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Students smoking in video ‘disciplined’ | Policy coming to tackle ‘anti-social behaviour’

Not the female students mentioned in the story.

The Ministry of Education will be implementing a policy to tackle various forms of ‘anti-social misbehaviour’ displayed by local students.

Education Minister Dr Natalio Wheatly made that statement following the release of a video showing a group of uniformed female students from a prominent local secondary school smoking an unknown substance in an unidentified bathroom.

Dr Natalio Wheatley said he was aware of the incident whose video has been circulating heavily on social media locally.

“I am having the matter investigated,” said Dr Wheatley, who noted that the students in the video have already been disciplined.

“I’m certainly concerned; not just about that behaviour displayed in the video, but lots of other incidents that we’ve been discussing within the ministry and within the administration of the schools. We will soon be rolling out an action plan to deal with various forms of anti-social misbehaviour,” Dr Wheatley told BVI News on Wednesday.

Just last month, the education minister said a zero-tolerance approach would be taken towards negative behaviour displayed by students and that his ministry would be making amendments to the Education Act to clamp down on such activities.

And after a number of videos of student fights began making rounds on social media locally, Dr Wheatley also said his ministry would be reviewing the legislation that governs the territory’s cyber activity.

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  1. PTSD says:

    The growing up mistakes are currently bigger due to PTSD from Irma and these kids need counselling and empathy more than discipline. Have a read about how they changed the process in New Orleans when they realised that the increased rate of youth problems was due to Katrina and all the after effects. Telling them off doesn’t stop it. Need to work with kids to find what the triggers are in their life that leads them to make bad decisions and give them coping skills to change.

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    • Sad Reality says:

      The reality is those in authority do not understand nor appreciate the effects trauma has on a child. They look at the now and do not consider the long term effects.

      Many a time, decisions are made like it’s just another day on the job pushing paper.

      Prolonged exposure to an environment uncondusive to a child’s development, sudden change in normality, traumatic events, to name a few all negatively impact a child’s behaviour.

      Children are yearning for their feelings to be recognised and their voice to be heard.

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    • Hmmm says:

      Today’s society is to blame! Look on social media and you’ll see it’s the foolish people is who considered cool and the real cool people consider weak. I believe it’s called LIT

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    • Please says:

      These children need old time discipline. A good beating from their parents. Also, parents need to stop playing friend with the children

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  2. YBM says:

    Young people dont let social media ruin your future PLEASE! I’m not against smoking a lil reefer but do it in a private location and do not record yourself. Your future employer may just be watching and once it circulates its worst. Dont let social media be your downfall. A wise man once told me “Your desire to be glorified will eventually let to your demise” BE WISE Young People.

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  3. VI gyal says:

    This was heart wrenching to watch. I did not even watch the entire thing. Young ladies wise up!

  4. And says:

    often they are reflecting and living out the identical traumas being witnessed of their parents.

    Sometimes, problems are best left to the experts to solve.

    But in this community, every person calling him/herself a chriatian and reads a bible only, has a set of antiquated beliefs and systems that they think are the answers to every life’s situation.

    Point being made, put some professional expert resources into mental health at the schools for children, and at clinics for adults.

    As, it is not only the children who have and are suffering from the effects of Ir/Maria.

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  5. Interesting! says:

    Yet it’s under your proposal such videos would not be available…….

  6. Morris says:

    It is interesting how this person was disciplined while others receive jail time and large fine. Is the law only for certain individuals?

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  7. BS! says:

    M—- – who have been jailed or received a large fine for being filmed getting high? No one. Only people caught in physical possession (not just filmed) can be sent to jail or fined.

  8. I'm saying this says:

    Those kids set themselves up thinking it is cool. The Internet is the secret police. They are watching why you think so many people is getting caught, even if you delete, there is always a record.

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  9. STRUPES says:


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  10. Hello says:

    I want to see the video of them bein “disciplined”. How do we know they were smoking cannabis? What if it was tobacco? How do we prove otherwise? If people in tortola start using VPN then there will be no way to trace the uploaders or resenders of such content. How do we approach that? If we gon make it illegal to spread bad then we might as well do the same for spreading good because information is information and that raises awareness.

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  11. Okay... says:

    Why are there cameras in a bathroom?….

  12. :) says:

    To the people talking about PTSD from Irma what is the excuse for the many delinquent actions before Irma? This didn’t start yesterday or last year. The delinquency is a result of poor parenting from terrible and absentee parents. Parents that are more willing to fight and curse the teachers when their children are disciplined instead of disciplining their children. These new era parents are creating little monsters and unleashing them into the world. They dont have time for their children so they buy them a cellphone and have the internet raising their kids. Recently a mother and son was charged with looting a store after Irma. This is the type of role models children have to look up to in today’s world. Dont blame Irma for your nasty ways.

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  13. what a ting says:

    Disciplining a child takes the home, the school and th community.
    1.Some parents are ypung andlack parenting skills 2. Some parents themselves have no morals so what can they teach 3. Fathers are absent inthe home and leave the upbringing of the child to the mother. 4. sompe fathers continue to cheat on their wives and vise versa and treat the sweet ting better so parents are always fighting- angry children5. parents subsitute material thins for love 6. Everybody on their phones amilies hadrly communicate with ech other. At the school: Administration stay in their office and hardly discipline students, teachrs have no boundaries with students, the community looks the other way So more lawlessness. look at the Speaker in the House. Not respecting the laws of the land. What do you expect. What ating! More chaos

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  14. Foriegn says:

    I lives all the way in New Jersey and someone sent it to me on my WhatsApp. It saddens me when I see this. Parents do not have eyes behind their head to see what their children do behind their back. We all have children and we all have homework to do with our children. One thing my parents taught me is when we see our neighbour’s house on fire take water and sprinkle yours. So let’s not bash on other people children and think ours are perfect because we do not know what goes on when we are not with them.

  15. cookie says:

    So what….Tortola got grade nowadays…Rbody burning nowadays.

  16. B.S.A says:

    im sick of people acting like all they do is sit at home and pray judgmental A-holes

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