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State-of-the-art imaging suite now at territory’s main hospital

The Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital now has a fully-functional Imaging Suite which has been described as the most technologically advanced scanning equipment in the British Virgin Islands.

This is according to Chief Executive Officer of the BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA) Dr Ronald Georges.

He told BVI News that the set of equipment which can perform MRI, CT Scans, Mammography, Ultrasounds, X-RAY and Fluoroscopy imaging, is more advanced than other similar services being offered in the territory.

“When you look at the capabilities and quality of the MRI scanner, the CT scanner and our digital Mammography machine, they basically surpass any other capability in the territory in terms of diagnostic inaccuracy,” Dr Georges stated.

He also stressed on the importance of having imaging equipment present at the hospital with diagnostic capabilities to treat patients and said measures are in place to ensure the equipment is well taken care of.

“We have assigned with necessary importance to ensure that the imaging is fully functional, we have maintenance contracts in place and we have standards and guidelines in place,” Dr Georges added.

Most affordable

The BVIHSA CEO further explained why the hospital will have the most affordable prices in the territory while delivering the imaging services.

He said: “We operate within the NHI (National Health Insurance) fee schedules, so where other providers may have prices which are outside of the NHI fee schedule, there may be balances which are not covered by NHI.”

Suite explained

Meanwhile, Radiologist Dr Jonas Ebarle said in a government-commissioned media that the suite’s digital mammogram machine is “an advanced form of breast imaging that uses a low-dose x-ray system and computer reconstructions to create three-dimensional images of the breast” 

“We also offer 4D ultrasounds, a 24-hour turnaround time, and the best imaging staff on island,” Dr Ebarle stated.

Only facility in BVI with in-house radiologists

He also stated that the imaging suite is the only facility in the territory with an in-house radiologist, which allows for real-time assessments of imaging.

“We have two in-house radiologists while other facilities use teleradiology. We can, therefore, offer a quicker turnaround time, request real-time additional imaging and give immediate advice where necessary,” Dr Ebarle added.

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  1. Lawyer says:

    That is great news!! Let us keep improving the services being offered at the D.Orlando Smith Hospital and stop the private medical centers from running the NHI broke.

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  2. Stainlessbloke says:

    I laud the advancement but wonder just Why I could not get an MRI last week because THE radiologist was out sick. If you have 2 radiologists this cannot be. It’s no good having equipment if you don’t have qualified technicians.

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  3. Wonderful says:

    That’s wonderful but try this on. How about placing signage so that visitors can find their way to the emergency entrance. There are thousands of people from cruise ships, sailing vessels and Villa renters and in an emergency there is no signage from the main roads up to the actual emergency entrance. Think it’s not a problem? Pick up a visitor and have him take the hospital administrator to the emergency room.

  4. Its about Time! says:

    Ten to 15 years ago, my brother, a career chef began experiencing sensations and weakness in his right hand. As he frequently needed to slice and dice various items he soon began to have difficulty doing so; a very scary situation indeed. Several MRI cans locally and to St. Thomas to see a Neurologists there cost him a considerable amount of money and time without any understanding or diagnosis of his situation. Finally a trip to the Dominican Republic at much lower medical and MRI cost revealed his problem. Long story, short explanation, my brother made the trip to a specialised hospital in Houston, Texas where he underwent surgery to correct the problem; a pinched nerve in his neck; requiring surgery. Luckily he regained substantial usage of his hand; though a considerable amount of time was lost seeing doctors locally, St. Thomas and the DR. Had Peebles Hospital had the MRI quality machine they are now highlighting, I’m sure his results would be even better since less time would have been lost. But we say and believe, God is good.
    Fast forward 5 years after his first operation to correct his hand situation, he developed yet another challenge; this time to his spine, which again led to several doctor trips locally, to St. Thomas and Puerto Rico where he underwent surgery and was able to regain considerable usage of his legs and ability to move around; though not perfect.
    ANYWAY: The new Top of the line RI machinery will no doubt improve the quality of medicine locally and likely draw patients from overseas. Best News from the Dr. Orlando Hospital in a long time; along with the lower fees resulting from quicker response time and better quality MRI machinery. As the MRI is of exceptional quality and of course cost, it is great to learn of the maintenance and upkeep plans in place to take care of such a needed and important piece of machine.

  5. Brakes says:

    Thanks to the work of the NDP!

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  6. No says:

    Why is it called D. Orlando Smith Hospital? Peebles was better.

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  7. Nurse says:

    It’s been there all the time. Everything just up and running now. This is not news. They’ve all been in use before.

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  8. Coronavirus on the way says:

    The events in China are frightening. This virus is extremely contagious and is spreading all over the world and will be here certainly by summer.

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