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Summer programmes postponed as COVID cases balloon to 273

Dr Ronald Georges

BVI health officials have moved to postpone all summer camps and programmes following the announcement of a COVID-19 outbreak in the territory.

In the latest health bulletin dated July 4, the total number of confirmed positive cases stood at 273. Officials have not determined how many of those cases are asymptomatic, given the rapid spike. The bulletin, however, noted that symptom analysis was ongoing.

More than 250 positive cases have been reported to be on Tortola.

In a media release published at the weekend, officials at the Health Ministry said the suspension was until further notice.

The BVI’s second COVID-19 death was announced last Friday along with more than 50 new positive cases that saw the territory’s COVID count skyrocket past 150.

The health ministry urged compliance with its latest directive as it strives to control and suppress the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The release further advised that the Ministry of Health continues to encourage the community to protect themselves by exercising and eating healthy, boosting their immune systems, wearing masks over their mouth and nose, washing or sanitising theirs hands, and practising proper cough etiquette.

Officials making efforts to prevent community spread

Chief Medical Officer, Dr Ronald Georges has chronicled the myriad efforts made by health officials to maintain control of the situation.

He said aggressive contact tracing had been done on those that tested positive for the virus. Dr Georges further announced that several business places including several bars and nightclubs were ordered closed to facilitate quarantine measures.

Of much significance as well, Dr Georges said while there are more than 200 persons in mandatory quarantine, he expected that these numbers will continue to rise.

This is the first time since the virus has hit the BVI that there has been an outbreak of this magnitude, and Dr Georges has warned that if the multiple clusters of the virus are not arrested, there will be community spread.

According to Dr Georges, samples collected from the recent outbreak will be sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) in Trinidad early this week. There, CARPHA will conduct genetic sequencing to determine if any new variants are presently circulating in the territory.

He said while officials continue to monitor the situation, persons are asked to behave responsibly and comply with all measures and instructions.


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  1. Sea too? says:

    Sailing summer programmes too?

  2. GTFOH says:

    People complained about the lockdown, curfew and borders remaining closed. Everything government did that worked they complained about. They talked about whose border was opened and who was making money. They all begged for the borders to be opened, Opposition members, industry people from the marine and hotel associations and constituents. They pressured and criticized government daily.

    Government begged for people to get vaccinated. The people went from ridiculous theories such as blaming 5g, Bill Gates and even mark of the beast. Now they are seeking more people to blame other than themselves for not following protocols and listening to recommendations. They so twisted they now blame the smallest segment of society, the vaccinated for the problems. The people that took the vaccines are the ones that are most likely following and listening to the guidelines, still wearing mask etc. The unvaccinated are the ones not taking anything seriously and going to clubs without mask and congregating wherever they feel like within 6 ft of each other.

    They run with Everything they see on the internet when it is convenient to their way of thinking. If they see a big foot video they will ignore it because big foot doesn’t fit their agenda but look how they accepted the 5G theory more than the Bible. Where are all the 5g talk now? What happened? Now the stupidity evolving into blaming the vaccinated. Some people actually believe standing next to a vaccinated person will result in some negative side effects because they saw something on the internet. People pick and choose what they want to believe. There are realistic looking “aliens”on the internet. Talking dogs, cats, horses, haunted houses, magical potions to live forever and get rich, people that fly and move objects with their minds. They don’t believe that because it’s fake but they choose to believe videos of plots to depopulate the earth, people getting seizures because of vaccinated people and the all powerful 5G that causes COVID-19 symptoms. Before it is all said and done the excuses will evolve once again when the narrative changes and this will all be forgotten like the 5G theory.

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    • Dr says:

      Why don’t you see how many already had the JAB?

      • GTFOH says:

        Everybody in the BVI should follow the protocols when in public. The mandates in the BVI doesn’t make exceptions to mask wearing, sanitization etc. for vaccinated persons. Nobody can tell who is vaccinated or not just by looking at someone but we can tell who the idiots are that are not wearing mask, wearing mask below the nose, holding gatherings within 6 ft of each other etc. There are restaurants where the waiters and waitresses are not wearing mask, the patrons do the same even just to collect food and pay. It would be hard to spread the virus if you wear a mask and sanitize regardless of if you “took the jab” or not. The problem is idiots are everywhere.

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    • Tongue Fu says:


      Now I am no conspiracy theorist so I cannot speak for them.

      However there are those who have valid reasons for not taking the jab whether it be religious, medical, belief in natural medicine or just cultural belief. If someone is being asked to inject something in their system that has well documented side effect then they have a right to decide whether or not they wish to take it. i am not even going to venture into the vaccination campaign that only dealt with all that is good about the vaccine as it was this miracle drug.

      Now in regards to your comment about unvaccinated persons going to the clubs and misbehaving again it is biased. On the 15th June the Government made a decision to exempt the vaccinated from quarantine. this goes against all scientific knowledge of the vaccines which clearly states you can not only catch it but you can spread it. 2 weeks later this. However you chose to blame it on all the unvaccinated people going to the clubs as if they alone go there. you were there to check their vax status? This policy has also led to more division when this should be a time for unity and us working together for solutions. I hope they correct it today but I am doubtful they would.

      Vaccination appears to be their only solution.

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      • GTFOH says:

        I never put the blame on any individual group except for those that refused to follow guidelines. Reading is fundamental. I just highlighted the steps government has been taken which were met with opposition. I’m not a cheerleader for the vaccine as I think it is a choice for everyone to decide for themselves. My problem is those that choose to follow foolish conspiracy theories even when it defies all logic.

        Regarding the quarantine/ no quarantine issue. This is a scapegoat tactic. Whether you have covid or not the chances to spread it can be greatly reduced by just following protocol. We still have protocols in place which are not being enforced by businesses and not taken seriously by patrons. Doctors treat infected people everyday with viruses like the flu and the common cold and dont get it because they wear mask and sanitize. It works the same way with Covid.

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        • Tongue Fu says:


          “Government begged for people to get vaccinated. The people went from ridiculous theories such as blaming 5g, Bill Gates and even mark of the beast. Now they are seeking more people to blame other than themselves for not following protocols and listening to recommendations. They so twisted they now blame the smallest segment of society, the vaccinated for the problems”.

          Writing is one thing, comprehension of what you wrote is another. I wonder if you even comprehend
          what you wrote. Try again.

          • GTFOH says:

            That entire paragraph is dedicated to the morons who believe in conspiracy theories over the guidelines and those that refuse to follow guidelines for legitimate reasons. The ones that believe in these wild theories are the same ones that are doing what they want. They look at mask wearing in a time of a pandemic as a violation of their rights. I’ve heard them listen to a BS YouTube video of some guy predicting the takeover of the world through the vaccine. These guys are gullible and cant tell real from fake.

  3. Snoppy says:

    “The release further advised that the Ministry of Health continues to encourage the community to protect themselves by exercising and eating healthy, boosting their immune systems”

    Lol. A bit late for that… the horse has already bolted!

  4. What About says:

    FESTIVAL? Any festival jouvert and parade for 2021?

  5. Anonymous says:

    All this back & forth about taking & not taking a vaccine. This is worldwide. If you think a plant is gonna have a cure, go ahead & wait. If you think being healthy is gonna work, go ahead & see if that works. If you think a vaccine is a cure, better grab a dictionary, vaccine & cure have different definitions. If world leaders were transparent, making decisions would be easy but to listen to the public that has no education in the field of medicine & disease is RIDICULOUS! !! If you think the words in a book, on a scroll, stone tablet is gonna be you savior, think you need to ask the writers of those religions if it gave them eternal life. Funny how people hate & fear science but the moment they get sick or injured they’re grabbing a smartphone to dial 999. I wonder who created that option. The car you drive, clothes you wear, infact your very food because the bvi don’t produce anything. Don’t be the last person to cross the rope bridge after its been weaken by time. There are variants everywhere & we’ll need boosters for those eventually, don’t be the person the still need the first jabs to eventually get a booster. We definitely don’t have the time to create new vaccines for those who never got the first jabs for these variants.

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