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Structure arrives at West End port, opens next week

BVI News captured this structure at the West End port on Wednesday, July 11.

A container resembling what will be transformed into a temporary facility to house Customs and Immigration officers has arrived at the West End port on Tortola.

The arrival of the structure follows Premier Dr D Orlando Smith’s promise of a structure being delivered to the location this week.

Speaking in the House of Assembly on Tuesday, Premier Smith said the structure will be up and running within the next few days.

“There will be a facility being provided at West End to improve the situation at the port and will be operational by midweek, certainly, next week,” Dr Smith said.

He had made the statement days after Works Minister Mark Vanterpool said government had to abandon its initial plan to erect a temporary port facility at West End because of the current hurricane season.

Vanterpool had further said he did not know when the long-anticipated structure for the port would have been erected.

While lodging fresh complaints about the absence of a port facility at the location, First District Representative Andrew Fahie told the House of Assembly West End represented the second largest revenue-earner of all the ports in the territory.

He said, as such, government should have given the port greater priority.

Customs and Immigration officers still based at West End dock have been operating under a tent since last year’s hurricanes.

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  1. Gerance P. says:

    YES!!! Excellent news!!!!
    Please make sure to sensitivity train the staff. Customer relations education is the next most important step to progress. Our financial lives are at stake here!
    Attitude is everything!

    Thank you!

    • @Gerance P says:

      Haul you MS….You want to me dam rude and expect people to treat you all with respect. Immigration and Custom officers are boarder patrol…..we pay them s*&t and expect them to take S*&T for the public….sensativity training goes both ways

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      • Gerance P says:

        I do agree.. it certainly does go both ways. Smiles and understanding and a welcoming nature is what our beautiful islands are all about… we are a slice of heaven on this busy Earth. The border agents have a tremendous job and protect us all. They should be paid nicely for that and deserve our thanks and honor and respect. And along with that power should come leadership and the example for how we expect those who visit us to act. Attitudes are catchy. Negative ones and positives ones.

        • @Gerance says:

          That is not what we and these islands are all about. Excuse me but we are an international financial business centre…so cut the crap…

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          • Doctor says:

            Actually, tourism may be our strongest long term sustainable business. Financial services may become a different business as the result of the benificial ownership issue.
            We really do need to better train our customs and immigration staff. They can be the best in the world in protecting us while at the same time representing us in a polite and highly respectful way. We need to review all of our practices now and imagine how they can be improved. We strong well educated leadership with vision.

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    • L says:

      Excellent news? Have you seen the picture? That thing is an embarrassment.

      If what I am hearing is true, about the building next to the West End dock being offered for use. The government need licks.

      • ??? says:

        Hey L,

        I’m here having a good laugh right now…. We waited almost a year for a painted container with windows. Boy this place is just pathetic messon.

      • Optimist says:

        Oh come on! It’s not that bad. If you squint your eyes up real tight it could be a thing of beauty. Add some shutters, a bit of signage and some paint and what do you have?
        A pile of s*&t.

    • Rubber Duck says:

      Such a beautiful colour. I am trying to think what it reminds me of.

      Ah yes, it’s the state of the BVI.

  2. NEW PARTY says:


  3. Govt real slow says:

    Wow took that long to get a container with some holes cut out for windows and doors.

  4. this a joke says:


  5. Sam the man says:

    WTF… a year on and that is the best the “No Direction party” have come up with! we must be the laughing stock of the whole of the Caribbean….that rough steel container will heat up like an oven, I pity the staff that have to put up with such appalling conditions…

  6. RealPol says:

    The upside is that West End Port is on the verge of being reopened since the decimation by by Hurricane Irma. On the other hand, after 9 months the MCW came up with what look like a CONEX Box or PODS (Portable on Demand Storage). How long does it take to procure a PODS unit?

  7. Is it a prison? says:

    You sure that structure wasn’t meant for Balsum Ghut??

  8. Interested says:

    Not looking so good,but far better than a tent.Hope they get organized with a permanent building soon,People’s livelihoods are at stake.Taxi drivers,vendors etc are hurting badly.

  9. Say so says:

    Looks like a fire Hazzard!!

  10. Not2Sure says:

    Dear Lord. After 10 months this is the best we could do?

    If this is our new customs and immigration terminal, I fear for what the High School will look like when they are done.

  11. citizen says:

    the complex need ac the workers suffering in the summer heat

  12. resident says:

    another ndp success

  13. Wow says:

    I guess this is how seriously the premier takes the needs of the people of the bvi. To hurt one man they are willing to hurt many… NDP out all the way buddy, I don’t want to see any one of their faces sitting on government next year, whether good, bad or ugly… All O-U-T, yuh understand!

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  14. Just Ice says:

    Next we going to hear that cost a million $$

  15. JK says:

    Island Pride……

  16. Shipping container arrives at West End port says:

    After ten months the great and noble government of the NDP delivers. A brand new shipping container will serve to clear visitors to the BVI though customs and immigration.

    Speaking in the House of Assembly on Tuesday, Premier Smith said “at the current rate of production we should be able to roll out this 22nd century technology to all ports over the next 4 years”

    Works Minister Mark Vanterpool said “Morale will go through the roof once we’re able to cut a hole to provide ventilation”

    Other works will still need to be preformed to the new shipping container technology to prevent the sealed box from filling up with water from the ventilation hole. These works are expected to be completed after the current hurricane season for obvious reasons.

  17. lol says:


  18. HMM says:

    is best them had leave them under the tents. Still no bathrooms..

  19. LOL says:

    I could remember the NDP THEME SONG “action speaks louder than words”

  20. Hmmm says:

    What an insult.

  21. Wow says:

    Nice prison
    Is it?

  22. Retired says:

    That is one ugly 20′ container. Looks like a prison prop from the old Mad Max movies filmed in Australia. I guess the future upgrade for West End after the election will be a 40′ container.

  23. West End says:

    How about a thank you to Curt and Nancy Richardson and Blue Ocean Caribbean for loaning the Ports Authority that (insulated) office container, to get those hard working Customs and Immigration officers out from under a tent and in to an air conditioned shelter, until something more substantial can be built?

    Those of us in West End appreciate the Richardson’s continued support so suggest the rest of you go and find something else to be offended by.

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    • Diana says:

      @West End: No one is dissing the Richardson Family as matter fact I thank to them for helping in our time of need. I think most people are mad that after 10 months this all the government could come with. Lets be serious we are a tourist destination and this does not look good as a First Impression to our visitors. Do we really want that to be what the see and think about the BVI before actually meeting many of our hardworking people in the tourist industry and experiencing our fine hospitality.

      • James says:

        Exactly first impressions, and a container parked on rubble is not good – mad max theme. The tent was a welcome and the staff were pleasantly friendly. Far better than Road town which is so busy. Take a leaf out of st Thomas have a band playing, rum shots, flowers -. A warm welcome as though the visitors are visiting your home. However I am mindful that past experience predicts future performance so not hopeful a whole lot will change! But perverse the fact BVI is difficult to get to keeps many away leaving the beaches empty and the place a pure unspoilt unpopulated paradise.

  24. Diana says:

    What a way to make a First Impression on our visitors. What do you thing our visitor and return friends will think when they see this. I know some works will be done on it but is this the best option. Remember we are a tourist destination and this does not look good. On top of that they have to deal with some bad attitudes being displayed by the some Immigration and Custom Officers. Did the tourist board signoff on this? I would like to know the answer.

    @New Party: Seven (7) million sure could do a lot for us now. This look more like a $.07cents idea if you ask me. Hope we get it together very soon.

  25. ..... says:

    Is that a mobile prison

  26. CGB Resident says:

    Seriously. Are they intending to clear full boat loads of ferries thru this? Hardly enough room for the officers let alone visitors/tourists standing outside to clear in. What if it’s raining. Gosh if we only had the 7 M back from the airplane that flew off into the sunset .

  27. CW says:


  28. Better says:

    We can do better. Oh my not acceptable.
    Putting them in this is saying this is what we can afford. Oh my my

  29. Suddenly says:

    Suddenly, realizing the BVI must be broke. A borrowed container, is now West End Customs n Immigration Office, beyond belief. Fasten your seatbelt, folks.

  30. From T to T says:

    Hey, we just upgraded from a Tent to a Trailer….Yipeeee

  31. Facility! says:

    Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha! I had to check twice this wasn’t an ‘Onion’ report

  32. STT/BVI day traveller says:

    fu*&% disgrace for all the money they make best you leave them under a tent!! This aint no better, i hope they have AC at less.

  33. Hmmm says:

    Maybe That’s the structure that has in the supplies to build the real structure lol

  34. Tola says:

    Ayo should be thankful some people well want a shelter. You all was under tent hmm smh

  35. Amazing!!!!! says:

    I am really at a loss for words!!!!! the MC stated the the temporary solution was not suitable because it would not be able to withstand the winds… in effect money down the drain.!!! Only to be replaced by a storage container? How in the world is this seen as an improvement!!! If I remember correctly from a news report the Mags court started a temp building that was supposedly robust enough for the weather.

  36. Rubber Duck says:

    I would like to thank the teams of consultants, designers, architects and imagineers who came up with this beautiful addition to the BVI scene at a cost of only two or three million dollars of tax payers money.

    It is a great example of how switched on, cutting edge and business and tourist friendly the BVI is.

  37. LCS says:

    Will this container withstand strong winds? Don’t think so ????. Wonder what the real reasons are for not having the works done. Maybe they are going into building a permanent facility and save money. Building a temporary facility to later build a permanent one will be waste of resources and money. Do it right the first time!

  38. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Is the slow as molasses pace in getting the West End Port back in operation since the devastating damages from Hurricanes Irma and Maria a deliberate political action? Or it is evidence that the NDP is still reeling like a top since September 2017 and is in essence a failed government? Has Hurricanes Irma and Maria truly exposed the unpreparedness, readiness and weakness of the NDP government? The performance of the NDP is painful to watch from both the 30 feet and 30,000 level.

    Ok. The facilities at the West End Port in 9 months moved from an embarrassing and non-aesthetically pleasing cheap tent to a donated storage container. Wow! Is this the Premier’s standard of being open for business? Is the BVI tarnishing its image as a top small tourist destination in the region? Virgin Islanders, do we expect better? If yes, then let’s demand better. Are we happy and satisfied with the national state of affairs? If no, then let’s demand change that meets our satisfaction?

    • Anzai says:

      ” Is the BVI tarnishing its image as a top small tourist destination in the region?”

      We need tourists of all sizes, not just small ones.This is typical of the metropolitan elite’s midgetist agenda.

  39. Black Beauty says:

    First, let me say thanks to the contributors. However, this is an embarrassment for the BVI!

    I am sure if they had asked Clarence Thomas Ltd., to contribute some wood to build a wooden structure this would have been much more ideal.

    The BVI is a tourist destination, and this does not speak well for the BVI. It looks like we are going backward and not progressing forward!

  40. Reality says:

    Is it any wonder St Martin, St Thomas and actually most of the Caribbean are delighted with how inept and slow we are to pick ourselves up! They are benefiting big time as tourists are going there instead – we are F….ked unless we get somebody in government that can actually manage and deliver things- tourism is going to take years to recover at this rate.

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