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Students bring creativity to life

On Monday, May 29, eCampers held an art exhibition showcasing a kaleidoscope of art pieces that were produced during the “Art Rocks the World” programme.

In less than one month, more than 29 students were able to produce more than 100 pieces ranging from paintings, collages, sculptures, dream catchers and a few art works created from recycled car tyres.

Many students expressed that the programme was very beneficial, and they will continue to practice their newly learnt skills in hopes of selling their pieces.

Elmore Stoutt High School student Makeda Christopher was fortunate enough to have sold one of her pieces early on the day of the exhibition. She said, “I am happy that I sold my painting ‘everything everything’ (acrylic painting on canvas), and I liked the programme overall.”

During the evening, a number of other students also sold pieces of their work.

There was the typical ‘I am not ready to sell these pieces yet’ from one student in particular – Alexia Penn, whose work was highly sought-after. She produced two collages and a cubist piece on canvas.

The flaming rose

The exhibition also featured works by four students of the Eslyn Henly Richez Learning Centre.

The goal of the programme is to enhance artistic skills by creating products and art that sell.

Director and Founder of eCamps BVI Portia Harrigan said ‘Art Rocks the World’ also helps to develop creative thinking, which is critical in all work environments.

The programme began on May 1 and comprised classes in figure casting, painting, photography, paper mache with quilling, rubber sculpting, collages, and still life drawing.

Classes were taught by Bahamian artists Candis Marshall and Nowé Harris-Smith. They were supported by COSME and Mourant Ozannes.

For more information about this and other eCamps BVI programmes, visit CLICK HERE or call 284-494-8011. eCamps BVI seeks to help children learn more about their immediate surroundings, as well as to develop a greater appreciation for the substantive issues of the wider world, focusing on building character and confidence, and assisting in the development of leadership skills.

Made from tyres

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