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Spend your gov’t stimulus cheques wisely, residents told — Wheatley

Residents who have will soon receive their long-awaited economic stimulus cheques from the government are being urged to make prudent use of those funds.

That advice has come from Minister for Natural Resources & Labour, Vincent Wheatley. 

 “Manage your money very, very wisely. Many of us are still lucky to have jobs! Make sure you save a portion and buy only what is necessary. Cut down on expenses, for example, your phone bills, water usage, electricity,” he said via a social media broadcast on Sunday night, September 6.

He continued: “Spend as much as possible in the local economy before looking elsewhere. For those who are not working but will receive stimulus cheques throughout the next few weeks, this also applies to you.”


In the meantime, in light of the recent spike in COVID-19 cases locally, the government minister urged persons to devise ways to deal with the virus.

“Limit your movement, observe the curfew, etcetera. Eat as healthy as possible, and get regular exercise. A healthy immune system is a powerful tool as there is not yet a vaccine for COVID-19. We are going to have to live and work with it. These three simple things will go a long way to ride out the destructive COVID-19 wave,” he stated.

Interactive sessions

Wheatley also said he intends to have virtual interactive sessions ‘quite often’ discussing the ongoing issues affecting his district and the wide territory.

He said the topics would be publicised well in advance on social media.

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  1. Hmmm says:

    Have persons who collect money twice who don’t have jack bill s to pay no kids an on other have person with kids an bills haven’t received a red cent ain’t right

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  2. Spend wisely? says:

    There’s nothing to spend brother.

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  3. Hmmmmmmm says:

    The Minister: “Manage your money very, very wisely.”

    Tell that to your team that makes up the Government. The people can better manage money than c****ed politicians.

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  4. My question says:

    My question is .who are the people that supposed to get this stimulus package??. Is it for the hard working people that contributed to the social security and nhi and inland revenue when they were working?? Or is it for anyone that applies?? What is the criteria to get this stimulus package??. I am in full agreement that both local and expatriates should get it once the expatriate is qualified by making their contribution when they were working. I also think that to be qualified for this stimulus package your social security and nhi should be in good standing. Someone please correct me if am wrong and give some explanation. I only hope i ain’t get the stimulus package mux up with the $300 000 that is allocated to the ministers to help the needy people in their constituencies. The reason for this is that a few persons told me recently that they received calls informing them that their application was approved for funds from the district representatives. Some of these people for yrs never paid any social security and nhi. And these are not cases where the employer take out the taxes and didn’t pay into the systems. These are people who freelance working with who call them and wherever they get a days work. Are the government going to give out money for defrauding the same government for yrs. I fully understand that the local population must be taken care of this is a must. But you cannot tell me that expatriates are going to receive this same money to and didn’t contribute. All expatriates should have to get something from social security and nhi showing that they did make contributions even if its not up to date.look over this please

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  5. LP says:

    After 7 months? Now you talking about stimulus? Those of us with jobs have been keeping government afloat paying our taxes. And now the long overdue stimulus will go to who?

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  6. Anonymous says:

    i I haven’t gotten mine as yet. Still waiting

  7. @Hmmmm says:

    You’re black life don’t matter cause you ain’t from the right family. You get nothin. The politician already telling you to spend to money in his store.

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  8. Strupes says:

    Who got a cheque?!!!!

  9. Spend says:

    Spend wisely of what we do not have? School reopens today I am yet to buy books for my children i was hoping to take some of the money from the stimulus check and buy those expensive books that the ministry is calling for.

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  10. well says:

    People don’t need a cheque; if you open things up to go back to work

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  11. Anonymous says:

    What can $40.00 buy? That
    s about what some are getting.

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