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Supermarkets now allowed to open until 9 pm as Thursday shoppers overwhelm stores

Government has made an amendment to its ‘limited and managed’ curfew hours to now allow supermarkets an extended time to open and operate from Thursday, April 2 to Saturday, April 4.

On those three dates (this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) supermarkets will be allowed to open from 8 am to 9 pm.

All other essential businesses will open from 6 am to 6 pm.

Premier Andrew Fahie made that announcement in a late-evening statement on Thursday, April 2 after shoppers with surnames beginning from ‘A’ through to ‘I’ overwhelmed supermarkets across the territory.

That ‘A – I’ category of shoppers have also been granted an additional day to shop.

“On Friday, only persons with surnames beginning from ‘J’ through ‘R’ are allowed to access the essential services. In addition, all persons with surnames from ‘A’ through ‘I’ who did not get to shop today will be allowed to shop on Friday, April 3,” the Premier stated.

He said “extra security” will be placed in all supermarkets to ensure social distancing measures and all other policies are followed.

Following the three days of limited and managed curfew — which ends at 9 pm on Saturday, April 4 — the territory will enter 14 days of 24-hour lockdown.

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  1. LOL says:

    So just about anyone from A-I can go tomorrow …even those who ALREADY shopped today LOL yeah that was well thought out

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    • Well Thought Out ? says:

      Not so fast!!. This new curfew should have been one week now, (which I’m assuming most persons thought could have run into another week) and adding the other week after; thus reducing the stress. Curfews are not that different from Jail Sentences and most people are dreaded by the thought of Jail and Restrictions; especially for something or a Crime not commited. Shopping is Stressful; Very Stressful. Over the years we have shopped for a few days during the hurricane season; usually for a few days. Shopping for 2 weeks is totally new and more stressful because of the extra money it takes and the time it takes; especially on Virgin Gorda and the other sister islands, where one may have to run around from store to store because the supermarkets, (or stores actually) are smaller and less stocked compared to those on Tortola; hence shoppers may have to run around to perhaps 3 stores, (waiting in line 3 more lines).
      Sometimes the Rule Books need to be thrown out in favor of Common Sense and what is Practical. We experienced hurricane Irma only a couple years ago and many, including myself, is still highly stressed.
      BVI so far was wise to close its borders early on; thus reducing the possibility of having infected persons in our midst; thereby lessening the necessity of the extra heavy security measures of 2-weeks curfew; adding extra stress to an already stressed out population. Don’t forget the hurricane season is right around the corner. Something else to think about.

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  2. Good job government says:

    You absolutely totally messed this up.

    First you kept repeating we didn’t need to stock up and we had nothing to worry about.

    Then all of a sudden panic. Two confirmed cases and you switched to panic mode. 5 days curfew. Why 5 days? The incubation period is 14!

    Now three days to spread the virus all over the place and then 12 days.

    Did you guys learn how to count in primary school?

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  3. @LOL says:

    Thought out? None of this was thought out. Thousands of people queued standing next to each other, breathing on each other as they wait to try and shop to last 14 days. Latest reports indicate that the virus suspends in the air just from breathing. Soooo, you don’t need to be around someone coughing. Just breathe next to someone who has the virus. There was no thought of stationing police at the supermarkets and banks to insure distancing while people waited. This shows a clear lack of leadership by the entire government. The next few weeks will be quite interesting

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    • Disappointed says:

      I honestly did not expect this chaos today. I thought there would have been strong policing all day?‍♀️

    • Quite says:

      These BVI governments are too arrogant and it hurts every person here. They refused help from professionals after Irma and now they have a load of ex-military folk who are well trained in managing chaos who are with RDA, already under-utilised and today would have been invaluable. But no, our leaders know better…

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    • Police says:

      Security at Bobby’s said there were police called because of problems in line caused by many cutting in.But police would come park up and shop for sodas and snacks and pampers two or three at a time.They didn’t even look at the people shouting and accusing each other, just beep their horn to get them out of the way.

  4. ROFLOL says:

    Yup you thought today was a disaster, wait for tomorrow. The extra police that was supposed to be on hand didn’t seem to materialize until later in the evening.

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    • Smh says:

      I know someone with a surname beginning with “R” and that person was allowed to shop at several stores this morning. Government needed to be VERY STRICT and fine those who were out today and didnt fall in the surname bracket.

    • Calm Down says:

      Today turned out to be a real Disaster for shoppers on VG. Why”. Due of course to lack of planning. if we didn’t have the Corona Virus B4 we might have it now. Because of the past week into Lockdown Mode, food supplies would have been running low, those permitted to go shopping woke up with shopping on their mind and was anxious to get out and get it done. I myself was anxious and get it over with. But as I began heading towards the stores I quickly notice that it was going to be a disaster. All 4 food markets were overwhelmed from early with hundreds of shoppers standing immediately outside their doors; most of them in violation of the social distancing guideline. Others stood across the street, or under shade trees to get out of the scorchIng sun. Several times within a short time span, I heard shouting within the crowd asking the crowd to spread out. Unfortunately lack of proper planning proved today’s shopping rather frustrating and disappointing. It was already late in the afternoon when policemen finally noticed that the Social Distance protocol was being ignored as shoppers realising that time was running out began angling for position as close to the entrance as possible hoping to be next to be allowed in. Like many others who didn’t finish shopping, I am happy to have another chance to get out and get prepared for the first Citizen Arrest of my life. Leadership does in fact matter!

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  5. fuh real.. says:

    they better stock up on baby food and pampers, next 9 months the lines will be just as long

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  6. Sad says:

    I felt very sad for the seniors who were treated like dirt while waiting in the line. And I was appalled to hear what super cop said to one senior citizen as she waited *sigh* What a heartless society. And the government had to realize the little time they were giving was definitely NOT ENOUGH.

    • Vanterpool man says:

      Small line outside Vanterpool. Old man a bit confused in his 80s first in line but security guy kept telling him he have to join the line and it was his last chance. It seem he was in the wrong line but what was the right line? People saying he could go in before them.But the security guard just let people from the other line in. The man there a long time and when I leave he never get in. Small amount of power going to some people’s heads.

  7. Disinterested says:

    Cooped up for 6 days, coupled with three positive Coronavirus cases, is causing fear, uncertainty, panic ………etc among people. This herd mentality among shoppers should have been anticipated and it will continue tomorrow and Saturday. On another note, though the stay at home directive may be an inconvenience, it is the best means to protect against contracting the virus, since there is no treatment, cure nor vaccine. Be safe and stay safe.

  8. Unfortunate says:

    It’s clearly unfortunate that your lives are in the incompetent hands of crooked politicians that know no more how to govern than wipe their ar***. You may live or die, have food or go hungry by virtue of a society in such deep racist hatred that they will not under any circumstances allow a white man to assist in government affairs. How awful for you all. Look around the world. Black and White govern together achieving a balance but not in the racist BVI. Only the Black Belonger may rule. Well after this cluster f**k there may not be many Belongers left,

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  9. "Bright ideas" says:

    I am trying to figure out who comes up with these “bright ideas” but does not put measures in place to ensure that everyone adheres to the rules. No one asked me for I.D at Rite Way yesterday. So that “let’s shop by surname” was a huge fail. The police station is literally a floor up from that Rite Way…you’re telling me that they could not assign officers to manage the crowd, ensuring 6 or more feet apart, requesting identification? So much for “looking out for the people.of the Virgin Islands”, Mr. Premier. Congratulations. Smh

  10. Shame says:

    These set of Bozo’s actually thought their idea would work??! Now a second day of chaos will come. What was your point Premier! How can you tell who didn’t shop yesterday? You all are very green indeed. You put us in a curfew and then erase it with your piss poor planning. Shame on you Premier and your Cabinet.

    You have put your people in harms way because of your lack of vision. Happy?

  11. Tooth&Claw says:

    So when government assures us that they have a plan and everything is under control we can assume that the opposite is true. Because what idiot actually thought that close to 30k people were going to get two weeks shopping done in three days when only twenty persons are allowed in the store at any one time?


  12. H M says:

    You people are just full of it,cant you all see whats going on around the world. The gorvenment didn’t cause this they are trying their best to fix it and yall just bad mouthing every day. Its a very good call to lock down the countery.

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  13. Revisit the plan says:

    Premier, guv

    All governments have had to revisit their plans as they turn out to be wrong. But here BVI is way out of line with anyone else in the world.

    Keep access for shopping (only) open during curfew. Don’t force everyone to mingle these three days.


  14. Crazy says:

    Video and images are spread all over the world. The BVI is the only country to act this way and disregard the medical advice of social distancing. Haven’t you learned there are cases that go undetected? You can catch it from breathing the same air? This chaos may just wipe out a huge percentage of the belonger population.
    In 14 days you will see similar lines trying to get one of the few hospital beds at Peebles. But since you all shopped during the essential workers assigned time, you probably won’t have any hospital workers because they will all be sick too.

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    • sng says:

      EXACTLY… People in the BVI are their own worst enemy! They know all the facts and warnings and rules but still choose to act like a bunch of jackasses.

    • @Crazy says:

      The BVI isn’t the only country to act this way. Look at pictures and videos circulating of St. Thomas and Barbados. Utter chaos, pushing, shoving people cutting in line etc. Sometimes we need to do more research than type these kinds of foolishness!

  15. Albion says:

    It was a crazy, crazy plan. It might as well have been designed to spread the virus. Just a tiny amount of common sense could have stopped an awful lot of chaos and spreading of disease.

  16. . says:

    I know they are trying their best to deal with a situation that’s never surfaced before. But I am concerned about how things are going. People are panicking and my heart is heavy thinking about those people standing up in those lines for hours trying to prepare, especially the elderly and those with young children who they need to feed. I had a feeling this would come to this so I started bulk shopping before all this. I think that they should have let essential workers and the elderly do their shopping by placing orders and arranging drop off service or pick up during non peak hours. Maybe all other people should have been limited in terms of time they have to shop as well because with a population like this and three days to shop is very tight. Maybe a half an hour time limit. After all if you come prepared with a list it should not take that long. Just brainstorming….but this planning should have been a bit more strategic. I wish everyone the best.

  17. SMH says:

    Grown A** folks don’t know how to conduct themselves. Despite fear, they demonstrate the lack of following rules, lack of courtesy and utter respect to each other. You can’t blame the Government for the stupid and careless behavior of people acting without mere Commonsense. Unfortunately, the consequences will outweigh these stupid behaviors. God help us all!

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