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‘Stop demonising consultancies’, Opposition legislator told

Dr Wheatley

Deputy Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has cautioned Second District Representative Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull against the practice of “demonising” consultancies services taken up by the governing Virgin Islands Party administration.

Dr Wheatley issued that warning as a response to Turnbull’s criticism of the government’s decision to hire Ministerial Political Advisers. The Deputy Premier said at the time that these posts are essentially ‘policy advisors’ funded directly from the government’s ‘consultancy’ budget allocation.

He said all governments hire consultants and even mentioned at a previous House of Assembly sitting that the government engaged Turnbull’s brother — who owns and operates The Wellness Center — for a consultancy with the Education Ministry. He further said Turnbull never criticised that decision.

According to Dr Wheatley, the Second District Representative took offence at the mention of his brother’s consultancy with government.

“[Turnbull] took it as an attack on him and felt the need to come and justify the value The Wellness Center is providing for the money that they’re being paid,” the Education Minister stated.

But Dr Wheatley said the point was not that the Wellness Center did not give value for money. Instead, the point was that “we should not demonise consultancies”.

“You came to the House of Assembly today and you’re able to read the contract from your brother and your brother provides value, but you don’t recognise anybody else who provides value, ” Dr Wheatley argued.

He argued that if Turnbull were to return to government, his (Turnbull’s) government will likely have to engage consultants as well.

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  1. SMH says:

    D7 quite argumentative these days

  2. Resident says:

    why does the government need so many high priced consultants, that money could have been better spent on helping its people

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    • Haha says:

      Every government in the BVI has used consultancies. Too many hypocrites in the BVI. Y’all criticize every government call them horrible names say that they are incompetent so why be surprised or upset when they need to utilize consultants. Voters vote for the most popular candidate instead of the most suitable for the job and get surprised when a doctor need help to make decisions that affect an entire territory. Not only are most politicians unqualified there is not that big a pool to choose from, even if you voted for the other candidate they too would have been unqualified. Look at the other choice. Marlon will be vying for Premier next election, his specialty is in the field of computer science. What skill does he have to manage the finances of the entire BVI? I see some people calling for social media celebrities to run for election then guess what a year later we back to complaining about consultancies when we find out having a talk show and a loud mouth isn’t a skill that can run a territory.

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  3. heckler says:

    If the VIP had a plan and had know what they were doing then we would not had need all these high paid non productive consultants like CSC and OJS

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  4. 1EYE says:

    NDP had Glover Park, Cline, Gaskin, Hull + more. At least these consultants are local, and the $$ stays here. All governments need consultants. They need to find something better to focus on in HOA. If not when they get in their time will be very short lived b/c they’ll keep all the same things they’re opposing and use them all. Then what will they say.

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      What is the point of engaging a consultant that cannot contribute knowledge and understaning that we already have. More consultants need to be from outside so we might finally learn something. Like
      How to build roads.
      How to engage in contracts with airlines.
      How to get move away from our reliance on diesel for electricity.
      How to bury power lines for a more reliable electric supply and a prettier tourist destination.
      How to allow more than just cruise ships in to the territory without testin when we have a much more valuable yacht charter industry on hold.
      How to get everyone to think that our laws should be followed.
      How to get Politicians to think they also have to follow the laws they make up.
      How to get the guts cleaned regularly.
      How to prepare for hurricane season before hurricane season is upon us.
      How to stop reckless scooter riders (and of course any one else reckless), lets start with the worst.
      How to recognise the link between drugs and forms of transport.
      How to stop being a nation being built on the foundation of racism.
      How to quantify the reality of farming and fishing to the economy.
      How to find the real next economic pillar that is not based on farming/fishing fantasies.
      How to reconcile this God fearing nation with the introduction of drug production and gambling.
      How to allow the engagement of friends and family that are best for the job, but stop this crony corruption.
      How to have Climate Trusts that are almost perfectly set up and allow them to continue good work.
      How to invite observation and criticism such as a COI and use it to be informed and be better, and use it as not another way to waste millions on pointless legal passive spectators.
      How about we use consultants to consult and not as another way to pass cash out to those we owe a debt to.
      The VI people need a consultant to advise them of how we can move from this awfully corrupt interpretaion of representative politics to one that truly reflects the needs and the “real” wants of the people. (ie not just the oppressive push of Gov controlled media claiming they speak for the silent majority when they truly they are only speaking for themselves, their own self interest and keeping things as they are – in the “family”.)
      I would welocome those consultants but please no more C.O. S-C from whom we have never seen a single report.
      Bring on consultants with integrity, knowledge and skills, and who know at least something of their topic and can advise, perform, report, and progress the VI. Roads, ferrys, airlift, hotels, Covid management, portal design, tourism promotion, investment friendly economy, racism, management, Governance, Record Keeping, Project Management,Financial Management….

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      • Anonymous says:

        How many reports from consultants have we ever seen? They are usually never made public both foreign and local consultancies. I know CSC is someone that catches a lot of heat but it didn’t start with him. He isn’t the first or only consultant that didn’t give a public report. He was also a consultant for the Ports during his time with NDP. There was never an outcry for him to produce a report by the public.

  5. Hmmmm says:

    What a nuissance, such a shame! So much hope in him and Sharie de Castro and they turned out to be blind sheep.

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  6. ok says:

    the w.c. was created to syphon off NHI money legally, the NHI needs to stop paying forany treatments in this place its a glorified gym

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  7. Trevor says:

    This an is NOT a doctor!
    Why are you putting Dr. in front of his name?
    He holds a doctorate which is completely different.
    No one else would use the medical abbreviation, this is misleading.

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  8. Windy says:

    so your saying C*C is not a demon ? Fooled me.

  9. Hot zone says:

    SOWANDE, can you do everyone a favor today and just ZIP IT?

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  10. Sniffn says:

    One of the easiest ways to divert funds,,you know steal it!!!

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  11. Help us father! says:

    This man good in his head? It is his leader who has been the only one demonizing consultancies. Check his record.

  12. 1st district says:

    Our dear Primer needs to hire a WHOLE consultant for his district to organize and improve it before next election. We would then be TWELVE(12) years without proper representation. And we are fed up!

  13. hmm says:

    And this is who want to be calling people puppets.

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