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Supplementary budget to pay for lawsuits against old NDP gov’t likely

Minister of Finance, Andrew Fahie. (GIS Photo)

A supplementary budget is likely to be brought before the House of Assembly to, among other things, pay for lawsuits the previous National Democratic Party (NDP) administration accumulated in the last seven years.

Premier Andrew Fahie gave that indication while delivering the 2019 budget address this week.

News of a supplementary budget comes despite the territory having what is believed to be its largest ever budget of $426,112,972.

That figure will comprise of $331,742,666 on recurrent expenditure, $73,123,846 on capital projects, $7,837,060 in fund contributions, and $13,119,400 towards principal repayments on national debt.

“May I warn that this budget does not factor in the monies that may have to be paid out to companies and individuals who have sued the previous administration over the last seven years,” Premier Fahie said in his address.

“These expected monies will also have to be paid from the public purse, and we may need to do a supplementary budget at a later date,” the leader of teh Virgin Islands Party government added.

The previous NDP administration also had a supplementary appropriation last year to complement the 2018 budget and to ‘finance institutional and policy reforms’.

Some $50 million had to be borrowed from the Caribbean Development Bank to fund that 2018 supplement.

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  1. Conned says:

    This was said to make sure Delta gets paid. People of the BVI you have been conned. You will realize it very soon but it will be too late.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Idiot,How did anybody get conned? First of all neither Fahie nor VIP sued the government. Secondly,It was the Court that ruled against the former government not Fahie or VIP. Thirdly once you lose a lawsuit you have to pay as ordered by the court.If you withhold payment you can be sued again and more than likely end up paying even more.

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    • @Conned says:

      You sound so stupid. If the NDP pushed a stupid case and cost the tax payers millions then how can you blame Fahie and this government? Pure Foolishness.

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    • Hollywood says:

      Don’t forget the Hollywood AG who got fired from the BVI is back in town rubbing shoulders with the likes of B.Sylvester and ‘Iris One Born Man Child’ to see if he can get his last take from the land with “green dollars” and the green team. You will hear, “I thought NDP could spend money, but this group is boss on spending. Barry said, “watch out.”

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    • what a ting says:

      Delta ?????? paid for all VIP Advertisements and other campaign goods.

  2. Buckle up says:

    Making sure his partner is taken care of. Wow! BVI people you are in for the ride of your life. Lies, witch craft and everything was involved in this election, the fun starts now. Buckle up!

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    • Bayou witch Doctor says:

      You made a deal with us to make It to the top. It was granted. You slip up,we are going to destroy you. Be very careful when you dip your hands in Pandora Box of evil.Be very careful. We are watching you from the swamps of the Bayou.

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    • To Buckle up says:

      You can tell that you are a sore die hard NDP supporter who intends not to hold the NDP responsible for their many irresponsible acts that has caused tax payers millions. Try go sit down.

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  3. Well says:

    The NDP sure left plenty of them to be paid. What a a reckless gang.

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  4. Liar says:

    And he said the country was broke. Where is all this lonely coming from to do all these things you are saying? We only have 8 more months in the year, are you saying that you are raising all these millions in 8 months? If we BVI people only sit down, talk less and pay more attention we will see when we are truly being fooled. The country had money. A lot of it to. His budget speech alone tells you that he lied when he said he had to start over.

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  5. Biggie Boi says:

    What about that whistleblower law? Can we claw back that $7,200,00.00 from those that pocketed part of it?

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  6. Lol says:

    “May I warn that this budget does not factor in the monies that may have to be paid out to companies and individuals who have sued the previous administration over the last seven years,” Premier Fahie said in his address.

    Every single Government gets sued at some point, not only the NDP. I hope that he has made provision for his administration to be sued as well.

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  7. Quiet Warrior says:

    $50M in deficit spending. Wow! Policy needs to be put in place that the executive branch must submit a balance budget. Submitting a balance budget may mean that some urgent and important line items will be underfunded. The budget is a plan of action and a road map; it must be prioritized, for rarely, if ever, will resources be available in a fiscal year to meet all needs. Government must spend within the means.

    To spend more on some needs may mean reducing spending in other areas or creating new taxes or increasing taxes/fees on current sources. Further, departments must operate within allocated budgets; department heads should be evaluated on performance appraisals on budget management. Here is a news flash. Government will always have more needs than money in any fiscal year. Embracing deficit spending upfront is poor budgeting and budge management. Proper planning, programming, performing, budgeting……etc should be a core function.

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  8. My take says:

    What I have noticed is there are some bitter persons who have not gotten over the NDP loss and is blogging and posting everywhere to try to paint the present VIP Government in a bad light. I ask them to please stop because it will not work.

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  9. @Buckle up says:

    I didnot vote for those people to be in office. Now we have to sit back and get F****d because of this Non Experience Government. Man, four years is not to far around the corner.

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    • Haha says:

      NDP didn’t lose because people are stupid. NDP lose because they were doing foolishness. Taking money for sewage and putting to Pier Parks and giving away over $7 million for nothing. All of this fake outrage by yourself and others wont fool nobody but yourself. NDP was focused on the wrong things. VIP can only lose if the follow NDP’s footsteps. I dont know why anybody would be upset at VIP for settling lawsuits that the previous government caused.

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  10. Lodger says:

    I thought the Delta business was purely a case of two personality clashes? Pity the govt picked up the tab. Should have been their man . W.S. was it?

  11. @my take says:

    Let me Keep S**t real, we NDP supporters is not grudge carriers. Election is over and we have moved on.We don’t have time for the S**t. Heres a news flash for you, a lot of the negative blogging is comming from VIP voters who are now having doubts about who they voted for and is to ashamed or afraid to admit so. VIP is the furtherst thing from NDP’ers mind.

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  12. Set up says:

    Oh yes, I wonder if C#E is owed money for engineering and project management services on works for a sewerage plant in the east and in the Road Town central area? Supplemental….well sah, ayo aint easy.

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  13. Pay Me says:

    I guess Pastor Port will get his money after all, one way or another. My BVI never ceases to amaze me. UK watching.

  14. Me and Co. says:

    So Premier, your Govt is not going to put up a defense against any claim or dispute
    that was brought by anyone? What about new claims? I am sure the last Govt owes me money for something. Dem good fah nuttin. I am going to file my claim next week so I can get on the supplemental list. VIP all the way!

    • Huh says:

      Remember B—s is a big supporter so Delta must get pay… remember B—s from the Beef Island bridge saga? W—-ck must get pay too.. why you think the premiere is so quick on to such topic without even any claims from any individual… look he ain’t even say who have been owed outstanding payments to come forward with there invoices…. read between the lines we are going down a terrible 4years with this government… next thing delta getting back there contract to supply BVIEC

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  15. Native tom says:

    Look how we gone in shambles you run from the jumby and end up in the coffin… is this the scheme the V.I.P using to make sure Del– gets paid and also the new (ma–m speaker) Mr.Willock gets paid…waiting to see if delta would get back there contract to supply the B.V.I.E.C with fuel….Is only now the crying going start…

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