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Stricter curfew begins Wednesday | Gov’t cracking down on non-compliance of protocols

Though the British Virgin Islands will not enter a full lockdown, a new curfew order is coming into effect and will restrict the movement of persons from 1:01 pm to 5 am daily.

Governor Augustus Jaspert made this announcement during a live public broadcast Tuesday morning, September 1.

He said a full lockdown was an option but Cabinet agreed that it would come at a significant cost to the social, economic and mental state of residents.

“We want to avoid this if at all possible so as to not to put additional hardship on individuals who are already facing a very challenging time. Therefore, a new curfew order will come into force tomorrow (September 2) for two weeks,” he said.

“This means you must stay within the confines of your home or yard between these hours (1 pm and 5 am). We need everyone to stay at home as much as possible,” he stated, adding that the limited free-time is to access essential items such as groceries, medicine and for exercise purposes.

He continued: “Please do not gather in groups, visit another household or engage in non-essential activities. When you do go out, you must wear a face mask that fully covers your nose and mouth.”

In the meantime, insurance companies, as well as businesses providing essential services, remittance services and other select services are exempted under this new curfew order.

They must, however, adhere to the social distancing, hand hygiene and other health protocols in place.

Governor Jaspert added that the current restrictions on the movement of vessels on the territorial waters remain in place unless they are otherwise authorised.

New beach hours

To reflect the new curfew order, all beaches will be closed at 12 noon to ensure individuals can be back at home by 1 pm.

“You may only visit beaches for exercise, not for meeting with groups or having parties,” he pointed out.

He said schools will remain closed and will be reviewed every two weeks. Teachers, however, will be allowed to access their classrooms to prepare learning materials and online resources.

Full compliance in effect

In the meantime, Governor Jaspert said the government would be taking a hard stance against persons who break the rules.

He said plans are underway to enhance the police enforcement dan Social-Monitoring Task Force.

He explained that these entities would be visiting establishments and patrolling public places.

“There will be a zero-tolerance policy for individuals or businesses breaking the rules. The law is being changed to remove warnings for first offences. If you are found to be breaking the curfew or failing to wear a face mask or social distance, you could be issued a fine on the spot – $100 for individuals and $1000 for businesses,” Jaspert said.

He added: “Businesses can risk being shut down if they fail to enforce social distancing measures or open without authorisation. Individuals will also be able to report non-compliance or any concerns to the Police by calling 311. Please all take responsibility for keeping us all safe.”

The governor then called on residents to comply with these measures and remain home, follow the guidelines and the curfew order. This, he said, was the only way to avoid a full lockdown.

 “To those individuals and businesses not complying – this is the moment you need to change the approach for the sake of the community. Failure to follow these measures is selfish and puts everyone at risk. The only way to avoid a full 24-hour lockdown is for every single individual to comply,” Governor Jaspert stated.

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  1. Credit says:

    Where is due, this seems to be a measured alternative to full lockdown and it’s success will depend on how respectfully to each other each individual behaves and the level of genuine enforcement.

    No matter the differences that there are in a cabinet, the result this time appears to be positive.

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  2. Hmmm says:

    Is it still possible for expat to return can you all shed some light please and say what are the requirements before the alloted time finish.

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  3. Indigenous Virgin Islander says:

    You still there looking to come in. Its Game Over for you. Your work Permit needs to be cancelled and given to a full blooded Virgin Islander.

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  4. Exactly says:

    @ indigenous virgin islander. My gosh this small island got to have gold and diamond hidden and only these expatriates know where it is. Even with the spread of this virus these people want to come in.what the h**l is going much illegals in this island. Jobs so scare and these people want to come in. And you know the strange thing is that labour was still issuing new work permits two weeks ago. People are still getting sponsored by people who do not have work for them. People who here for two yrs are getting new work permit to work with different employers who do not have work .what is really going on?? Mr minister of labour tell us something.

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  5. Restaurants Open says:

    Restaurants and clubs allowed to be open? Take out ok, 5 am to 12:30pm??

  6. @ Restaurants Open says:

    Businesses as per the Curfew Order passed on 29 August are allowed to open between 5am and 1pm (allow sufficient time to be home by 1pm). Restaurants can only provide take-out.

    I saw customers sitting outside a food van eating yesterday and that is not considered take out.

  7. Read a dictionary says:

    Please look up what the word indigenous is.

    There are no indigenous people in the BVI.

    And work permits to be cancelled? You know how to do law? You know how to do accounts? You know how to do mechanics on a boat? You want to clean hotel rooms?

    Full blood virgin islander? Shut your mouth you xenophobe.

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  8. @indogenous says:

    Full blood Virgin Islanders?

    The pool is too small, with your ideology you’ll create inbread people.

  9. Listening says:

    I came from another Caribbean island and plenty inbreeding was going on and still continue and i also read that this happens in many other Caribbean islands. The bvi is no worst off.i am a full expatriate but i love the bvi more than where i was born.Say what you want but i didn’t have any say in where my mother birth me ok. And if i had a say it surely wouldn’t be the place she birth me. God bless this beautiful island that i call home . This is a place that so many of you have all manner of evil to say about this place but only a few really want to leave. I have friends went back to their country of birth and hoping each day thats this virus subsided and normal work can resume so that they can come back for employment. As to the comment above what would the work permit holders come back to do?? Which hotels are open?? Which charter companies are up and running?? Before you came wasn’t the bvi doing well?? You came because you think you are the brightest. Well let me tell you this .most of the people who came here came here to try for a better life. Most of the developments for the last 20 plus yrs is to the benefit of expatriates and thats a fact. I only hope the government put a ban on these old Japanese vehicles coming in is only then you would hear talk.but remember your country of already done that.wait until the government put a tax on removal of garbage then you would have worst to say.but remember my country of birth and yours already done that to. And remember many inbreeding was going on in your country of birth just like mines.

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  10. You lie says:

    You ain’t no damm expat.

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