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Stoutt-Igwe appointed Deputy Governor’s PS after acting in post for 2 years

Carolyn Stoutt-Igwe. (Photo by Government Information Service)

It’s official. After more than two years ‘acting’ in the post, Carolyn Stoutt-Igwe has now been confirmed as Permanent Secretary in the Deputy Governor’s Office.

Governor Augustus Jaspert officially appointed her to the post on November 1.

A media release from government said: “As Permanent Secretary in the Deputy Governor’s Office, Mrs Stoutt-Igwe will continue to serve as the chief advisor to the Deputy Governor on the management, leadership and execution of subjects that are within the Deputy Governor’s portfolio.”

“Additionally, she oversees the overall coordination and management of the Office and ensures that all activities are carried out in accordance with government policies and procedures. Her role also includes exercising broad policy oversight over all departments and units within the Governor’s Group and overseeing and coordinating the budget submission of all departments within the Governor’s Group, among many other duties.”

Stoutt-Igwe joined the public service in 1983 and has served in serval capacities such as private secretary to the Chief Minister (now Premier), Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Health, and Executive Private Secretary in the Governor’s Office, among other posts.


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  1. Please says:

    Isn’t this conflict of interest!!The DG is her nephew.

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    • Bvi says:

      Yes but people don’t care to know a thing about bvi and bvislander so that will go unreported

    • west rock says:

      Yes it is when Financial Secretary N S—- was FS his wife was in the same Finance Office and they moved she to the Governors Office this is the same thing conflict of interest Nephew and Aunt. But kisses goes by favour

  2. Why We So says:

    This lady reports directly to the Deputy Governor who has to call her Aunt. Only
    In the BVI

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  3. So. says:

    She is a humble person.

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    • Indeed says:

      She she is a humble individual and well deserving of this Post. However all the long overdue Acting Post needs to fix too.

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  4. STOP THE HATING says:

    Well deserved… Congrats Mrs. Igwe!

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  5. //// says:

    Congratulations Ms. Igwe! But tell me WHO in the government is not related to someone else in the government. That’s what happens when you are so h**l bent on not allowing outsiders/new blood in. H**l, you don’t even want the people born here to be here….Until the mentality changes not much will change in recovery or sustainability of the BVI’s. It is so sad that here as we are sinking that you still can’t see the problems.

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  6. So What says:

    IF David needs aunty Car Car to hold his hand and walk him through the process?

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  7. Wait and see ... says:

    We all know with the looming upcoming events, there is going to be changes all across the public service.

    Think for a minute people…. she’s not staying there…. she’s going over to PO soon.

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  8. Hmmmm says:

    And police officers acting for 3 and 4 years, still have to do written exam, go through a so called competency test and at the end of day some of them still don’t get promoted, inexperienced ones are promoted instead.

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    • Who says:

      I know who you are. What experience are you talking about? They gave you the opportunity to prove yourself. Firth time you scored 8%. The second time you scored 5%.where in the world you expect to be promoted with these kind of score. I am the opinion that one must have a certain level of comprehension of the job you are called to be performed. I had the privilege to come across of one of your case files. I said if the victim only knew the level of ignorance manifested in this matter he would have sued the police department for …….

    • Ah wonder says:

      If I feel like having a malt man

  9. FDB says:

    Well say Ting to talk in 2019

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