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Stores told to implement measures to prevent crowding | Gov’t makes shopping suggestions

Listing a number of recommendations, Premier Andrew Fahie is urging all local supermarkets to implement measures that will promote social distancing and prevent any instance of mass gathering of customers.

The Premier made this appeal hours after confirming the first two imported cases of the coronavirus in the BVI and while announcing a number of Cabinet decisions made to minimise the spread of the disease.

“I’m asking the supermarkets to please put in place some initiatives so that you can monitor and regulate that there are only 20 persons in the store at one time,” the Premier said.

“I humbly suggest that persons stay in their cars … and we [recommend that stores] have numbering systems,” Premier Fahie stated.

He explained that the numbering system will allow would-be shoppers the opportunity to avoid standing in long lines but rather remain in their vehicles while waiting for their numbers to be called.

Remote grocery shopping using technology

Premier Fahie said this method will be perfect for those supermarket establishments who do not have access to technology that helps to regulate the number of persons inside their business.

“For those of you who have access to technology, we are also heavily suggesting to the supermarkets to allow for them (shoppers) to either email or register, in some way, their order with your supermarket using technology. And as a result, you can prepare it and they can either come in for it with a numbering system, or you can have it delivered,” the Premier said.

Utilize food delivery services

The Premier further advised other businesses such as restaurants and delis to consider the option of food delivery or take-out services to avoid crowding during business hours.

“We are asking you to be innovative in this time so we can avoid persons violating the social gathering and distancing measures that have been put in place. It is for your own safety,” Premier Fahie stated.

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  1. Smart says:

    Total genius to make suggestions AFTER deopping such a bomb on ppl. With 2 days to shop and get other stuff done b4 total shutdown you really think ppl are going to patiently wait in their cars?

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  2. Concerned citizen says:

    Government could completely solve crowding issue and general panic by allowing people to make one shopping trip per day during the curfew. That’s the policy being implemented across Europe.

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  3. People says:

    The Government is trying to save lives yet you all complaining.

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    • @People says:

      You are brainwashed and silly! Save lives? The irony is that majority of what is being bought in the supermarkets so munch on over the locked down days will kill us before Corona ever dreams of!

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  4. CALL CNN says:

    Should we call the CNN, BBC Hotline?

  5. Introverted says:

    I am a introvert so I welcome staying at home. I took care of everything so I don’t have to be out in the madness for a while.

  6. @People says:

    Human nature! Can’t please everyone. People will always find something to complain about!?

  7. Too True says:

    If you order from RTW online they suggest you place the order three days in advance!!!!

  8. Sad but God is good says:

    What about the prize rising on households goods , one mark usually has sale every months end what happens your not the action man or you lost in action , rite way given you some sad story about eggs and why they hike up the prizes , as well as others places , ripping the people off, i mean come on , all of us have to lived survive, God forbid if this virus kills off all of us the money will be no used and even if not and persons get sick money cant help you , because this virus doesn’t respect anybody rich poor old young black green white born here or not , look the queen son has it in UK many bran name celebrities has it , lets just all get along love look out for each others

  9. Ausar says:

    Luckily for us here in the US Virgin Islands, supermarkets are considered essential, and is not on the closure list!

    However, you guys there are lucky, because here only TEN persons are allowed at anytime in a market!

    Consider yourselves lucky!

  10. Stay safe says:

    I was in a supermarket in Nanny Cay yesterday, loads of people, cashier without gloves or hand santizer, just a sign on the wall about coronavirus. Bag packer had on a mask. Went to Palestinian shop nearby, same thing with crowding, cashier and bag packer had on a mask. Outside little supermarket in town, man is waiting to be let in and coughing really badly into a mask and holding on to the door handle arguing with the security man he should be let in as it isn’t quite 7 pm yet.and everyone crowding up to see if they can’t get let in as well.

    No one is paying any attention at all.

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