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Stop these malicious memes, Walwyn cries foul

Myron Walwyn

By Davion Smith, BVI News Staff

In this current age of social media, memes have become a way for internet users to share content such as images in a typically humorous and light-hearted manner.

But, with general elections drawing closer, some local internet users have started to use memes to spread unpleasant and often hateful messages about persons who are participating in the political process.

This has caught the attention of at least one legislator, Myron Walwyn, who is now condemning the practice.

“Like many residents, lately I’ve been getting these memes with very malicious messages attacking the character and intent of individuals … I want to make it clear that I do not at all support these actions or this level of politics,” Walwyn said.

“I call on persons in our community to cease from disseminating such slanderous material that not only hurt individuals and families but sews seeds of distrust and useless scandal in our community.”

Denounce nasty memes, political parties told

Walwyn, who is Chairman of National Democratic Party, has also called on all other political parties to denounce the practice, which he described as a style of politics that is not beneficial to the BVI.

He argued that the upcoming election ought to be about issues that are affecting the lives of residents and “not about hearsay disparaging the characters of the men and women that are seeking to serve this territory”.

“While we all engage in the competition of democratic politics, we should also keep in mind that at the end of any campaign, we all still have to live together and work together if we are indeed truly interested in rebuilding our Virgin Islands,” Walwyn said.

According to an announcement from Governor Augustus Jaspert, the next General Election is to be held by April 16, 2019.

That date will mark exactly six months since the untimely death of Fifth District representative, Delores Christopher.

The governor described those six months as a reasonable timeframe for the general election to be held considering that there will not be a by-election for that district.

Governor Jaspert decided to forego the by-election on the advice of Premier Dr D Orlando Smith.

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  1. WRONG says:

    Malicious anything (memes or whatever) is very damaging, and it is not pleasant to be on the receiving end. People cannot be given free reign to just destroy people’s reputation out of malice, while hiding behind Internet anonymity. I strongly hope the next Government of these Virgin Islands will bring in legislation to make that despicable practice an offence that is punishable via court actions and jail time.

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    • Janice says:

      So you want to legislate and regulate free speech? Sounds like a dictatorship.

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      • Anonymous says:

        If societal ruler-ship dictates to its citizens under terms such as “legal and illegal law and order schemes,” where one can legally put into mouth and swallow alcohol classed “legal,” but one cannot put into mouth some plant matter, as that plant matter is classed “illegal.”

        Isn’t that or should not or cannot such be classified as dictatorship?

        In reality,if one is told by law what to eat, drink or smoke, then there should be a lawful, governmental law system to control what comes out of the mouth and or mind if maliciousness, evil, hate, mal-mindedness and character assassination is the sole purpose.

        To end, there is much dictatorship existing throughout all western societies in the form of laws, customs and religious indoctrination, beliefs and practices in particular.

        However, human have been brain washed to over look the many instances of dictatorship prevalent among each society including our very own.

        We see dictatorship only when one individual attempts to impose his social, political and psychological notions on an entire nation.

        However, that type of dictatorship is not to dis-similar from the authoritarian despot.

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      • WRONG says:

        No. True dictatorship is hiding like a coward while dragging someone’s name in the mud via social media. I guess it has not happened to you as yet, so you have no problem with it.

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    • @ Janice says:

      Free speech comes with responsibility. This is very irresponsible behaviour.

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  2. Wow says:

    But Myron, we all know — are behind many of these distasteful memes. But good show though get your minions to — them out and then come out and speak against them. Only those who are like you or choose to follow you blindly are falling for you antics.

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  3. ndp heckler says:

    Is it because we are now finding out about your dutty deeds ???

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  4. no not for premier says:

    Maybe ayo started it and now it turned back to bite you where it hurts

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  5. biggs says:

    why you all didn’t stop thiefing our money …………

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  6. state of emergency says:

    CAN’T TAKE THE HEAT? GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN! it is going to get worst. yo bawling? the heat is going to get turned up as time go by.this will be a nasty political battle, THE MOTHER OF ALL ELECTIONS

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  7. let's make the bvi great again says:

    Too many dirty little secrets

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  8. sistah joyce says:

    “wha yo bawlin fah”

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  9. My 2 cents says:

    But — started them so go start with himself

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  10. waylox says:

    Think them smart. They started it

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  11. Where says:

    Where can I see them ?

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  12. ??? says:

    “That date will mark exactly six months since the untimely death of Fifth District representative, Delores Christopher.”

    I don’t know about that…..

  13. ??? says:

    “That date will mark exactly six months since the untimely death of Fifth District representative, Delores Christopher.”

    Or should I say, ok…and?

  14. Myron says:

    That’s all you are Myron not Hon nothing.

    Anyhow, you want post, your are a public figure deal with it.

    I wish I could have attached a meme to this message. BVI News work on that.

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  15. I read it says:

    With all due respect Mr Walwyn are you doing the same thing that you’re accusing people of doing?

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  16. Really!!!! says:

    Guys Meme your lives away!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA you think for one minute that the professional PR not involved with putting out such?

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  17. Just my two cents says:

    Where can I find these memes?

  18. J says:

    They may take away our tax money, but they’ll never take our memes!

  19. Sam says:

    Ndp party is just live bvi Roads

  20. ???? says:

    What the other party thief out our money don’t remember that????

  21. Myron says:

    MYRON YOU NEED TO STOP!!!!! Just the other day I told some friends of mine….it’s Myron behind all these Breaking News it’s is so obvious ‘Mryon’your breaking news is bashing everybody except you……I said just now he is going to come out and try to look like a hero and speak against all these social media gimmicks….which he created……YOU ARE SO PREDICTABLE

  22. NB says:

    I’m all in to stop memes from destroying people reputation. Who is stopping you Mr. Walwyn from destroy these beautiful BVI’s?

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