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Streets still too dark | Residents, Vanterpool fear for public safety

Fallen streetlight photographed in Road Town.

The absence of functioning streetlights in the capital of Road Town and other communities around the territory are causing disconcertion among some residents.

At least one resident raised the issue with members of government last evening during the NDP Radio programme Monday evening, stating that unlit streets encourage criminal activity.

The area of The Moorings on Wickham’s Cay II is one location that was said to be of particular concern.

“It is a safety issue and yes it is an issue that has to do with crime [and] we are also working and trying to get the traffic lights back in that area,” said Works Minister Mark Vanterpool while addressing the concerns raised.

He said he discussed the matter with authorities at the BVI Electricity Corporation (BVIEC) last week and they plan to address it swiftly.

Vanterpool, however, said his ministry will do a ‘follow up’ to ensure that mounting streetlights remains high on the BVIEC’s to-do list.

“We know that they (the BVIEC) have done a marvellous job in getting things back and they are getting streetlights in as many places as possible. But, yes, the area by The Moorings is really very bad and we have asked them to focus on this quickly as possible and around town generally,” Vanterpool said.

“We are cognizant of it … and we are going to be working hard at that,” the minister reiterated.

The territory has experienced a considerable amount of burglaries and other crimes in recent times.

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  1. Facts says:

    Especially that road to Road Town that runs through Paraquita Bay.

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    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a good thing the Disney ships are only in port during the day. If they were there after dark there would be a mad rush to get lights up. You all want tourism but the government does their very best to keep real tourism away. Real tourism is when there are hotels, restaurants and services that attract visitors. Guess what they do!! They spend money. Then the people on the island would prosper. The government only wants cruise ship for the taxes to fill the government coffers. Why you ask? So they can sip their greedy hands into it. Enough of the BS of no franchises. The local population does not have the ability to attract tourists. The 1 star hotels aren’t attracting anyone. Wake up people and demand a prosperous Territory

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      • Rubber Duck says:

        The BVI has some very good hotels that far exceed what is provided by the chains. We have four Trip Advisor 5 star hotels ( the whole of upscale West Palm Beach doesn’t have a single one) We have quite a few four and a half and four star too.
        What we need are public services and surroundings that match the job our top hotels are doing or will be doing again once rebuilding is complete.

        You think some Holiday Inn and Kentucky Fried Chicken will bring tourists?

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        • Anonymous says:

          Trip Advisor. Fake reviews. Read the news. Enlighten us all on the 5 star hotels. I also gues you’ve never heard of the Breakers., Mulitiple Hyatt’s, Hilton and more. What nonsense you wrote.

  2. strupes says:

    BVIEC gone sleep

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  3. Prof Pothole again says:

    Stop talking professor. Start working.

    All your talk has not fixed a single thing. This is what? The tenth time you mention the darkness?

  4. This guy! says:

    W—– works Minister in the HIStory of the BVi! More talk and less action (pun intended). Get it done it’s over a year now and all you can did is shift the blame and evade the public. Gtfoh

  5. parrot eye says:

    real talk,a lot of loop hole here and there in darkness ,skip light pole by distance.

  6. Faith says:

    You set of ungrateful mfs. We were in total darkness one year ago. BVIEC and outside linesmen worked their butts off to restore light to most of us ungrateful people and all you can do is come on here and complain and insult the hard working men of the Caribbean. I am so ashamed to be reading these kind of comments

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  7. Tallfat says:

    @ faith and bvi ???? It the place not dark/poorly lit? Is the bushes that hang in the road not an issue? Do we pay our taxes? Are we to just hush up when things are not being done? When the money /taxes are taken what do we say government be grateful? This is why so much money gone cause lots of people hush and look away while squandamania was going on. Nobody a beg bvi even or mcw for anything just telling them to do the job for which they are paid to do.

  8. Retired says:

    Please install any new street lights in the BVI with safety bases. Safety bases are designed to break/yield when struck by a vehicle.

  9. Hah says:

    I made a terrible mistake recently by leaving the house to throw the garbage after 7pm without walking with a phone or flashlight. I swear I was sleep walking how pitch black the place was. Big shout out to that car that happen to drive by at the same time.

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  10. Lighthouse says:

    Why are streetlights in the BVI not solar powered? We have free sunshine and lots of it.

    • Mark J T says:

      This is the time – if the infrastructure is being replaced anyway, let’s replace it with sustainable state-of-the-art options with a view to tomorrow, not just today.

  11. Mankind says:

    BVI=Failed state.Shsme on yall politicians and greedy supporters.filth and scumbags.

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