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Strictly no phones! Only laptops, tablets allowed as learning aids

For the upcoming school year that will allow all schools to reopen for face-to-face classes, students will now be expected to use electronic devices as essential tools in the classroom, Education Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley announced.

However, mobile phones will not be among the list of permitted digital devices for classes.

“Despite the fact that students are now back in the classroom, the use of technology in the teaching and learning process will continue as we have determined this methodology and instructional format with the use of electronic devices is now official in school delivery,” Dr Wheatley stated in an education update yesterday, August 10.

“Students must come with the proper tools. Tools should include a personal laptop or tablet, textbooks, and writing materials,” the minister added.

According to the minister, electronic textbooks, as well as Google Classroom will also be fully utilised.

Electronic devices became essential items for learning after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic forced much of the world’s schools to implement remote and online learning as the new global standard.

Dress code must be followed

In the meantime, the Education Minister said all school uniforms and the proper dress code will be enforced. Permission must be granted by the principal of the school for any exceptions.

As for lunch and break periods, these will be staggered to ensure proper control of students gathering in groups. Parents are to secure packed lunches for the children from vendors if they are not able to give them lunch from home.

Registration for all schools for the upcoming academic year is now closed.

“Every student in the school should be registered with the Ministry of Education, all incomplete applications to the Ministry of Education must be completed immediately so that placements can be finalised,” Dr Wheatley said.

For secondary public schools, the registration process for Grade 7 is completed only after the textbook fee of $125 is paid and an access code is received.

The fees must be paid at the accounting unit in the Ministry of Education located on the third floor of the Creque building in Road Town. For the sister Islands, Dr Wheatley said payments should be made to the principal of the school.


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  1. my cellphone is my office says:


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  2. The Ice Guy says:

    Minister. Why are you withholding the phones?. In today’s age the children can use the laptops and tablets as phones. Yes ….. they can speak to each other (even with video) on the laptops and other smart devices. Come on Minister…. get with the times

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    • Same says:

      Well whatever they can do on the phone they can also do on a laptop or tablet/ipad except making direct phone calls.

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  3. Well says:

    Mr. Minister you and the government need to provide such for the kids. We were payinh $125. Each year for a used VIDE in five years that 625. Then it will pass on to another child to use. That 625 can buy a laptop for my child to keep.

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    • Parent says:

      Stop forcing parents to waste money on VIDES. In most cases, they are practically useless because they always have one issue or the other. We have Google Classroom. Load the necessary information there and stop wasting or money and frustrating our children with these useless VIDES.

  4. Yawn says:

    You know why no phones are allowed? It’s because you can’t get grown adults in the work place to keep off their phones so we all know it will be ten times worse with children.

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  5. Humm says:

    Why are they asking back for the devices that the loan the children

    • Hmm says:

      At the end of the child 3 or 4 year using the first device they have to return it even though they might have already paid more than the cost each year for it. Then it will pass on to another child.

    • @Humm says:

      You answered your own question. It was a loan, not pay to own.

  6. lillian says:

    Hunmm…. this is
    crazy this man ain’t good in his head
    he only wants money from parents! wellllsaaahhh

  7. lol says:

    so if the ability to make direct phone calls is deemed to be a distraction; How is a voip call via whatsapp or any other mobile app any less a distraction? The logic is dumb no matter how you slice it.

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