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Stepdad beats man who he found at home with 16yo daughter

A father who found his 16-year-old stepdaughter at home with an adult male two years ago has been brought before the court for beating the man.

The father, whose name is being withheld to protect the identity of his stepchild, was charged for assault occasioning actual bodily harm and armed with an offensive weapon.

Save for a $668 compensation order which the father must pay for the damage he had also caused to the other man’s vehicle, the father was only cautioned, reprimanded and discharged when he pleaded guilty to the offences.

In handing down the sentence on Tuesday, Magistrate Richards reasoned that any parent would have reacted the same way if they ‘met’ their underaged child at home with a grownup in an improper manner.

What happened

The court heard that on September 13, 2016, the father arrived at his home and met his stepdaughter with the man.

He had previously instructed the girl to keep away from the older man and had also ordered that the man not to visit his home.

The court heard that the father became enraged and ordered the man out and an altercation ensued.

The alternation resulted in the father chocking the man and damaging the rearview mirrors of the man’s vehicle that was parked nearby. The father was also said to be armed with a knife at the time.

The court was told that the man who he attacked had to receive medical attention. The matter was subsequently reported to the police and the father charged.

He was ordered at the time of the offence to attend counselling sessions with the Family Support Network, which he did.

The father told the court that his actions were all in an effort to ‘protect’ his daughter.

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  1. lol says:

    So the man got away free??

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  2. Miss says:

    So why the man wasn’t charged?

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  3. Stepdad Right! says:

    I applaud you stepdad. I wasn’t paying him one cent. How they law twisted so? So you mean to tell me, he found this older man in his house, with a minor child, and because he defended his home and honour he now has to pay that criminal for damages sustained to the car? Give me a break. He pays while the real criminal walks free.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Grown men should not be involved with a minor on a sexual level. They should have such natural respect for a child.

    However, to often men get the blame, and some of them should, when often advances towards men, and agreement to, are made by the same underage girls.

    The problem is not just men, it is a human and a home training problem.

    It is an undocumented by suspected fact that most girls today under sixteen and even way younger are sexually active.

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  5. Lucky says:

    Stepdad was lucky that time because it could have ended badly for him too. The girl being 16 is at the legal age of consent, so rather than beating up the man and risk being injured better to put that girl out especially if she willingly invited the man there.

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    • exactly! says:

      This is an outraged, the point is – she is legal and consent was given.yes, the dude was wrong to enter the property after being told not to by the girl parent/s.but for the guy to beat the man and damage his vehicle thats criminal. the worst is for the so call judge to say every parent would react that way is even more appalling as it relates to the law cause theres nothing illegal done.

      The only problem is that you parents need to teach your young daughters the right way that they do not go looking sex at such a young age which they might take your advice or not. most importantly, stop blaming the young boys/ men they end up with cause at the end of the day your children have their mind of their own!

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      • Deh Watcha says:

        Article says he warned the daughter to keep from the man and for the man to NOT VISIT HIS HOUSE.

        What was he doing in there, when the father told him to not visit his house.


  6. know it all says:

    it is sad- but the age of consent is 16…smh

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  7. . says:

    Why isn’t the adult charged in underage abuse?

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  8. None sense says:

    He was sentenced to counselling and had to pay a fine? This is madness. As if the father was the villain. He was clearly protecting his daughter. Legal or not, at that tender age, it is easy to manipulate. And even so, It said he clearly stated not to visit HIS home. So we trespassing now? I dont promote violence but I would have done the exact same.

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    • Chris says:

      What do you expect when u raising s****y daughters who u want to believe are saints, but are not? The blame can’t fall only on the man. Beat the s****y daughter too

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  9. What a Shame says:

    The girl is a rude, bad thing. The Stepdad should have been on the man till now.
    Why would he go to the people house to do his thing? Why not pay for a Hotel to take his woman?
    Stepdad, don’t get in trouble for that bad ass girl. Since she’s a woman and don’t have no respect for herself, her mother, you and the home, she need to find her own place. She will get what she’s looking for out there.
    Let the mother deal with her bad ass, rude, out of control girl.
    What she need to do, is go to school and learn her damn lesson and try and make something of herself.

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  10. Lodger says:

    What about the time it has taken to bring this case to court. Ridiculous waste of everyones time and money.

  11. Bigz says:

    Best a tamia send people counseling like like dem crazy! Sick ah she

  12. Well sa says:

    The stepdad warned this man already not to come to his home meaning he is unwelcomed there. This man has invaded the step dad house, the daughter doesn’t pay rent there, she is not in charge….. Sorry to say your magistrate but the man got what he was looking for. To you stepdad, if your daughter can’t abide by your rules she will have to go because while you are locked up she and the same man will be together. You have to ask yourself “is it worth it?”

  13. Bsdboy says:

    So who is wrong why is the father charged the other guy need to be locked up

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  14. hmm says:

    step dad did good. He should not be prosecuted. The other grown man should have his **** chopped off.

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  15. Future says:

    I would have at least charged the man for trespassing on my property. He was told to stay away and had no permission from an adult in the house to come on the property. He should have been charged with something…..

  16. man about town says:

    You all are not reading properly. The child is 16 years old and the incident occurred 2 years ago that made her 14 years old at the time which means she was under age. The law is the law it said under the age of 16 it doesnt matter if she is good bad black white yellow or whatever. If it was me he would have ended up in the hospital. the thing is this sexual predator has no respect for the law the little girl or the home owner. he was pre warned yet he parked his car nearby and visited that child as if she was an much more bareface you could be Cut his ass yes.father i commend you.

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    • Read again says:

      It said she was 16 at the time. Meaning she would now be 18. Read again.

    • exactly! says:

      my boi read the article again,the girl was 16 at the time and now shes 18 or 19. if she was 14 at the time the guy she was found with would have been in prison – thats the law.

  17. Rick Smith says:

    He’d be dead. I’m not hiding nor mincing words. 6 would carry him, 12 would judge me.

  18. Hellloooow says:

    The stepdad should of defend himself against a burglar, he’s not a fast thinker.

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