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St Vincent’s La Soufriere volcano could erupt in hours or days!

Arrangements are being made to evacuate northern communities in St Vincent and the Grenadines as activity on the country’s active volcano La Soufriere increases.

Vincentian government authorities indicated in a press conference today that La Soufriere — which has been erupting effusively since December — can erupt explosively in a matter of hours or days.

The authorities noted a significant change in volcanic-tectonic (VT) earthquakes and low-level tremors during the early-morning hours of Thursday, April 8.

Media reports from St Vincent’s iWitness News said there have been number of seismic episodes since 3 am. They’ve lasted from 3 to 3:40 am, 5 am to 6:20 am, 8 am to 9 am and again around 10:15 am.

The country experienced another band of tremors around 1 pm during the aforesaid press conference.

Elevated gas emissions

iWitness News also reported that another thing the monitoring team noticed Thursday morning was elevated and continuous emission of gas.

These gases have been sustained, which is another indication that fresh magma is coming through, said Professor Richard Robertson — St Vincent’s lead scientist monitoring the volcano.

The scientist is not yet able to say when an explosive eruption might happen.

“We are now into a period where we will not be surprised if sometime in the future we have an explosion or explosive activity,” he said.

The alert level at the La Soufriere volcano is now at to ‘Orange’, BVI News understands. Orange means a highly elevated level of seismicity or fumarolic activity or both. Eruptions may occur with less than 24 hours notice. 

More than 2000 Vincentians in the BVI

The BVI’s largest subgroup of its expat community is said to be from St Vincent.

During the historic opening of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines consular office on Tortola last October, Premier Andrew Fahie confirmed that more than 2,000 Vincentian nationals presently reside in the BVI.

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  1. Hmm says:

    …If you do bring them here , screen the h**l out of them. We must be carful .

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  2. Wow says:

    Sorry this event will take place in such hard times

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  3. Janet says:

    My prayers are with the people of St. Vincent.

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  4. priorities not right says:

    and gonsalves there talking bout vaccines before he talk bout evacuations?

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    • Hilda says:

      It makes sense. Gonsalves wants to make sure that they are safe where they are being evacuated to because there is also a pandemic affecting everywhere.

  5. lol says:

    Bring only the females …

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  6. dang gah says:

    Money will be coming out of the volcano in the form of sand

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  7. Hmmm says:

    You is a big idiot with no common sense need put in barrel an roll the sea

  8. SVG says:

    People of SVG please evacuate. DO not stay in the. northern end of the island.Sorry but your land prices has just plummeted!!

  9. Wow says:

    We have experienced this before…My heart goes out to the Vincentians and all.ths surrounding countries…MomtserrTians know how this uncertainty feels

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  10. Wow says:

    Sad. Time for vincencian to reach out and assist to help those in need especially those in need of temporary shelter..

  11. BuzzBvi says:

    Oh Dear. The BVI HATE poors out. Such a shame VI that thoughts like this go to our neighbours. VI should be wishing the best for the people of St Vincent, both in St Vincent and the Grenadines and here in the VHATEI.

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    • sheeesh says:


    • VI Gal says:

      You have no clue what nationalities these persons are that are making these comments. I have seen Jamaicans despise other Jamaicans, Vincentians doing the same thing against their own, Guyanese against Guyanese, etc. Stop with your devisiveness, please

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    • Yup says:

      Another example of BVI love. Racism, xenophobia, and anti expat. But that hate has always been there.

  12. BVI says:

    Dear Mr. Premier , Please open up the Territory to allow at least 100 Vincentians to come here for this pending tragedy. We ought to do our civic duty. let’s start now and register the names of family members from persons currently living here. We need to stop this racist nonsense. Let’s help our neighbours.

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    • Lia says:

      Why don’t you plead for the vincentians on the other sides of the island which are not in danger of the volcano eruption to assist those on the side where the volcano is. It is much easier for them to get there.

    • black bird says:

      are you serious you all stop bullying the damn premier but open up for 100 vincentians , what them goin do when them come here where they will go by you are you funding the money to get them place to stay food to eat etc , the bvi aint no damn bed of rose . the population of the bvi made up of mostly st vincentians why add more . we can assist with other stuffs but not sending you mad already have to much of them here

      • love says:

        You all are so mean, today for me tomorrow for you.
        La Soufrier erupted in 1979 God helped us then and He will help us now.
        Be very careful about some of the comments that are posted,God does not like ugly. We are one Caribbean people. Let us love each other.

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