID is allowed in

    Carry on

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  8. Spit fire says:

    Well well,well, which of our leaders or their friends now want to get their family or friend or loved ones in for Christmas or newyears without acknowledging the protocols already established and taking this short route.. they know that they would have otherwise still smuggle them in anyhow. Just a sham.

  9. Citizen says:

    This should be for persons residing in BVI who have to travel for say a week for whatever reason, not persons who are overseas for an extended period.

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  10. BVI Love says:

    The BVI love BIG words!
    “vector control”
    “food and water safety”
    “communicable disease surveillance”
    “laboratory accreditation”
    Malone just need a dictionary to figure out what this stuff means!
    What it means to me is ‘test these dorks, or don’t let them in to give it to the rest of us!’
    Didn’t we already figure out that letting in BVI Nationals with no supervision is a REALLY BAD IDEA!?

  11. Listening says:

    Minister you need to rethink this process. Residents can also spread the virus and should not be given any special clearance, this is ridiculous.



  13. LD says:

    Barry say you will hear

  14. YaHear says:

    Ha is all I have to say. My dog is a Belanger, can I please skip the lines and not follow the rules??????

  15. Spirit says:

    This means that on the incoming flights (and ferries when they resume service) the tested/negative passengers will be mixed together with the untested/unknown passengers. What could go wrong with that?

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