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Stop speaking that foolishness, ‘corruption’ talk badly hurting BVI

“You have not presented one iota of proof [of corruption] except flapping your lips” — Walwyn

While describing labels of ‘corruption’ against the governing National Democratic Party (NDP) as unfounded, party Chairman Myron Walwyn said the persons responsible for creating those labels are also responsible for the pressure the territory is receiving from superpowers such as the UK and the European Union.

“When you go out speaking about corruption, you create over-regulation … There are a lot of smaller people here; smaller contractors at the bottom who need a little help to help their family. And if you continue to speak that foolishness, you’re going to regulate them out of business,” Walwyn said.

“I warned the persons speaking about corruption privately, I’ve warned them publicly to stop it. It hurts our country. At this time when we are negotiating loans for our country’s recovery and development, you cannot be out there as a leader speaking about corruption. You hamper the progress of the same country you’re trying to run.”

“Firstly, there is no proof. You have not presented one iota of proof except flapping your lips,” added the NDP legislator who did not name any of his party’s accusers.

Opposition legislators Andrew Fahie and Julian Fraser — both of whom are respective leaders of two other political organisations — have each come on public record accusing the NDP government of corruption.

Fahie, who leads the Virgin Islands Party, and Fraser who heads Progressives United, have raised multiple questions about controversial government projects such as the BVI Airways deal, the Cruise Pier project and the Elmore Stoutt High School perimeter wall project.

No corruption for me unlike the others

Meanwhile, Ronnie Skelton — who up till recently served under NDP administration but broke away to form the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement — has distanced himself from any government wrongdoing during his time with the NDP. He boasts that he has not faced any allegations of corruption.

“I was building the Iris O’Neal Medical Centre in Virgin Gorda. That is not being investigated,” noted Skelton, while pointing to the three other aforementioned projects and the ministers who had responsibility for them.


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  1. Dreamers says:

    They could not talk about corruption if you all did not give them something to say. So sorry Mr. Walwyn, but you have yourselves to blame. Additionally, stringent regulations have nothing to do with the corruption talk, and everything to do with rich countries trying to curb tax avoidance and money laundering.

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    • What Time Is It? says:

      @WDreamers, you are absolutely correct with your explanation. The UU folks are simply interested in curbing/avoiding money laundering, and getting their share of the pie.
      During Obama’s run for the presidency in the US, Mit Romney, also a candidate, disclosed that his Tax Rate was (he paid) 12%. Everyone else, especially ordinary folks pay 35%. It was also disclosed during the campaign, that people like Mit Romney and other Tax-avoiders meanwhile had their moneys hidden overseas in places like the Cayman Islands.
      Myron is full of nonsense trying to Spin what is Unspinnable. NDP promised government in the sunshine. Who the heck got it? Government’s Books like ordinary businesses are usually audited. NDP hasn’t . What about the past governor and others before him, don’t they take back information to the folks above them that they report to?
      Also, as a person involved in insurance, the policies put forward by FSC has nothing to do with corruption talk by anyone. Its simply trying to avoid the wrath of the EU. For example opening a bank account, purchasing insurance policies etc.

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      • Fools says:

        There is no such thing as Government in the sunshine. How would that work? There will always be people against certain things that a Government does, that’s human nature. If Government has to wait on the ‘okay’ from everyone, nothing would get done. Why elect so called qualified people to represent us and make important decisions if we want them to include us in every single thing. When NDP promised Government in the sunshine nonsense it was 1999 and 2003 when they ‘thought’ they understood how governing and running a country works. It’s easy for everyone to sit behind a computer or on a smart phone and bash but put them to manage the simplest thing and they quake.

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    • XNDP says:

      Mister MW many of us left the NDP and are now with PVIM because you all cant come clean and stop lying for DR Smith. Humble yourself young man and tell the country you are sorry for the wasteful spending and project over run if you can get your head out of your you know what to do so. Do you Remember the song, Millions and Millions are going out the door? Go listen to it and see what the NDP was about.

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  2. resident says:

    me thinks the minister doth protest too much

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  3. Sam the man says:

    Facts speak for themselves I’m afraid and the public are correct to hold the “No Due-diligence Party” to task! Missing $7.2m on a non existent air line service, massive over spends on all the NDP’s projects. If it’s not corruption then at best it’s incompetence and they are not fit to continue running our country into the ground.

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  4. sam the man says:

    Well said sir,

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  5. sam the man says:

    Well said sir.

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  6. ndp heckler says:

    We will not sweep this under the rug

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  7. PVIM says:

    Ronnie is not under any investigation

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  8. ndp heckler says:

    Every time i google NDP or NDP candidates the word corruption keeps on popping up

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  9. Keen reader and observer says:

    The same countries that are trying to destroy our economy with their external economic autocracy, which they should have no control of or say in in the first place, are the same ones of which can be found within their borders and economic apparatuses “tax avoidance and money laundering schemes and practices,” and that is as normal as breathing air.

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  10. walk_a_mile1919 says:

    Vote for a party that you can trust. Vote Progressives United Party – TRUST. Watch them evil eyes. Help us Lord.

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    • The Hooded Claw says:

      @ Gloria and walk_a_mile..are you just copy and pasting comments while changing your name? Pathetic! Its obvious that these bloggs are the views of two or three persons and not the views of the majority!

  11. rastarite says:

    If it’s not corruption then it’s incompetence… pure and simple. Large amounts of money unaccounted for; no audits of government accounting for OVER TEN YEARS. Then the FAILED projects like greenhouses, airline, a million dollar wall in the third and allegations of tax money being spent on private enterprise – again in the third. No oversight, no accountability… pitiful!

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  12. Inside says:

    You tellin me that corruption not happenin? You tellin me white envelopes not happenin? You tellin me private car parks an driveways bein concreted just before election not happenin?… Give me a break!

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  13. LogicReason says:

    I for one sick and tired of seeing much less hearing from this character about this wall and corruption. The Audit was done; given to the Governor and then the authorities. In the audit report, they found discrepancies and not to say corruption but discrepancies. The Honorable is either calling the Auditor General and the Governor incompetent or stupid. One would assume it’s in the hands of the police there is a reasoning behind this whole dilemma and not just some wild witch hunt.

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  14. Just ice says:

    No wonder this talk makin Myron uneasy

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  15. PVIM says:


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  16. QUEEN says:


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    • King says:

      @ Queen. The UK can’t even get their house in order and they want to fix our? We build this country not them. It’s unfortunate we have a hand full of 30 or more greedy political leaders screwing it up for the rest of us.

  17. What?! says:

    HOW ARE WE SPEAKING FOOLISHNESS!??! Mr. Walwyn is acting as if the wall incident and countless others didn’t occur. Why are roads still like this? What’s happening to the high school? Why I could only get attention and change when election time comes around!? When we call NDP CORRUPTED, it runs deeper than your little wall problem. We say CORRUPTED because of Years of misguince and wrong doing. Would you prefer us to ignore it all and act as if you’ve been God’s gift to earth oh great and wonderful leader Mr.Walwyn?

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  18. Dear Governor says:

    Why with election hovering over us and this m**man unde investigation why he is still able to run to represent and worse still to lead a party? Because as stated somewhere previously someone alluded to the fact that if it wasn’t corruption (big IF)
    Then incompetence at best both of which I would classify as “Reasons to Disqualify’ someone
    Do we want another Trump Madman situation ? He already messing everybody up what we need one closer to do us in faster ?
    Just asking

  19. PVIM says:

    Myron say once he wins the election the Wall Investigation gone through the window and nothing can be done as he will be the man in charge. That man good with his words but his day coming sooner than he thinks.

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