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Still no answers regarding gov’t contracts despite multiple questions, letters to Premier

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn

Leader of the Opposition Marlon Penn has reignited claims that neither he or other members of the parliamentary opposition have received any information regarding consultancy contracts issued under the Andrew Fahie administration.

Penn made the comment at a recent press conference, stating that the requested information has not been forthcoming despite several attempts through letters and personal contact to Premier Fahie and Speaker of the House of Assembly, Julian Willock.

“We have yet to receive those (contract information) and it seems to be a habit that when we ask questions in the House of Assembly we don’t get questions answered and then the details of those questions,” Pen said.

“I’ve mentioned it to both him (Premier Fahie) and the Speaker concerning details to those questions that I have asked in the Honourable House and we know subsequently that several new consultancies have been issued since,” he added.

False promises and excuses

The Opposition Leader also said there are several other issues in which the VIP government has been asked for answers. But, according to Penn, the Opposition has only been met with excuses and constant false promises.

“We also asked about the details concerning the fast-track [regularisation] process because there are a lot of things that are being speculated related to the fast track process. At the time, I asked the question in the House if the minister would make that available to us the next week. We are now in 2020 and we’ve yet to get any details concerning the fast track process,” Penn explained.

He continued: “Again, I have a letter drafted to write to him again concerning the details. It’s information for the people, it’s public information once it’s asked in the Honourable House of Assembly, and the people of this territory need to know.

Premier mum

BVI News reached out to Premier Fahie last Wednesday, January 29, to get a response regarding the Opposition Leader’s claims. However, the Premier said he will reserve his comment until he had heard the claims from Penn for himself.

That same day, our news centre sent the Premier an audio excerpt of Penn making the statements. But, up to publication time, the Premier did not provide any further response.

Premier Fahie has often complained that he was a victim of not getting answers for questions he asked in the House of Assembly when he was Opposition Leader under an NDP government.

And since taking office in February 2019, the Premier stressed on leading a transparent government and said the Opposition under his government would not suffer a similar experience.

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  1. pagu says:

    ayo will learn about he

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    • Transparency says:

      First and foremost remember that *[some]* politicians are crooks. Once that settles in your brain then remember that half of the crooks are happy because they get to steal and the other half are not happy because they have to wait to steal. Once you get past this and realize how the BVI system works then you can go about your day knowing that your tax money is going into somebody’s pocket.

  2. snake in the grass says:

    That brown bomber guy is like a serpent with 2 tongues

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    • @snake in the grass says:

      Give it a break. Marlon just trying to stay relevant. I heard Marlon ask that question in Parliment and got the answers so what piddle is he here talking now.

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      • Sound so Sil!¥! says:

        What being relevant have to do with Hon. Penn doing his job he was elected to do? The premier talks through the 2 sides of his mouth. One time he’s talking transparency and accountability and on the other hand he doing the total opposite.

        Hon. Penn keep doing your job and pay no mind to these set of cronies who have sold there souls for a few pieces of silver.

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    • @Snake in the grass says:

      So agreed, he also need to hire MS. PINE SOL AND PRINCIPAL to wash those two tongues.

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    • One awake says:

      Atleast one person in this territory is awake and see this man for who he really is.

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  3. What's new ? says:

    This is the way in the BVI, no one answers any questions to anything or anywhere!
    The silent treatment works as usually the questionee gets frustrated and eventually gives up !
    Happens everywhere here including all the Government departments.

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  4. Oh we go again says:

    Marlon, stop now please. When the opposition at the time was asking qauestions when you were in the Gov’t, whey didn;t you answer then. Where is the monies for multiple contracts, where is the monies for the so called airline, where is the monies for the Pier Park, where is the monies for the High School wall. Ant of course, where did you get that land, just before your gov’t lost the elections…just stop and please ask genuine and relevant questions. Not withstanding that some of the questions you are asking isn’t of relevance. Stop being of Self and think more of what is best for your country, which may at times means, working with those you aren’t comfortable with.

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    • Land says:

      Can you please elaborate more o the la d please? Well say, who feels it knows it. I wonder what else he got his little chubby fingures on.

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      • Land Registry! says:

        Best of you people courage behind a keyboard. Anyone could get crown land without cabinets approval? On here as usual trying to cast aspersions. You need to check who got Land across from delta and the land they trying to take from investor hung. Long run maga dog.

    • strupes says:

      2 wrongs dont make it right

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    • Oh please. says:

      Same old silly talking points you guys don’t have anything new to offer. You premier and his band of merry men are in the executive why don’t he reveal the wrong doing he claims was done? You think if something untowards was done he wouldn’t have brought it out already?

      No blogging nonsense is going to change the fact. You paid cronies need to stop with your misinformation. He won’t elections already on his lies and deceit. Tell the premier reveal the alleged wrong doings from here casting aspersions and distractions why this gang rob the treasury blind.

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  5. Yup says:

    Evil boy.

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  6. Wait says:

    I find this man to be a liar.

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  7. Political Intelligence says:

    I am not impressed with this VIP government’s performance. Contracts has been handed out without tender. People are being unfairly fired and replaced by hand selected VIP cronies. People with criminal tendencies are being placed into positions that are better served by honest people.This government is eroding the quality of life for many people. FAHIE NEEDS TO GO!!!!

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    • To political Inteligence says:

      You are speaking lies. This Government is for the people. They have done more in 11 months for the people than the NDP did in 12 years. Fahie needs to go is right…go into a second term as Premier.

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      • Gone says:

        Name 5 major things this govt has done since being elected and tell us how the Territory has benefitted.

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        • @Gone says:

          They can’t name one decent thing, never mind five things. For me personally they finished the High School which put an end to the shift nonsense. Other than that I can’t think on anything else meaningful that they did in the year they have been elected.

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          • 007 says:

            Water issues fixed from unbearable and very unreliable to very reliable. Hundreds of long residing residents some of whom went to pre primary school now have belongership. High School went from a pile of rubble that was neglected to housing scores of students. Please remember this is less than a year, 3 more to go.

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  8. WOW says:

    Marlon sat quite for 8 Years and did not ask a question about nothing not even the $7.2 million plane that never fly but money gone nor we in east end $8mill sewage money his Government took and left us in the east walking in filt. I do not want to hear from this waste of time grand standing guy name Marlon.

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    • Attention! says:

      I’m glad to that Smurf has gotten ahyou attention. Keep doing your job Marlon they coming after you that means you’re hitting the right spot.

      This gang that was elected by speaking about the plan and sewage haven’t done one thing for the sewage for the people of east end since they got in power. Even with Carvin, Neville and Sowandi who claim them from east end.

      So I don’t want to hear your crap not pun intended about sewage. Marlon wasn’t in cabinet when the sewage money was moved and heard him on many occasions chastise his Government for the move. So stop spreading misinformation. Keep the pressure on smurf, don’t mind these cronies/online bad man. We will deal with them. Do your job and remain focus!

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  9. Quiet Rebel says:

    The Premier and the VIP unconventional leadership and management style to me is nothing to write home about. It is not creating the buzz, the sparkle that was hoped for. The VIP is rushing to do too many things too quickly to please too people at once. The lack of executive experience is glaring. Instead it should have planned, organized…..etc a few core issues, ie, healthcare, education, economy……etc and see through to complete. Nothing boost confidence more than wins, successes. It is like eating an elephant; you have to consume it a peace at a time. The VIP is focusing on the short game, not the long game, that in the end may be its downfall.

    Moreover, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Stop the make believe behaviour. Marlon has no credibility on these issues that he is ranting about relentingly. The Hon Penn was a member of NDP administration for 8 consecutive years. Did he asked any questions about $7.2M giveaway to BVI Airways, an airline with difficulties staying airborne, the $8M poached from the much needed EE/LL sewage project, the $20-30M cost overrun on the Tortola Pier Park, the various consultancy contracts to cronies……etc? Did he speak out on the clear as day and I don’t clear nepotism? No.

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    • @Quite Rebel says:

      So you’re saying because they do it we could do it too? That’s what you are really saying? Our premier campaign on transparency and accountability and in his own words said that he would reveal all consultancy under his Government, again talking through the two sides of his mouth. He’s in charge now and the problems are his and need to address them.

      Hon. Penn has a responsibility to do his job as the an opposition member and LOP. Marlon was never a member of cabinet or a minister to make decision on any contracts and I in fact heard him in many occasions speak out on the sewage issue in HOA. The plane was the leaders responsibility to speak on. So stop your smoke and mirrors and distractions about credibility ahyou really think you could keep fooling the people of this territory. Time longer than twine.

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      • Quiet Rebel says:

        @@Quiet Rebel, it is either that you have amnesia or you are deliberately trying to sweep the truth under proverbial rug. Just in case you forget, Marlon was 1 of 11 members of the NDP government, serving as a backbencher and participating in NDP caucus meeting. Further, drum roll please, Hon Penn served as MHSS. Didn’t Marlon as MHSS orchestrated the renaming of Peebles Hospital to Dr. D. Orlando Smith Hospital. Furthermore, didn’t Marlon serve as junior minister of Trade? A statement without support deserves a response without merit. Out?.

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      • Smoke N Mirrors says:

        @Quiet Rebel, spot on. Two wrongs can’t equal right. In addition to the Premier’s usual and regular rant about Transparency, “if we don’t police ourselves that we will be policed by others in ways we won’t like”

        Nothing wrong in reminding and quoting expressions already made. May God continue to Bless our Virgin Islands

        • Quiet Rebel says:

          @Smoke and Mirrors, indeed two wrongs don’t equal right. In algebra, multiplying two negatives equal a positive, not in politics. I’m not saying that VIP government must not be transparent and accountable; it must and should. What I’m ranting about is the hypocrisy. The pretension and desire that what the past government did should be swept under the rug, like no harm no foul.

          There was harm; the taxpayers lost $$MM, $$MM more mismanaged and squandered, $$MM more not used for the intended purpose, $$MM more dished out to cronies, friends and family…….etc. While this is was occurring, the Hon Penn was as a lamb, a church mouse and now that the shoe is on the other foot he is like a road lion.

          To rebuild his credibility, he needs to admit that the NDP faltered and he participated and he was wrong. But you will probably quicker see a green mule flying, for he is hoping that the past will evaporate. Hon Premier, my rant is not a license for you to stonewall, foe we watching you. You doing a lot of crap and shading it under the label of unconventional nonsense. At the rate you are proceeding, one term, one term!

  10. Dman says:

    This seems to be a terrible way to put the B.V.I in a good light. By the way, did the Government make good yet on the back pay due at Prospect Reef?

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  11. :) says:

    I wish Marlon had speak up with the same enthusiasm when Fahie and Fraser were begging to get details about BVI Airways. All Dr Smith used to say was that will prejudice the negotiations and disregard the request. Never once did Marlon voice his opinion about the lack of information from Dr. Smith.

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    • Recitation says:

      Again with these talking points? Hon. Andre Fahie is the premier of the Virgin Islands. If they’re is something the people of this territory need to know about BVIAirways he need to make it public and stop hiding from behind who knew what who didn’t. He’s in charge now and he need do his job and stop trying to fool the people playing dolly house.

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      • Anonymous says:

        How can he know when the evidence is missing and the people that should know claim ignorance.

      • :) says:

        Just because government change doesn’t mean that the sins of the past were erased and somehow Marlon have a clean slate and exempt from criticism. The damage has been done. He is a “co-conspirator” who was never held accountable and never admit regret. To them it’s all politics because it wasn’t him or members of NDP that lost $7.2 million personally.

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  12. Haha says:

    Marlon was more concerned with honoring Dr. Smith by renaming Peebles after him instead of doing something beneficial like pleading with Dr Smith to return his sewage money in full and providing the full details of the BVI Airways plot. It’s self serving that the same people that was defending NDP back then now want everybody to put things in the past when the plane still missing, the money gone, nobody was held accountable and no apologies.

  13. Shame says:

    I love how everyone is willing to turn a blind eye to what Hon Penn is talking about, simply because his Government of the day under NDP made some missteps as well. All of the issues under the past Government need to be dealt with accordingly but that doesn’t give this new Government a pass. One of the reasons they won election is because they said they were going to be different and for me the only difference I see so far is that they’re 10 times worst than the NDP.

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  14. To political Inteligence says:

    You are speaking lies. This Government is for the people. They have done more in 11 months for the people than the NDP did in 12 years. Fahie needs to go is right…go into a second term as Premier.

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