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Stop joining long lines, fuel in abundance

A regular scene at the gas station in Duffs Bottom since the hurricane.

Noting that fuel is in abundance in the British Virgin Islands, Government is appealing to motorists to stop creating long lines at gas stations.

Government minister Archibald Christian made the appeal yesterday during a town hall meeting and radio broadcast.

“From what we have been told, we have enough fuel to last for several weeks into several months so persons really shouldn’t be queuing up for gasoline every single day. And we certainly have food stocks that will last for quite a while still,” Christian said.

Up to recently, vehicles were lined up for miles at the gas station located in Duff’s Bottom on Tortola.

This has become a trend since Hurricane Irma struck nearly three weeks ago.

“We still seem to have long fuel lines and for whatever reason I’m not sure what is causing fuel lines to be still long on a Monday, almost two weeks after Hurricane Irma,” lamented the junior minister.

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