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Still no indication of being sworn in despite court’s ruling

Mark Vanterpool

Days after the court ruled that he should be sworn in as Fourth District Representative, Mark Vanterpool has still not received correspondence from the Speaker of House of Assembly in relation to the swearing in.

The court had given the ruling last Thursday, May 2.

“I haven’t had any communication or heard from the House of Assembly as yet … Today is Monday so I am hoping and expecting that by today I would hear something,” Vanterpool said when BVI News contacted him around midday on May 6.

While it is still unclear whether the Speaker, Julian Willock, will honour or challenge the court’s ruling, Vanterpool noted that an important sitting of the House is scheduled for on May 17. He said he has not received a summons to attend.

“My other colleagues in the House of Assembly have been summoned to a meeting on the 17th of May … I am expecting that summons myself, considering the court order,” Vanterpool said.

When asked what his next step will be if he does not receive correspondence from the House or its Speaker, Vanterpool said: “I won’t comment on that at this point.”

“The court has given an order, the matter in my view is urgent … I would have wished that I was sworn in immediately,” he added.

Meanwhile, when questioned on the matter, Speaker Willock declined to comment on his intentions. He said his office is preparing a statement.

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  1. H Vanterpool says:

    He too busy b——g to swear you in bro

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    • @ H vanterpool says:

      yes very busy restoring the house from it being an 8 year circus

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    • Albion says:

      We live in a society defined by the rule of law. That means that everyone – even the Government – must obey the laws and the rulings of the courts.

      Nothing good happens when one man tries to put himself above the law.

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      • Hmmm says:

        Coulda fool me. The previous administration always behaved like they were above the law. I don’t care whatever the outcome. VIP is doing great things already in 2 months. There is a spirit of togetherness between government and the opposition, no matter how they choose to convey it in the news. Who need to be there, are there. Hope this one spoilt mark-apple don’t spoil the bunch!

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      • @Albion says:

        I like your statement but I guess it was only convenient for NDP to be above the law and for the most corrupt politician who can go from bankrupt to rich to get away with even taking his constituents for fool.

        I read these blogs and it seems to be a set of NDP propaganda machine in action. Still licking their wounds. You all just need to put a band aid on it and move along with the program.

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    • Bvi says:

      VIP if you keep this up your party will not last, this is a distraction. Stop wasting precious time.

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  2. yolo says:

    i would like to know how much that case had cost, Premier Hon Andrew your up let us talk transparency

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  3. Ausar says:

    If the speaker of the House refuses to swear in Honourable Vanterpool, it could be said that his behaviour is deemed,a personal vendetta,of sorts.

    Lets hope the courts do not have to reconvene to swear in the representative themselves.

    As it now stands,this is a “black eye” for the newly elected administration, and Premier Fahie should weigh in, in whatever manner is considered legal, on the way forward!

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    • @ Ausar says:

      I will be very disappointed if the esteemed speaker do not appeal.

      The judgment was crap we will you JW and VIP all the way

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      • @Ausar says:

        You cant even spell. “we will you”. Who is we? You must speak for yourself. Unless you have rats in your pockets and you are speaking for them too.

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      • OMG! says:

        Are up drunk?!

        I mean seriously was this drunk blogging?

        I want to know!

        Because you seriously cannot be this ignorant for the sake of ignorance!

        come on!!

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      • Wasted money says:

        Stop wasting taxpayers fund on lawyers.
        Don’t we have a high school to rebuilt?
        Swearing Mr Vanterpool and move on!
        VIP still in Power.

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        • @ water money says:

          Where is the 7.2m no plane
          Where is the 40m ports over run
          Where is the 8m sewage money

          And where is the 10m on airport consultants and brandy wine beach work

          Willock we are proud of you, NDP just vex

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          • $40 million ports overspend says:

            You need to ask the new $16k a month VIP tourism consultant (aka the Overspend) where the money went.

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      • Sher says:

        Check the Article on the judge giving the ruling. Pot calling the kettle black. The website all over. Look up h– name. Scandalous. Appeal all the way. Set up clearly.

    • I could tell you!!!!! says:

      I could bet any money, that Fahie is also behind this. This man clearly has too much leverage and little regards for tax payers. Respect the court’s decision and move on. This is no place to be fighting your personal battles.

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  4. Eagle eye says:

    It’s no surprise to me that the vip is failing.the reason why is the people wanted a change.Andrew Willock and Carvin is not new.only short minded people will forget.

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  5. Where's the Memo says:

    Clearly Willock has not gotten the Memo. His behaviour speaks volumes and this will be the downfall of the VIP.


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  6. Please says:

    The speaker need to be charged with contempt of court

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  7. revenge says:

    When the government had took the esteem to court years ago action man refused to rehire back him after he won his case. Now esteem is doing him back the same thing, a taste of his own medicine

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    • And says:

      Does this make it right? You all need to stop encouraging wrong things or we will never get better in this place.

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    • Two failures does not make a pass says:

      Action man won twice. Esteemed lost twice!

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    • LOL says:

      Oh, I was not aware of that! That is the bitter taste still in the speaker’s mouth then. I was wondering what the problem was.

  8. Reply says:

    “He said his office is preparing a statement.”
    For the life of me, I hope for the good of the country that whatever statement the speaker prepares eventually, it will state that Mr. Vanterpool will be sworn in on a specific day and time.

    I say wiser head because that is what is needed now. The governor, attorney general and one court have already opined on this matter, and cumulatively their opinions does not support the speakers position.

    To take this matter any further will be a demonstration of extreme intransigence and dereliction of duty imo.

    I hope the VIP folks and the Premier have a word with their speaker if he is considering anything other than swearing in Mr. Vanterpool.

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  9. abc says:


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    • Jackie says:

      You mean you want Willock spend all of the $1M he has set aside for lawsuits. At the end of the day, the taxpayers shall pay for all the legal battles. The eyes of them are watching us, looking to see how we are going to hang ourselves. Turn the other cheek, Mr. Speaker, and let us move on. The people will talk for four days about this and next week the floods will come and we shall all be calling ZBVI crying out for help from our flooded homes.

  10. Lasin says:

    So far all the colonial powers are in favour of the mistaken resignation not being a resignation. The UK Governor, the Expat Attorney General, the Expat High Court Judge and the Anguilla born (4th. District) elected representative. The ruling handed down speaks to the high cost of elections, the delay in representation for the 4th. district. I want to add another dimension for all – the cost of democracy. Civil war and even treason were events in building a nation. Let him go sit down.

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  11. PREKEH says:

    @ ANONYMOUS…no for liking a speaker I did not choose.Oh..Oh did I say that?

  12. Jackie says:

    You mean you want Willock spend all of the $1M he has set aside for lawsuits. At the end of the day, the taxpayers shall pay for all the legal battles. The eyes of them are watching us, looking to see how we are going to hang ourselves. Turn the other cheek, Mr. Speaker, and let us move on. The people will talk for four days about this and next week the floods will come and we shall all be calling ZBVI crying out for help from our flooded homes.

  13. Eyes wide shut says:

    The Govnorn needs do whatever is necessary to remove the speaker if mark isn’t swear in. This is pure lunacy.

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    • @ eyeswide shut says:

      This is the best speaker we have had in years jw you are doing the right thing and you are not going anywhere

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    • Me again says:

      @ eyes wide shut
      It seems as your name says it ALL
      What happen when the previous Speaker REFUSED to allow the GOVERNOR be sworn in in the HOA
      Was that personal or jus showing who had the Mace ?

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      • Eyes wide shut says:

        If you had any sense of the English language you would have seen the play on words but no need to explain. To answer your question,the law never spoke to that pass issue however it does to this fool hardy ignorance that’s going on now.

  14. SMH says:

    MV brought all this upon himself! He thinks that things must be done when he wants it done. He is only out to cause disruption and not Production. He should have been more eager to serve when elected and be sworn in during the appointed time.

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  15. Open eyes says:

    Mark should have made sure he was in attendance to be sworn in in the first place. He’s the lunatic!

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  16. Facts says:

    VIP safe for at least 8 years

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  17. Anonymous says:

    Stop making intelligent BVI people look stupid. Stop this nonsense about them versus us. Find out where the Speaker is from – No one is above the law. Besides we live in a democratic country. people have a right to choose a party. They all have corrupt skeletons some more than others. However, that does not give the speaker to feel he is above the law. A govt is in power do the right ting by the for the people, by the people. It is when you are not confident in yourself why people cannot move on . Stop looking back and make a name for your party. What is done cannot be undone. M

  18. Well says:

    It ain’t like he really want to represent the 4th anyway or else he wouldn’t have resigned in the first place. To show how indecent and unconcerned he is he didn’t even attend the first sitting. But of course all of a sudden it is urgent – nonsense!

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  19. I Agree says:

    I also believe Fahie and Claude is behind this. If JW don’t swear Mark in and start about Apealing, then everyone will see and know JW and Fahie have some type of personal AXE to grind with Mark and is using their Government positions for pay back time. This is not the way grown mature men should be behaving. It is time for a Woman step up and take the wheel in that Premier seat before these little boys that is running Government crash the ship Titanic Style. A woman would have had this mess cleaned up/handled already.

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  20. Confucius says:

    Mr. Willock, it was you who said you wanted the courts to decide. Well, the court has ruled. It is time to swear the man in.

    Please tell me that you are a man of your word as you also said you would accept the court’s decision.

    Further, your own newspaper published your statements made in your inaugural speech:

    “I pledge that my tenure as Speaker will be fair, non-partisan and objective… I am aware that while the Opposition is in the minority, those districts that sent them to the House, deserve to be heard through their members and will be heard… I also have a duty to preside in a way where the government business is not unnecessarily frustrated, or undermined.”

    “I pledge as your Speaker… to restore confidence in this institution, that it is regarded as a beacon for legislative justice and for what is fair, just and right, and most of all, a place where laws are made to protect all residents, locals, expats and everyone that call the Virgin Islands their home.”

    So Mr. Willock, are you a man of your word or not?

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  21. There is a long game says:

    what is to be gain if Mark is not in the opposition?

    what will it profit the current VIP government?

    what would be questioned by Mark if he is in the opposition?

    why is the VIP afraid to have Mark sit in the opposition?

    questions that need answers.

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  22. two cent says:

    The Virgin Islands is heading down a slippery slop.

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