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Stabbing in East End, male victim hospitalized

One man is nursing stab wounds at the Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital in Road Town, Tortola following a stabbing incident Tuesday night.

Acting Press Officer at the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force Akia Thomas, said the incident occurred at Fat Hogs Bay, East End.

“I can confirm that police responded to a report of a male being stabbed at Bing’s Drop [bar] at approximately 8:12 pm,” she told our news centre.

The man, whose name is still unknown at this time, is currently in a stable condition at the said hospital she further said.

“The details surrounding the incident are still unclear, and investigations are ongoing,” she noted.

BVI News will provide further information when it becomes available.

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  1. Nonesense says:

    He is in critical condition and in ICU. Get your new right!

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  2. Curious says:

    When was the name of the hospital officially changed?

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    • Blackwashing says:

      It was changed when the racists in charge realised it was named after a white man who went out of his way to help you

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      • whitewashing says:

        so your mad about 1 hospital that was renamed, but somehow fail to mention the all the inventions that were and continue to be stolen. but they not racists? how about you relocate to where this doesn’t happen, like the red spot in the center of the earth.

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      • @ Blackwashing says:

        Colonialism is dead and buried buddy!.

        That is pure racism you spouted through your anus. Shameful it is.

        One good deed by one white man cannot, will not and does not erase the historical horrors inflicted upon a people in th VI and across the globe.

        One good deed by one white man does not and cannot defer us from renaming or naming our institutions with our names.

        That is within our rights. After much oppression, we gained those rights about a hundred and fifty years ago, in case you forgot, or is still angry we did.

        Do take your antiquated, subjugationist colonialist views and hatred for the Black man and his progress somewhere else, like back to Downing street for example.

        Indeed, the world and us are in a period of “ERACEISM.” May its carriers of that scourge soon be be also erased from the earth.

        Last, we have a right to do what we please with what is ours. Take it as fact, our change it if you can defer the rights of this Black humanity to chose its own destiny.

        Colonialism is dead and buried, buddy!

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      • @Blackwashing says:

        When I was young I had high hopes that racism, hate and war would cease to exist by the time the year 2000 came along.

        These are such crass and primitive characteristics for humans to exhibit and I actually thought we would collectively evolve beyond such.

        You do need to transform your mind or relocate to the sun.

      • Troll King says:

        I respect you for that

      • @blackwashing says:

        The renaming of the hospital has nothing to do with it being named after a “white” man…… before NDP left office they said they would change it honour Orlando for all of his ” medical contributions” AND MAJORITY OF THOSE AGAINST IT BEING RENAMED WERE LOCAL BLACK VISLANDERS.


        • i born here says:

          there was NO NEED to change the name of the hospital to honor Dr. Orlando Smith. it shouldnt have been done after his tenure as Premier of the BVI it should have been done during either way the only persons that uses his name infront of the word “hospital” is the news media EVERYONE STILL and FOREVER will call it PEEBLES HOSPITAL.

          btw when will be the OFFICIAL renaming ceremony be??? maybe IF there wasnt such a rush to change it and and official ceremony like their should have been, instead of just rushing to change the name in his honor people would have known that the hospital had a new name.

    • Catfish says:

      @ curious I want know same

    • Di says:

      I expect most persons will continue to call it Peebles out of habit. Indeed it still has that name in lights outside the building.

  3. Kingfish says:

    When did Fat Hogs Bay become East End, someone please shed some light on this.

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    • me again says:

      @ Kingfish I get your point as I am local also;we need to Preserve our local names and teach our children these areas and the significance of the names . eg “Jimmy Young” Major Bay “Brackwell” Hawks Nest
      Then we can mandate our Journalists learn names of areas , but I guess we got to get the politicans onboard also

      Jus saying

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      • Joe says:

        @ me again Where is Fat Hogs Bay situated?

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        • ..... says:

          Fat Hogs Bay is located in East End. I from East so I don’t know what King Fish asking/ talking about like this is something new. Its from long Fat Hogs Bay was considered to be East.

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          • Kingfish says:

            Fat Hogs Bay is not East End, it is located on the eastern end of Tortola, as far I can remember East End starts from the area of Red Bay and goes to the area of Chapel Hill, I grew up in East End and we never called Long Look, Greenland, Fat Hogs Bay, The Hope etc East End.

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        • me again says:

          @ Joe
          You would notice I did not touch that, simple because I know ppl like you would come on here needing clarification.We need to not change our Heritage/Culture in the name of modernization.East End/Long Look/Fats Hogs Bay/ Vanterpool’s Estate are ALL on the eastern end of the island BUT FAT HOGS BAY is not in EastEnd; (RedRock/Paraham Town/The Sound /Chapel Hill)are areas in EAST END.
          Joe if you are Local .talk to the older folks ; if you are not i will excuse your ignorance to the facts; but Mr Calvin Hodge (rip) told us in second form ; reading is understanding: not just calling words

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        • me again says:

          @ Joe You will notice I did not touch that aspect of the comment, because I know ppl like you will come on here needing clarification .East End/ Long look/Vanterpool Estate/Fat Hogs Bay are all on the east end of the island BUT Fat Hogs Bay is not East End( Chapel Hill/ the Sound/RedBay/Paraham Town) are areas in East End. Joe if you are Local I suggest you chat with the older Folk and learn your Culture , If you are not,then I will excuse your ignorance to the facts.We need to Preserve our local names(HISTORY) I bet you didn’t know Chalwell Marina is NOT in Major Bay but in JIMMY YOUNG bay . Lets learn from each other and be proud of our HOME

        • teacher says:

          It as also known as maja cove where the nmarina is and pusser’s restaurant used to be

          • A-Hem! says:

            Teacher, we do not recognize Maya Cove or Maja Cove as the legal name of any place on Tortola!

          • Maya Cove says:

            No where in BVI is named Maya Cove. It is named Hodges Creek. A man had a boat called Maya that he anchored at the cove at Hodges creek and referred to it at Maya’s Cove. No such place as Maya Cove other than in the personal references of a boat owner of distant past.

  4. Why? says:

    Why are you people so froggy? Everybody jumping on whoever. What you all eating? RELAX.

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  5. me again says:

    @ Kingfish I get your point as I am local also;we need to Preserve our local names and teach our children these areas and the significance of the names . eg “Jimmy Young” Major Bay “Brackwell” Hawks Nest
    Then we can mandate our Journalists learn names of areas , but I guess we got to get the politicans onboard also

    Jus saying

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  6. Canadian says:

    BVI Strong

  7. Just saying says:

    They also need to get their sh.. right there were no stabbing at Bings bar this thing took place at the Spanish bar in Fat Hog’s Bay

  8. Lol says:

    James young not Jimmy

  9. Busman says:

    Dear folks a BusStop would be placed in FAT-Hogs Bay East-End stay tuned hahahaha

  10. CW says:

    A man gets stabbed and you lot argue about geography and the name of the hospital.
    Short sighted and mean spirited (typical) BVI.

    What a sad and miserable lot

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    • @ CW says:

      You are hidding your [racism] racial hatred for a people behind the ufortunate circumstances of the victim, and are failing misarably. Shame on you.

      Just can’t contain your hate, can you?

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  11. Wow says:

    The fact that somebody in currently fighting for their life and yet majority of the comments are about the names of places in the VI… When y’all start calling the archipelago the Virgin Islands then you can talk about the names of the areas within it. Noel Lloyd fought long and hard for people to recognised that there is NO BRITISH infront of the name Virgin Islands. We the Virgin Islands is located next to the U.S. Virgin Islands (who must put United States infront of their Virgin Islands on any government/federal/official document)

    I pray for the victim of this crime. The suspect must be apprehended and MUST pay for this crime.

  12. Back to the headline says:

    It’s amusing what keeps BVI people running. Geeze. So petty. News about someone being harmed and they jump on the hospital name. Any updates on how victim is recovering?

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