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Still grieving | Fresh public appeal from mother 4 years after son’s pre-Christmas murder

Four years following the murder of David Nathaniel James, his mother Veronica James still mourns his death nightly because David’s murder remains unsolved.

Mrs James, who yearns for closure, is appealing to assist police in solving her son’s murder which happened days before Christmas Day back in 2015.

“I am humbly requesting that anyone with information that can assist in solving my son’s murder to please come forward to the police with that information so that it could bring some closure to the entire family. I thank you the public in advance for any assistance you could provide in this investigation,” she pleaded.

David, who was known to many as ‘Bushman’ was only 28 years old when he was gunned down at his Free Bottom residence around 9:30 pm on December 7, 2015.

“A night has not passed since I have not wept over my son’s untimely passing and the fact that his case remains unsolved which has not brought me any form of closure,” Mrs James added.

What is alleged to have happened

According to the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, David was at his residence when an unknown assailant shot him and fled the scene. 

Following the shots, which were heard by persons nearby, witnesses said that an unknown male was seen fleeing the scene.

David was found by family members who rushed him to hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Contact the relevant authorities with any information

Detectives from the Major Crime Investigations team are asking anyone with information relating to the murder to contact Detective Inspector Vernon Larocque directly on 284-368-9809 or the Major Crime Investigation Team on 284-368-5682.

Police have said all information provided will be treated as confidential.       

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  1. Look says:

    If you don’t want to look like a rat or afraid, just write the killer name on a piece of paper and slip it under his mother’s door and walk away.

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    • @Look says:

      I agree, just write the name on a piece of paper and slip it under his mother’s door or when you see her slip it in her hand and she will handle the rest. And another thing I was hearing is the young lady the police question is way deep in it and she have the answer as to what and why it went down.

  2. Just Saying says:

    A lot of murders remain unsolved. Just like how people say get over bad-a$$ relationships and move on, get over these kinds of acts as well and move on. And likewise to all the evil others do to us. Get over it and move on … a phrase many like to repeat but, til their time comes.

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    • J says:

      This comment is extremely cruel! She is a grieving mother. Your hear must be made of stone to make such a statement to the family members of persons that met such gruesome deaths. Should your day come I hope that you will remember the sentiment.

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      • Just Saying says:

        Next time read between the lines.

        People love tell others get over it but when their time comes, regardless of the situation, they don’t take that same advice.

        My point: don’t tell others get over it. You don’t know what they are going through whether it’s the death of a loved one or something of lesser evil that you or anyone else think they can bear. If one individual should be told get over it (whatever that it is) others should be told get over it. It’s only who in the kitchen feels the heat. What might kill you may not kill me and what might kill me may not kill you. My point, if you read carefully, is: don’t tell another get over IT when you can’t get over IT. Whatever that IT is – whether death, treachery or other inflicted evil.

      • @J says:

        It was not made of stone. It was made into stone.

        Talk about the EVIL in the place not about my comment!

      • To J says:

        Oh yes, I will remember the sentiment. Remember, my heart must be made of stone. Hope you remember that sentiment.

        Here is another: I wish all evil doers meet the same fate they give innocent others. That is justice.

    • Norris Turnbull says:

      @Just Saying. You just dont move on when your son,daughter, nephew, niece of loved one is murdered. There are too many unsolved murders in the dam Virgin Islands so called Christian society. The silence is deafening.

  3. Waiting on Jah says:

    I waiting for when all evil doers get just what they deserve. Many of them think they could run in the churches (KJV) pretending repentance but Almighty God has news for them.

  4. Sad says:

    Sad to say but these useless police officer who are here collecting a check every two weeks,but can only stop you and give out tickets and drive their friends around in government vehicle will NEVER solve any crimes. USELESS!!

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