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Vincentian man reportedly attacks woman at hospital

Peebles Hospital

Police have arrested and charged a St Vincent national who reportedly attacked a woman while she was working at Peebles Hospital.

It is understood that the accused Vincentian and the female were formerly in a relationship.

Reports are that the woman was on the job inside the medical facility sometime last week when the man allegedly approached her and casually punched her in the stomach.

It is alleged that the crippling blow caused the woman to retreat to a crouching position.

The incident was reported to police and the man was subsequently apprehended, BVI News understands.

It is further understood that law enforcers are investigating the reported incident.

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  1. Ford says:

    Vincy again? Why would any woman in their right mind talk to a Vincy man.. I cant seems to figure that out…..

  2. Hodgie says:

    Lady you’re lucky he didn’t have his machete with him. You’re head would probably be off by now.

  3. Cha says:

    Dem Vincy man dotish baaadddddd.

  4. Some thingd says:

    Some things you do in private
    Domestic issues are just that. Your bedroom issues should not become readimg material for the world especially when it is nothing to be proud of ..for your neighbours, your relatives, friends, enemies , employers, coworkers,all the way up deislun chain up north, the UK….

    • Father Time says:

      So you’re saying that he should have beat the the s**t out of her in private where nobody could save her and where he would have probably killed her? Mmmkay.

  5. Mrs. whitehouse says:

    I love MA Vincy man all a dem not da Same man goin b Man regardless so stop segregation wid da islands please

  6. Hmm says:

    The Vincy man gon be a DLC character in the next Mortal Kombat game and his weapon gon be a machete. Not all of them are the same though, it have .0000001% of them who are not violent……them gay, but not violent.

  7. Tola says:

    Wish he could bypass prison here,do his little time in St Lucia and from there go straight to St Vincent.Next flight please!

  8. Fast Solution says:

    Stand him up, put on a pair of brass knuckles and give him a good fist to the stomach and one to his mountain oysters.It worked for me when the fool my sister was dating punch her in the stomach.I bet when he decide to punch another woman in the stomach, he will remember that punch I give him.

  9. Brad Boynes says:

    You black people need to stop. The BVI is home to many. Lots take care of each other and the BVI.

    • @Brad Boynes says:

      You white people do worse than this. How about you mind your cracker kids from shooting up BVI schools? .

      See how it feels to be generalized whitey? It’s one black man who did a bad thing.

  10. Gum shoe says:

    @Brad Boynes, black people need to stop what.He punched the woman in her stomach.He could have damaged her organs.If that was a female relative of mine I would have stomped a mud hole in his behind with my Tim’s

  11. Brad Boynes says:

    Why the negativity?

  12. forgive us Lord says:

    send him outta here

  13. Macha says:

    People please understand that to blog negativity is to cast negativity upon your own lives. For your own sakes …please stop. I see too many stories on these news site that is bombarded with a bunch of negatives. Let us lift up each other instead.

  14. @ says:

    Macha: Secure your serenity and peace of mind, because as an infant cannot walk, so to our people are still in the infancy of intellectual development post slavery, Willie Lynch and other authors on the indoctrination of the “Negro’s Mind.”

  15. Cherry says:

    The media is not suppose to incite hatred for Vincentians. Beating women is wrong for all men. It is not just Vincentians doing it. It is the illiterate ***holes that are doing it, and giving the loving and intelligent ones the bad name. I have had two Vincy Men. For the second one, I could never asked for a better man. The first had love to much sex, I couldn’t get any rest. But they never hit or verbally abuse me like my former Tola man, and that is my true testimony.

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