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Students out of hospital: No broken limbs


All five female Grade 12 students of the Elmore Stoutt High School who were taken to Peebles Hospital yesterday after the bus in which they were traveling stopped suddenly have been treated and released from the medical facility.

No broken limbs or major injuries were recorded.

Up to when BVI News Online reported the story last evening, only two of the five students were released from the hospital.

The other three were released last night, said Principal Sandy Underhill.

“All of the students involved in the incident that took place yesterday have been released after being treated by doctors from the hospital. Students have reported soreness of the body due to the impact, but doctors have confirmed that none of the students sustained any broken limbs or major injuries.”

Underhill also stated that the students were exempted from attending school, as per doctor’s orders.

Meanwhile, Acting Chief Education Officer Connie George, in a statement on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Culture, said parents of the injured students were contacted for updates on their current condition following their discharge from hospital.

She said the students only made mention of soreness of the body, which is expected due to the incident.

George added that she is grateful to God for his blessings and protection over the students.

She further stated that the ministry will continue to keep in contact with the students and their parents as they continue to recover from the incident.

The Grade 12 students were injured on February 2 when the school’s bus, which transports students to and from the H Lavity Stoutt Community College campus, had to make an emergency stop in an attempt to avoid collision with another vehicle.

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